60 Fun Date Ideas for Mom & Son

60 Fun Date Ideas for Mom & Son

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Quality time between a mother and her son is so important, for the mom and the child!

Life can get hectic between getting the dailies done plus work & school but it’s important for both of you to push all the chaos to the side and enjoy each other’s company.  It doesn’t have to cost anything at all – it isn’t about finding a room in the budget, it’s about finding the time to bond.

Now, you may have to get a little creative on what you can go out or even stay in and do for some fun but it’s a great way to enjoy the day together and no matter what, always make sure there are some laughs and to do some things your child will enjoy even if it’s something you don’t.

If you’re needing a little inspiration, I’ve shared 60 mother and son date ideas below that can work for all ages, some you might have to tweak to fit your child’s age but they will give you ideas on spending time doing things both you and your little man (or men) will enjoy.

Fun Date Ideas for Mom & Sons

  1. 1. Picnic in the yard or the park
    2. Go to the movie
    3. Order takeout & have a video game marathon
    4. Go mini golfing
    5. Ride some rides at the local fair
    6. Check out some animals at the zoo
    7. Grab some face paint face paint & cheer on his favourite sports team
    8. Go bowling
    9. Play laser tag
    10. Get messy with paintball
    11. Visit your local arcade & see who can win the most tokens & combine them to get something he wants
    12. Try geocaching
    13. Fly a kite
    14. Have a make your own pizza night & rent a movie
    15. Splash the day away at a water park
    16. Play ball together
    17. Visit an aquarium
    18. Ice cream or frozen yogurt date
    19. Go roller skating or roller blading
    20. Visit a reptile show
    21. Go 4-wheeling
    22. Take a hike together
    23. Monster truck show
    24. Camp out in your back yard – don’t forget the S’mores
    25. Go fishing for the day
    26. Learn archery together
    27. Visit a local museum
    28. Take an overnight road trip
    29. Water or nerf gun war
    30. Stargaze and guess constellations
    31. Board game night
    32. Go on a bug scavenger hunt
    33. Play in the rain
    34. Build a fort or treehouse together
    35. Grab some snacks & have an action-packed movie marathon
    36. Bike ride around & discover your neighborhood together
    37. Scavenger hunt for animal prints and then try to figure out what kind of animal left the print
    38. Go garage sale hopping & see what treasures you can find
    39. Have a breakfast date at restaurant of their choice
    40. Attend a play
    41. Paint pottery
    42. Rock wall climbing
    43. Attend a cooking class or teach him to cook a family recipe
    44. Visit the library
    45. Horse back riding
    46. Plant a garden together
    47. Go canoeing or on a boat ride
    48. Feed some ducks at the park or a pond
    49. Visit a car show
    50. Go to their favourite toy store and let them pick out a toy
    51. Visit your local fire station
    52. Donut date – get up early before school and get donuts
    53. Bake desserts together
    54. Volunteer for the Day at a homeless shelter
    55. If the weather is warm enough, go for a swim
  2. 56. Go for a walk & clean up your neighborhood
  3. 57. Pet some animals at the farm
  4. 58. Get your craft on
  5. 59. Sing-a-long to some karaoke fun
  6. 60. Book a photo session at the park for just the two of you

Remember, children grow up so fast, make sure to cherish each moment with them and create memories that will last you both a lifetime!

Got any mom & son date ideas to add? Let me know in the comments.


  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    A great list with lots of super fun ideas for quality time spent together. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I never had much time to devote to a single child, I had seven so was kept hopping all the time. There were no mother & son nor mother & daughter dates. Though I did have more time for the younger three. Still my oldest, now 40, still mentions that I didn’t have time to watch him play table tennis – he might understand it better now as he’s kept hopping with only 2 kids and with us there were another six came after him.