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    Buying Everyday Essentials Is Easy With HealthSnap #Giveaway

    It’s safe to say that a lot of my shopping is done online these days…Christmas gifts, clothes for the kids and myself and yes, even our everyday essentials. It’s great! A nice dent can be put in my wallet and all from the comfort of my own home. I just sit there in my PJ’s with my morning coffee or nightly glass of wine, I don’t have to care if my hair is washed or if the winter wind has made my mascara run! Did I mention the part where I purchased our everyday essentials online? HealthSnap, an e-commerce site based out of Toronto, Ontario sells tons of fundamental products…

  • Top 5 Sensitive Skin Summer Must Haves Every Mother Should Carry
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    Top 5 Sensitive Skin Summer Must Haves Every Mother Should Carry

    As a child I spent all of my summer months outdoors. From sun-up to sun-down I was never seen inside, not even for dinner. Those were the days, not a care in the world except for the fact that I never wanted the days to end. Bicycle scrapes, tree-climbing cuts and even run-ins with the pavement were just an everyday occurrence when it came to being a kid and my outdoor adventures. Not to mention sunburns, mosquito bites and bee stings鈥揷ome to think of it, it was hard being a kid. Tie all of that in with sensitive skin and life just got so much harder. Lucky for me my…

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    How to Create a Pamper Yourself Gift Basket

    The first thing I do when I have even 5 minutes to myself is give myself a mini pamper session; a hot bubble bath, a polish touch-up, a quick spray of my favourite scent…all of these are not only ways that help me relax but they also make me feel better about myself when I’m feeling down. Who doesn’t like a little “me-time”? Pampering yourself, I’m sure you know can be ridiculously costly. This Pamper Yourself Gift Basket will make you feel great, smell delicious and clear your mind. The best part is it cost me less than $12 making my life even more stress-free. PAMPER YOURSELF GIFT BASKET Pail…

  • Enter to win a Pure Hazelwood prize pack valued at over $50. Open to Canada and ends 6/25.
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    Pure Hazelwood has something for the Entire Family

    According to my doctor I鈥檓 far too young to be having pain in my joints but I do. I have been tested for early signs of arthritis and the results have proven that I don鈥檛 have it. So, why do my joints hurt? I don鈥檛 know but they do, or I guess I should say they did. I鈥檓 a bit of a sceptic when it comes to natural pain relievers, I also don鈥檛 like to take pain medication unless it鈥檚 absolutely necessary. So, what do I do when my wrist decides to act up or my trigger thumb doesn鈥檛 want to shoot (No, I鈥檓 not a gunman. I鈥檓 a photographer)?…

  • Garnier Clean Plus
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    Garnier Clean Plus #GarnierSensitive

    I don’t wear a whole lot of make-up, at least not on a daily basis but when I’m going out I like to get all dolled up and that includes prettying up my face. I like to go all out – mascara, eye liner, blush, lipstick… the works. What I don’t like is having to take the guck off at the end of the night. By the time we get home from wherever it is that we were I just want to go to bed and having to wash my face is the farthest from my mind. My skin is sensitive already and applying face wash, scrubbing it off until…

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    Become a Glama Gal Tween Spa Franchisee

    What is female empowerment? Well, in my eyes I see it as having the objective to take control of your own destiny. My philosophy is if you want something go get it because only the important things in life are worth the fight and my chance at fulfilling my dreams is something I will fight till the end for. I used to think that becoming a teacher was a dream of mine, than being a photographer and as much as I love doing the latter I now know that it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be my own boss;…

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    Shoppers Drug Mart Will Get Your Skin Winter Ready

    It鈥檚 safe to say I dislike winter, everything about it; the snow, the cold, having to put on 4 layers of clothing just to stay mildly warm.聽 But I especially dislike the way it makes my skin feel; dry, itchy and flaky.聽 Not fun! Shoppers Drug Mart has everything I need to get my family鈥檚 skin winter ready.聽 With their NEW wide variety of skin care products I can make it a one-stop shop when I am trying to prepare us for what lays ahead with the cold weather that we anticipate every year, including Vaseline, a brand that is and always has been one that I have trusted with…

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    Smell Good In A Snap With SNAP Perfume

    To know me is to know that I am a closet perfume hoarder! Who am I kidding? I am not in the closet at all I am completely and utterly proud of my “obsession”. After all you can never have too much of a good thing and I find nothing wrong with wanting to smell amazing at all times. It’s seriously not a lie when I tell you that I have OVER 10 bottles of perfumes and body sprays.聽 Make that over 13 now… thanks to Snap Perfume who has recently added to my addiction with a few samples. SNAP 1: Experience the fragrance of love when it is fresh…

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    A Few of My Favorite Things Christmas Wish List Giveaway

      Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you are all working hard to cross everything off of your lists; baking, shopping, wrapping presents. You all work so to give your loved ones wonderful gifts and beautiful memories during the holidays and you deserve a little something in return. I have joined forces with 22 amazing bloggers from 2 countries to offer 22 prize packages for this year’s Christmas Wish List Giveaway! Each blogger has gathered some of their favourite items from their own wish list and put together a gift for you! 聽Visit each blog to see what items are included in their prize. 聽Every blogger has…

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    Keep Your Skin Feeling Udderly Smooth this Winter #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

    The change of season for me also means the change of skin type. My skin goes from neutral and/or oily to completely dry. I鈥檓 not just talking about a little patch of skin鈥 I鈥檓 talking my entire body gets dry and flaky and in turn that causes me to be constantly itchy. Needless to say having some form of lotion on hand at all time is a necessity during these months. I recently had the opportunity to try a 鈥渘ew to me鈥 skin care brand called Udderly Smooth. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I have so far run out of the Original Formula Hand Cream as well as…