Cheesy Egg Heart Bread Toast

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy breakfast to make for your family or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this Cheesy Egg Heart Bread Toast will definitely be a hit!



I think it was this past Halloween that I had mentioned how much I like to “theme” my families meals for the holidays. Well, the other day, while the kids were at school I decided to do some experimenting with a recipe I’ve always wanted to try but wasn’t quite sure how it would taste or how difficult it would be.

Now, keep in mind this recipe was a total spur of the moment (which explains my lack of photos) and the ingredients are for one, but clearly there will be no trouble duplicating it as much as you need to feed your family.





  1. Spray a frying pan with a little bit of non-stick spray (so the egg doesn’t stick) and turn stove burner to medium.
  2. Butter both sides of bread with the amount you would normally use.
  3. Place buttered bread in frying pan. Use a heart shape cookie cutter to cut a heart in the middle of bread.
  4. For a Sunny Side Up Egg you’ll want to flip your bread once it’s golden brown and then crack the egg in the middle.
  5. For a Over Easy, Over Medium or Over Hard Egg you’ll want to crack the egg then flip once partially cooked.
  6. (Optional) Add some cheese in the heart shape and cover with a lid for 30 seconds.

Bloggers note: Don’t waste the heart shaped bread you cut out from the middle, make some cheese toast or freeze for later use.

Sprinkle some love and serve, but most importantly don’t forget to enjoy a hot breakfast with the ones you hold close to your heart!

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One Comment

  • Audrey

    Oh I need to hide this from my son. I do not put cheese on top when I make it and if he finds out about this idea he will nag me to go in the kitchen and cook it the right way! ha ha!

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