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Let Your Kids Battle with HEXBUG This Holiday Season #TMMHGG2017 + #Giveaway

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this post were given to me from Hexbug for the sole purpose of reviewing in the hopes that I would share them with you, my. All opinions are 100% honest and I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think you will find useful.

When I first heard of HEXBUG I didn’t have a clue what they were and I wasn’t sure what to think of them. All I knew was they looked like centipedes and they moved through hamster-like habitats or at least that’s what the HEXBUG Nano looks like – they were the first I had seen.

Now, your nanos can explore space with three different HEXBUG nano Space sets including traveling around the moon or any planet they wish to in a spacer rover with the HEXBUG nano Space Discovery Station.

This year we received a few different items from HEXBUG for our Holiday Gift Guide and I have to say I was floored by the variety of products they offer. They have items for kids aged 18-months to 16-years-old. Well, in reality, they have toys for kids ages 18 months to adult years because let’s face it, we’re all kids at heart and I know a few adults who would love to duke it out over some very cool HEXBUG Battle Bots.

Now your children can wage war against each other without physically touching each other. Each Battle Bot has their own special “power” that will help them defeat their opponent along with the I/R remote controls. The battle is over when one of the robots breaks but don’t worry they can be easily assembled for round two.

Out of everything that HEXBUG has on their site, I have to say that the Hexbug Nitro Circus Single – they’re little daredevils who like to have fun with stunts performing stunts while sitting in or on items you wouldn’t expect stunts to be done including; a bathtub, toilet, recliner and a shopping cart.

The stunts can be executed on their own or with one of the interactive play sets plus your kids can even record the crashes and dangerous antics with the Nitro Circus app, so they can share them with their friends.

They even have toys for pets, which doesn’t surprise me because as soon as I set up the HEXBUG Gladiators Battling Robots Arena my kittens were all over it (or under it)!

You have eight unique Hexbug Gladiator characters to choose from, each with their own customizable snap-on weaponry and armor that can be mixed and matched. Your kids can each pick a gladiator they think will win, turn them on and watch them vibrate themselves around the Gladiators Battling Arena until one of them gets knocked off the side, leading the other into sweet victory!

Moms opinion…

When you have multiple children who seem to love fighting with each other more than being friendly the HEXBUG products, especially the Battle Bots and the Gladiators can help distract them from the problem when it’s something they’ve blown out of proportion anyway. Most of the HEXBUG sets are great gift ideas for both children and the individual nanos, Toddler toys, Gladiators, Nitro Circus and Circuit Boards make great stocking stuffers for any child who is interested in robotics and the way they work!

Get more details at www.hexbug.com

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Enter to win…

ONE lucky CANADIAN winner has that chance to WIN a HEXBUG Gladiators Battling Robots Arena – giveaway ends 12/20 at 11:59 pm EST must be 18+ to enter.