3 Common Excuses to Overcome When You Want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by Loan and Go. However, as always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

With 2018 approaching, I find myself thinking about what I would like to do differently come the new year. Not necessarily new years resolutions, more of a re-evaluation of my life and what I want to do differently to enhance it. This year my number one goal is to do better at being healthy, and this doesn’t just mean drinking smoothies in the morning. No, it means being active as a family, getting in shape plus limiting my sugar & carbs intake and no more excuses.

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Excuse #1: I have no time!

For most people, myself included, technology has pretty much taken over our lives. We’ve started to spend so much time on social media, playing candy crush and binge-watching Netflix that we’re not making time for more important matters, like our health. However, if the 75% of average Canadian adults can find time to go on phones, have a cup of coffee or watch a movie, then surely, we can find a half hour to work on improving our health.

Excuse #2: I’m too tired!

Okay, life is busy and I get that. Heck, I’m a mom of two boys, I run my house, I work out of the home and I work in the home…I’m lucky if I can even keep my eyes open long enough to wash my hair in the shower. But I also know when I exercise, especially in the morning, I suddenly have a burst of energy and before I know it I’ve done my cardio plus cleaned my entire house. We just need to push ourselves a little more and get exercise into our daily routines.

Excuse #3: I can’t afford it!

Yes, staying in shape can be expensive, and this is usually my top excuse as to why I must stop, but it doesn’t have to be. We don’t need a membership at a gym with fancy exercise equipment or exclusivity to expensive weight loss programs to live a healthy and happy life. All that is needed is the enthusiasm and drive to succeed. So, before you start looking for ways to earn more money so you can afford the items mentioned above, look at your surroundings, the objects and the places in and around your house, you may just find a free way to work out.

The infographic below can help

The resources center on the Loan and Go web page, where the below infographic can be found, will give you some tips on how to stay in shape without straying from your budget. Of course, everyone’s financial situations are unique and what might work for one person, may not work for another but if you manage your finances in a responsible way you won’t miss out on living life to it’s fullest potential.


Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by Loan and Go. However, as always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.