Let Netflix Help You Help Your Children #StreamTeam

Kids these days seem to be a lot more mature for their age than they should be…maybe mature isn’t the right word, “advanced” might be a better one to use.

I remember waking up super early every Saturday morning to watch cartoons and this lasted well into the beginning of my teen years. Now, it seems like kids don’t really even like cartoons. Take mine for example (4 and 9-years-old); if given a choice between Spiderman and Fuller House, without a doubt they are going to pick the latter and they have.

You can’t really blame them – with the advancement in technology, for example; phones that let you store music, search the web, stream your favourite shows AND talk on…it’s almost like the younger generations’ minds are just as advanced as technology is today.

As parents we want to keep their minds fresh and young for as long as we possibly can. Does this mean shielding them from the events of the world? Yes, to an extent. Does this mean making sure all of the content they’re watching is G-rated? You could, but remember all the things you learned on the school yard? Yeah, I thought so!

I would much rather have my children learn about the “birds and the bees” and other important topics, as dark as some of them may be from myself. They eventually need to learn that life is not all “unicorn and rainbows”, why wait!?

However, certain topics just don’t come up or we forget that they need to be addressed until we hear or see something happen. That’s why picking tv series and movies for family night that can help you explain things and help them understand is beneficial to everyone involved.

Let Netflix help you help your children with these NEW titles

Lemony Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Event – drama, comedy, adventure

No child wants to think about losing a parent, no matter how old they are. A Series of Unfortunate Events teaches your kids about loss and how important it is to stick together at times when they’ll need each other the most.

One Day at a Time

Sex, death and coming out talks are only a few things this single mom with a teenage daughter, tween son and old-school mom have deal with. No doubt your kids will have questions during One Day at a Time, that’s what the pause button is for.


What are you streaming that will help you help your children understand life’s hard-to-talk-about topics?