5 Back-to-School Essentials from Church & Dwight

School has been in session for about three weeks now and we are getting back into a routine. We’ve traded our late nights for early mornings and staying in our pj’s all day with unwashed hair for clean clothes after hot showers.

As much as being on a routine is great, sometimes there will be certain hurdles that you’ll need to overcome.

What if you get up with only 10 minutes to spare and no time for a shower?

What if your child would rather have  pudding for breakfast instead of the delicious fruit salad you just made him and you give in because let’s face it you can’t fight with a child before you’ve had your coffee? It happens…

My point is you need to have a few hacks to help you through the madness as well as some back-to-school essentials you can count on in your time of need.

Our Church & Dwight Back-to-School Essential Must Haves

  1. church-dwight-back-to-school-essentials-prize-pack     1. We were kids once too; we know what it’s like to get those first day of school jitters, how the thought of a big test can make you nauseous or how the field trip bus rides seem to take forever and those pancakes you ate for breakfast are threatening to climb their way back out. GRAVOL Natural Source Ginger is a non-drowsy, easy to swallow anti-nausea medicine that comes in liquid gel capsules, lozenges and tablet form that uses naturally sourced organic ginger to prevent nausea and vomiting.
  2.      2. Back-to-school is probably the only time I buy my kids new clothes and I for one want my investment in their “cool clothes” to last. Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Crystal Burst Power Packs not only fights stains but it also freshens them up, even my sons nasty gym clothes – I’d be lucky if he brought those home at least once a week but it’s more like once every three weeks.
  3.      3. Getting proper nutrients can sometimes be hard, especially with a picky eater. My oldest has certainly come along way from his constant need to eat nothing but mac & cheese or peanut butter toast. All day, every day. Lil’ Critters Complete Multivitamin may not be enough to supplement his daily servings but it’s a start and I’m willing to get any help I can to make sure he grows up healthy and strong.
  4.      4. I swear you’d think I was pulling my kids teeth at the mere mention of brushing them. Thankfully Paw Patrol and Super Mario are there to save the day. Arm & Hammer Kid’s Character Spinbrush make brushing fun and easier for them to brush away those sugar bugs.
  5.      5. Greasy hair, don’t care! Yeah right, I totally care – I mean I have no problem taking my son to the bus stop in my pyjamas but I will not go anywhere if my hair looks or even feels dirty. Baptiste Dry Shampoo Original refreshes and revitalizes hair and leaves it with a light citrus scent.

I’d love to know what’s on your must have list for back-to-school essentials?

Enter to win…a Church & Dwight back-to-school essential prize pack (ARV $100) Open to Canada only ends 10/26/16.



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    back to school essentials binders, lined paper, great pens and pencils and I’m good to go

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    Must have back to school item is bento boxes.

  3. Reply

    I love the lunchboxes this year; so many to choose from! Also clean lined paper and lots of it.

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    The back to school must-have is a sturdy backpack.

  5. Reply

    A larger sized backpack and zipped binders were essential for my daughter

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    A durable, quality backpack is a back to school must have

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    A must have is a sturdy back pack.

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    Back to school must haves in our house include daily multi-vitamins, bandaids, lip balm, hand soap and laundry soap.

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    A new backpack and lunch bag are needed each year.

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    My back-to-school must have is is a stocked pantry for easy lunches,snacks and rushed breakfasts

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    A new backpack is essential, to me it signifies a new beginning!

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    Hand sanitizer and vitamins are my back-to-school must haves. Gotta fight off all those germs!

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    New backpacks and lunch bags are must haves!

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    New backpacks , lunch bags and water bottles are a must. We also must have a good supply of vitamins

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    My back-to-school must haves for my grandson are a sturdy back pack, lunch box & little containers for his lunch & snacks, water bottle, clothes/shoes/boots labels, pencils/crayons/markers & a sturdy umbrella for him.

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    our back to school must haves are great sneakers, backpacks and new clothese

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    A must have is a durable backpack

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    Back to school must haves is the Baptiste Dry Shampoo and vitamins.

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    Back to school must have are binders, backpacks, pens, markers, water bottles and lunch bag

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    My back to school must haves are backpacks, shoes, pencils and notebooks.

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    Backpack and other school supplies, like pencils, erasers, pens, binders, etc.

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    My back to school must have are snacks, lunch box and back pack, and Advil

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    Has to be hand sanitizer and cough syrup.

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    For me back to school must haves would be Baptiste Dry Shampoo Original and hand sanitizers.

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    Daily vitamins! Thanks!

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    pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and paper

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    Vitamins and dry shampoo are essentials for back to school.

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    My back to school must haves are hand sanitizer and multi-vitamins.

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    My back to school must have is a good backpack.

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    hand sanitizer for sure!

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    Healthy snacks and school supplies are essentials.

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    Multivitamins for the entire family because it it Back to Germ time and anything we can do to stay healthy is important!

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    Our back to school must have is good lunch containers

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    Good lunch containers is my must have

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    My BTS must-have is new stationary!

  36. Reply

    a good backpack that will distribute weight of the contents

  37. Reply


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    One of my girls’ backpacks has broken already so that is definitely my BTS must-have…with a back-up or two!

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    Healthy snacks for recess and lunch

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    Cold remedies, they always bring something home when school starts

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    Must have item is a good backpack

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    Lunch containers and lunch bags are my must have.

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    A good lunch container and backpack are back to school must haves

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    Must haves for us are backpacks and sharpies LOL!

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    Backpacks and sneakers are a must for us here for back to school!

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    I’d definitely say vitamins to fight off all those germs.

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    Back to school must have is a backpack with a stomach strap.

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    The big back to school essential for us is childrens tylenol and benadryl.. for back to school colds and fall allergies

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    Our back to school must have are backpack, water bottle and food jar.

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    Lots of pencils because they always disappear. Tissue and hand sanitizer are next.

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    in addition to the school essentials, some purex sani-wipes. school means viruses. thanks

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    My essentials for the kids back to school are an insulated lunch kit, thermos, tissues, hand wipes, & deodorant!

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    Our back to school must have is a good, sturdy and no-spill water bottles.

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    A lunch bag backpack and lined paper are necessary

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    When I was a kid I just wanted new pencil crayons. I had a TON!

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    Gravol – really helps with upset anxious back to school tummies!

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    My back to school must have is a good quality backpack!

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    Nutritious food that packs well for lunches…A new laptop!

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    Always have to have a new backpack & erasers for back to school!

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    I would say backpack is the most important.

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    New backpack,school supplies,clothes and new hygiene products!

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    It would be terrific to win this
    Church & Dwight Back To School Essential Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of
    What is your Back To School must have?
    I don’t go to school anymore but when i did
    my must have items were a good Backpack and Lots of School Supplies.
    Thank you for having this contest.

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    BTS – pens in every colour plus spares – as a reformed accidental pen thief I know they’re the first to go!

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    My essential for back to school is Tea Tree oil shampoo.

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    Our back to school essentials are a sturdy back pack, juice boxes and polysporin.

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    Must have item is a good lunch box

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    A daily vitamin, going out and about makes you around more germs and staying healthy is so important.

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    larger sized backpack

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    A great backpack that’s not too large. They seem to be making them enourmous

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    A Sturdy Backpack

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    backpack for sure! has to be sturdy and able to hold lots of stuff

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