Give the Gift of Memories from London Drugs Photolab this Holiday Season

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by London Drugs Photolab All opinions are 100% honest and I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think you will love.

Give the Gift of Memories from London Drufs Photolab this Holiday Season

As much as we’d like to stay in denial when it comes to the holidays, Christmas is right around the corner and will be here sooner than some of us would like. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Christmas & all the festivities, I love listening to Christmas music & cuddling up with my family to watch our favourite holiday movies and I especially love to see the joy and excitement in my kid’s faces as they open all their presents.

What I do not like is the shopping for everyone else! My husband & I usually just buy something we really want for our home and call it even but our moms have everything and our dads want nothing. So, what do we usually get when we’re faced with this situation EVERY year? Well, since I am a photographer I strongly believe that photos make the best gifts – they are more personal and there are so many options with London Drugs Photolab.

See a personalized gift you like? Just click on the image to get more details!


Your gift receiver will love waking up every morning to the smiling faces on his or her personalized Designer Mugs. Whether they fancy coffee, espresso or lattes there are numerous sizes to choose from and a variety of different colours to suit anyone’s personality. Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

Bring magic to someone’s tree every year with an ornament in metal, pewter, ceramic or a Christmas ball. Personalized with a favourite memory, a milestone or a picture from a family vacation. You can personalize it with a favourite memory, a milestone or a picture from a family vacation and every year when the tree and your personalized Christmas Ornament is pulled out they’ll automatically think of you!

Give the gift of warmth with a personalized Fleece Blanket – perfect for those chilly January nights. Now parents, grandparents, children…near or far can cuddle up to watch a movie or read a book together, even if it’s just in a mental presence.

Years ago, my husband bought me a Crystal plaque with a verse about “Soulmates” etched on it, it’s my absolute favourite gift he’s given me in all the years we’ve been together. The only thing that could make it better is if I had an image of us on a Heart Shaped Crystal – it’s would be a timeless piece with personal meaning and no gift is better than something like that! So husbands/boyfriends, if you’re reading this, I just gave you a hint on what to get her for Christmas and you’ll thank me later!


Photo Puzzles are fun keepsakes to give but they’re even more fun to receive when you don’t know what you’re getting! Here’s how you can make this special gift a surprise that anyone will love, especially parents and grandparents. Purchase a small Christmas box from the seasonal aisle at London Drugs, break the puzzle into pieces and put them all in the box, once all pieces are in the box close the lid and shake it up to mix up the puzzle pieces and place under the tree with a gift tag that says “Want to find out who gave you this gift? I’ll give you a hint…Every piece of me/us loves you so, put this puzzle together and then you’ll know!”


Calendars are gifts that keep on giving all year round! With 12 months in the year, your gift recipient gets 12 different photos and you can make your gift even more personal by adding in birthdays and other important family events throughout the entire calendar!

Have you gone on any family trips recently, married your soulmate or celebrated an anniversary, gave birth to a child or thrown a birthday party? All of these important life events can be put into a Photo Book for a truly unique storytelling gift – you can add narrative or let the pictures speak for itself. A great gift for grandparents to share memories with their friends and even your little ones will appreciate a photo book so that they can look back on their fun-filled days!

Create memories that will last a lifetime with personalized photo gifts

Many items are available for same day or next day delivery right up until Christmas Eve, however, some are only going to make it in time if they are ordered by December 17. For more details on cutoffs and the wide selection, London Drugs Photolab has to offer visit

Which personalized photo gift from London Drugs Photolab do you want to find under your tree?

ONE lucky CANADIAN reader has the chance to WIN a $50 LONDON DRUGS GIFT CARD  – must be 18+ to enter – giveaway ends December 18 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck!



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by London Drugs Photolab All opinions are 100% honest and I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think you will love.



  1. Reply

    I would love a Desk Top Calendar with pictures of my grandchildren! Thanks!

  2. Reply

    I would like to find a Photo Book of our grandchildren under the tree this Christmas.

  3. Reply

    I would like to find a ipad folio case under the tree

  4. Reply

    I’d like to find the “ball with holly” photo ornament under (or on) my tree. I like that it is pretty from any angle.

  5. Reply

    I would like one of the 12 month calendars

  6. Reply

    I would love to the the Blanket Collage Horizontal under the tree.

  7. Reply

    I would like to find the ipad folio case under the tree

  8. Reply

    I love their center coil calendar! Thank you!

  9. Reply

    the aluminum panels would be great to have

  10. Reply

    I love the 12 month calendar! Something that’s sure to bring a smile everyday!

  11. Reply

    Definitely the photo book! My daughter’s wedding last June would be wonderful to have our favourite pictures together in a brag book 🙂

  12. Reply

    I would like to open up a personalized 11 oz mug on Christmas Day.

