15 Lunch Box Hacks That Will Make Life Easier for Parents

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Nothing beats finding an awesome hack to make your life a little bit easier. Below I will share 15 lunch box hacks for parents to try this school year! These simple hacks will make packing lunches easier, and of course be a time saver!

One thing I always recommend is packing lunches the night before. This way, in the midst of hectic mornings, their lunches are already made and ready to go. It saves time and makes your mornings run a lot smoother if you ask me!

Lunch Box Tips & Tricks

1. Cheese Placement on Sandwich: Ever pre-make a sandwich to end up with soggy bread. To prevent this prepare the sandwich in this order: lay out a piece of bread, place the sliced cheese on top, and then put mayo, mustard, or avocado right onto the cheese slice, place the meat and another piece of bread. The sauce being on cheese instead of directly on bread will prevent it going soggy.

2. Freeze Juice Boxes or Yogurt Drinks/Tubes: Create an ice pack with a frozen juice box. By the time lunch rolls around it will be thawed. Same goes for Yogurt Drinks/Tubes, they’re great frozen and by the time lunch rolls around they will be mostly thawed or better yet like a Slurpee.

3. Buy Food In Bulk: This is one to save you money. Those individual snacks are great, but the price tags are overrated. Buy items in bulk and then portion them out into sandwich bags to toss in lunches. This will save a ton of money!

4. Prevent Chips from Breaking: Put a single serve amount of chips or crackers in a sandwich bag, seal it almost all the way, and place a straw in the bag. Blow a little air into the bag and finish sealing it up. The air will help the chips or crackers from breaking.

5. No Crust Sandwiches: If your child doesn’t like crust, use a pizza cutter to easily cut the crust off the bread.

6. Pre-Slice Apples: Two ways to do this. Pre-slice your apples and then put the slices back in place to look like a whole apple. Wrap a rubber band around it, and this will prevent browning. The second option is to slice an apple and soak it in a lemon lime soda, this will also prevent apple slices from browning.

7. Bento Box Style: Create fun bento box style lunches your kids will love. Use cookie cutters to cut fun shapes out of cheese, meat and bread or whip up some homemade A+ Back-to-School Lunch Box Recipes. Then place in little spots in a lunch box for a fun meal for kids.

8. Leave a Note on a Banana: Take a toothpick and carve a little note into the peel. As the day goes on the letters you carved will get a little dark, and by lunch, they’ll be able to read it easily. Just don’t carve so hard you poke the banana.

9. Freeze Peanut Butter Sandwiches: Make a bunch of PB and J sandwiches, put them in sandwich bags and toss in the freezer. Throw one in a lunch box and you have a sandwich for the day!

10. Lunch Bins: Have a lunch bin in your pantry. Put crackers, cookies, applesauce, etc…then when you go to prepare your lunch you have all the extra fillers in one convenient spot.

11. Sponge Ice Packs: Put a wet sponge in a sandwich bag and freeze it. When you go to pack a lunch toss it in, it will keep your food nice and cold throughout the day.

12. Splurge on a Thermos: You can buy small thermos containers to store soups and such in. Just fill them with water like 10 minutes before you pour the soup in to get the container warm. Dump the water out and fill with the warm food. This will help keep it warmer longer.

13. Bag up Goodies Early: The first of the week or even Sunday evening bag up single servings of items like fruits, veggies, snacks. Store in the fridge and pantry so when you go to make meals, you can just grab and toss in lunch bags. Buy bulk veggies and make single servings by putting them in reuseable sandwich bags.

14. Reusable Food Pouches: Ever buy those applesauce pouches or yogurts. Well, you can find reusable food pouches and make your own or buy applesauce in bulk and put some into the pouches. This will save you a ton of money! Just wash and reuse.

15. Mason Jar Salads: Want to give your kid a salad, do a mason jar salad. Put the dressing at the bottom and stack the toppings in layers and finish with lettuce on top. This will prevent the lettuce from wilting throughout the day.

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Do you have any lunch box hacks you’d like to share? What’s your #1 tip to make life easier during the school year?