Get Ready for Battle with Playmobil’s NEW Dragons Theme

Thank you Playmobil Canada & Swerve PR for sending us these products to play with.

Vikings are a big deal in my house! My husband has an obsession with them and by that I mean he loves everything about Vikings; their weaponry, what they stand for, their boats…EVERYTHING! So, I wasn’t surprised when I received the NEW Dragon’s themed items from Playmobil that he seemed more excited than our boys.

I really can’t blame him – the NEW sets are very cool!

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It only took 45 pieces to put Drago’s Ship together (our smallest amount of pieces in any Playmobil set we own, yet) and for my boys to start capturing “prisoners” in the on-board cage that can actually lock. I say, prisoners because my sons think “Dragons are way cool!” and they would rather take over the bad guys ship (A.K.A. the owner of the ship, Drago) and use his crossbows and other evil tools against Drago and lock him up instead of the dragons.

Who can blame them?! I want to live in Berk and ride dragons too!

“Set includes Drago, spears, torch, and other accessories.”


We did not receive this set but I know as soon as my kids find out it’s on the market it will be on their Christmas list.

“On the island of PLAYMOBIL Berk, dragon riding is a must! Here, young Viking warriors befriend dragon companions, and together, protect their home island.

Berk’s two-story fortress features not only a functioning catapult but also a fiery crossbow to strike down enemies. At night, the functioning torch and Viking statue illuminate the fortress. Playset also includes awning, trapdoor, two dragons, torches, boulders, and tons of other accessories.”


Not only does Playmobil offer complete Dragon sets as I’ve mentioned but they also have sets that include the Viking and their favourite fire-breathing friends.


This ferocious duo is the true heroes of Dragons who protect the tribe together, or so I’m told from Lucas & Colton. Toothless can defeat his enemies with just one blue fire dart he breathes from his mouth and Hiccup can conquer anything with his trusty flame sword.

“Set includes Hiccup,Toothless, blue fire dart, flame sword, helmet, and other accessories.


I cannot tell you how much it thrills me to see a woman as a Viking. Gone are the days where Viking wives, mothers, sisters…only prepare the food, wash the clothes and take care of the babies. Astrid & Stormfly charge into battle just as the men do and I am happy to show my boy’s that women are equals, even in a fiery dragon breathing attack. After all, we women can kick butt when we need too!

“Playset includes Astrid, Stormfly, saddle, and battle axe.


This loyal Viking and accessory ARE the boys favourite. Truthfully, I never really had any doubt that it would be, I mean they get to ‘shoot a rock’ as they defend their territory. What kids wouldn’t love that?! Gobber is known for his dragon-friendly inventions that make sure Berk and its residents are ready for any battle that may come their way.

“Playset also includes battle axe, mace, boulders and Viking helmet.


The only thing would have changed with the NEW Dragon sets is, I would have added Thunderclap, Drago’s dragon sidekick, to the Playmobil Drago’s Ship set. You can purchase a separate accessory with the two companions but because we already have Drago with the ship I don’t think we will be doing that, unless we can find Thunderclap on his own.

In the end, we love Playmobil. The creativity that I see come from my children as they play with the different sets we own is always something I look forward to. From one adventure to the next, there are endless possibilities of where their imaginations will bring them and Playmobil helps fuel that.

Who is your favourite Dragons character?

The NEW Dragon Playmobil sets can be purchased at most major retails and independent toy stores. Stay up to date with new products and info from Playmobil by following their Facebook Page.

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