  13. Reply

    Since I love coffee and tea and my three adorable grandchildren, I would love mugs with their pictures on it.

  14. Reply

    The photo gift I would love to find wrapped under our tree is a canvas wrap of my husband and I.

  15. Reply

    I’d love to make a personalized photo book for the grandparents! A personalized calendar would be lovely, too.

  16. Reply

    I would absolutely love a personalized calendar under my tree <3 I get one every year but not personalized with family photos

  17. Reply

    I would love to find 3 mugs with pictures of my grandchildren on them under the tree.

  18. Reply

    I would love to have a blanket collage under my tree.

  19. Reply

    I would love to make personalized ornaments. That would be sweet.

  20. Reply

    The puzzles are great if you have a grandparent that loves to do puzzles. My mom loves doing puzzles and that is what we did one year. We got this vibrant picture of my baby sister and I , on the bumper cars and she put it together and framed it. I love this idea and didn’t realize LD did this. I was just thinking the other day about how we have an actual “real” film camera and probably no where to develop the film!! I’ll have to make sure to go to LD next time round. Its been quite a while

  21. Reply

    I would like to see a desk calendar under my tree, that way I could see some loved ones each morning as I do my computer work.

  22. Reply

    I would love a top coil bound calendar of pics full of my kids!

  23. Reply

    A photo book would be nice or the black border pics!

  24. Reply

    I need a photo book for my shoe boxes full of old pics

  25. Reply

    I would love to find the 17oz Latte Mug under my tree! I love the idea of a personalized mug, and I prefer bigger cups (I need a big cup of coffee to get going!) 🙂 Lots of great ideas here, thank you for the chance to win!

  26. Reply

    I would like to find a personalized single page calendar under the tree.

  27. Reply

    I’d love to make a personalized photo book for my children!

  28. Reply

    Would enjoy having the blanket collage !

  29. Reply

    I would like to see a London Drugs Photoshop Photo Book under the tree this year.

  30. Reply

    I would really love a personal calendar – something I use everyday & brings smiles

  31. Reply

    I would like a wall calendar. I love to see the different pictures each month.

  32. Reply

    I would pick a photographic album or Calendar

  33. Reply

    I love the jigsaw puzzle gift.

  34. Reply

    I would love to find a few Instagram Books under the tree. One of my daughter, one of my family and one of our cat. Perfectly sized at 4″ x 4″.

  35. Reply

    The placemats would be a really unique gift to find under the tree

  36. Reply

    I would love to have some of our photos displayed and done on canvas wrap.

  37. Reply

    Blanket collage would be awesome

  38. Reply

    The magnetic prints, specifically of my kids, would be a nice gift I’d like to find under my tree. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen & it would be lovely to have them on the fridge!

  39. Reply

    I would love one of the aluminum panel photos of my daughter.

  40. Reply

    I would like an ordement with each of the grandkids on.

  41. Reply

    I’d love to find a canvas print under the tree.

  42. Reply

    I would like to see one of the 12 month calendars.

  43. Reply

    I would love a personalized ornament!

  44. Reply

    I would love to have the Blanket Collage.

  45. Reply

    I would love a big canvas print of loved ones!

  46. Reply

    I would love to have one of the canvas wraps with a family photo. I love the look of them.

  47. Reply

    I would love a calendar with pictures of our family.

  48. Reply

    I would love to find a photo mug under the tree. It would be adorable!

  49. Reply

    I would love a 40×60 Canvas Wrap of a picture from my recent vacation!

    1. Reply

      I love big pictures!

  50. Reply

    It would be nice to have a photo blanket or pillow done

  51. Reply

    I would love to find a family photo on the Heart Shaped Crystal with base!

  52. Reply

    I would love to find the 14oz designer mug under the tree!

  53. Reply

    I would love to see a beautiful canvas print to preserve some of the wonderful memories from when my boys were small!

  54. Reply

    I would love to find a personalized 11 oz mug under the tree! i’d make excellent use out of it too.

  55. Reply

    I would love a photo book filled with pictures of my grandchildren.

  56. Reply

    There are so many amazing items but I would pick the aluminum panel with a pic of my son. What a cool item

  57. Reply

    I just love the photo crystals. …they are prettyfuls.

  58. Reply

    The Coffeetable Photo Book would be a wonderful gift full of family memories

  59. Reply

    love the Crystal ones, either the Moon or Teardrop designed one! such a unique way to display a favourite picture!

  60. Reply

    The 12 month calendar is great!

  61. Reply

    I would love to have a photo mug under the tree!

  62. Reply

    I like to receive a photo mug with my grandchildren on it.

  63. Reply

    I’d love a photo mug of my kids!

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