5 Ways to Escape Mommyhood

5 Ways to “Escape” Mommyhood

We all have those days where we’d rather be anywhere but where we actually are. Don’t get me wrong I love kids and wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world, but sometimes life just gets overwhelming.

My crazy usually starts in the morning when I get up and realize I forgot to make my 8-year-old’s lunch for school the night before, followed by a 10 minute debate on the importance of wearing a jacket in -5°C weather. After I’ve finally won that war and gotten him to the bus stop my 4-year-old will wake up and demand he eats pudding for breakfast, he’ll argue with me on why it’s absolutely necessary to pick his big brother up from the bus stop wearing his superhero cape, rubber boots, goggles and wait for it…his underwear. This is nothing compared to the non-stop fighting that goes on when the two of them are together.

Here are 5 ways that will help get your sanity back and take back some “me time” for yourself.

    1. 5 Ways to Escape Mommyhood      1. Read a book. Everyone has that one book they’ve completely gotten lost in – for me it was the entire Twilight series. Don’t judge me. Your mind wanders, you can see yourself as the main character and all of a sudden the real world around you stops, or at least it seems that way.
    2.      2. Listen to your favourite songs. Music has the power to set your mood; when you want to work out you put on something up beat, when you’re feeling sad some slow jams usually help you cry it out and a single song is enough to pull you back into your favourite memories. So, stick soe earbuds in your ears, crank up the tunes, close your eyes and have a blast in the past.
    3.      3. Get the kids to go out. Ask dad, grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle, the dog…someone, anyone to take the kids out for an hour or two. It doesn’t matter who volunteers, all that matters is you’ll finally have some time to pamper yourself and that’s all that matters.
    4.      4. Do some online shopping. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? Grab your laptop or phone & credit card, lock yourself in the bathroom (make sure to turn the shower on to block out ANY noise) and shop away.
    5.      5. Order some exotic food. I’m not saying you have to eat a pig’s tongue or snail – unless you want to, of course, but Panago Pizza has added a NEW Greek Style menu for the fall that will take your taste buds away to the Mediterranean. If you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough, you can pretend you’re taking in the scenery at one of the many ancient ruins Athens has to offer…and then your kids will start to fight and your fantasy will vanish. Story. Of. My. Life. Thankfully, this last time I had some of Panago’s Organic Juices that my kids love, to help break up the fight.
  1. panago-pizza 
  2. The menu offers delicious Mediterranean combos that will have you craving more for days;
  •      • Greek-Fire Grilled Wings (Limited Time only)
  •      • Chicken Souvlaki Pizza (Limited Time only)
  •      • Veggie Mediterranean Pizza
  •      • Mediterranean Salad made fresh to order
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  • Panago has something for everyone; vegan, vegetarian, mega meaty, fresh ingredients including the dough made daily, no MSG, no artificial colours or flavours and gluten smart. The possibilities are endless with this proudly Canadian company who’s been giving back to their communities for over 20 years. For more information on Panago or to send your taste buds on vacation visit www.panago.com
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  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I do like the idea of the Chicken Souvlaki Pizza, Souvlaki is what I often used to eat when we went out to dinner and as a pizza it must be great too. 🙂