Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy #Giveaway

It was Eleanor Roosevelt that said “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” and a quote that I use often when someone is complaining about something going on in their life. Now, I know there are things that happen which are completely out of our control; mostly this includes sickness and death.

But what about the things we do have control over? Our bodies, our minds, our careers…and so much more that we don’t realize.

When I hear someone complain because they don’t like their job or they think their butt is too big, I simply shake my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone. Heck, I am that person.

  •      My out-of-the-home job doesn’t give me a sense of being appreciated and valued as it did once before. I’ve found something else that I enjoy doing and can earn additional income from.
  •      We hated living in an apartment but had too much debt to get a house. We’re currently living at my in-laws to help pay off that debt so we can achieve our dream of getting a house sooner rather than later.
  •      I’ve gained a total of 40 pounds since I’ve had my first child 8 years ago and I hated my body. With a regular Monday-Friday workout routine and absolutely no change in my eating habits I’ve managed to lose 9 pounds in two months.

The only difference is rather than complaining about it and acting as if none of it is my fault, I’m taking responsibility for my actions that have caused the above mess and I’m working on myself and all of the things in life that are making me unhappy.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy has been helping me a lot. I may not get to read often but the 10 minutes I get in the tub gives me just enough time to get a little bit of reading time in.

unnamed8Simply Happy distills what Newmark has learned into a fast-paced and funny deep dive into dozens of simple ways to create a happy, confident, and positive life. Most of her tips are easy to implement—in a second—just by deciding to view something differently. Newmark recounts examples from her own life and more than 60 Chicken Soup for the Soul stories that she found particularly influential. There are 25 chapters with a wide-ranging selection of Newmark’s best stories and tips, including chapters on:

  • the life-changing impact of something as small as getting in the habit of smiling
  • using thankfulness to change relationships at home, at school, and at work
  • easy time management tips
  • having fun while raising responsible kids
  • using the power of no to make time for what matters
  • making a habit of stepping outside your comfort zone
  • harnessing your dreams to discover what your subconscious already knows
  • changing your life forever through forgiveness
  • six easy ways to reduce stress and keep it away
  • why you need to eliminate toxic people from your life
  • how to get the best out of everyone—family, friends and strangers
  • why you should strive for excellence but not perfection
  • why you should treat yourself as well as you treat your guests

As a result, of my new take charge attitude; I’m happier, I’m learning to love my body again and we’ve managed to get a couple thousand dollars in debt paid down.

Since reading Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy, I’ve realized that happiness doesn’t just fall into your lap – Life is what you make it and it’s up to you to make it wonderful!

What changes will you be making or have you made towards your happiness?