15 Ways to Make 2018 a Stress-Free Year

Life can be a challenge sometimes. Oh, who am I kidding? Life can be a challenge most of the time… If you let it be! Stress usually plays a huge part in not being able to deal with normal things on that happen on a daily basis and how that stress is dealt with plays an even bigger part.

A new year marks a great time to “start over”, be the person you want to be and conquer whatever negative energy is holding you back. Taking control of your life and how you handle the types of situations that come your way will help you succeed. Following these 15 simple steps will help to insure that you make this a stress-free year.

Organize your work space

If you free your working area from junk, you will free your mind from distraction, making it easier to keep a level head and tackle any tasks that may stand in your way.

Try your best

Even if you don’t succeed at the pace you would like, as long as you know you are doing everything you possibly can to the best of your ability, that IS enough!

Less work more play

Get out and live a little or stay in, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something you love to do. Dinner, a movie, sitting down with a good book… Escaping reality for even just a half hour will distance you enough from the cause of your stress. It will allow you the strength to look at it with a clear mind and may even eliminate it.

Home is for relaxation

Leave your work and your clothes at the door. Okay, so maybe not literally but grab some wine or tea, fill the tub with bubbles and after lie on the bed or sit on the couch and just enjoy the sound of your favourite music coming through your headphones (wear these to drown out any unwanted sounds). You can also try one of these 6 ways to relax!

De-clutter your sanctuary

Do a clean sweep, literally. Go through every inch of your home and get rid of everything that you no longer use. Find somewhere in your area to donate any unopened items that you’ve had for months, stick them in a bin for regifting or sell them online.

Clean up your personal life

Got someone in your life that is constantly bringing you down? Get rid of them, regardless of who they are! As hard as you try to fight it that bad attitude and negativity will ALWAYS bring you down and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Appreciate those around you

Keep the ones who have your back and lift your spirits whenever you’re feeling down within your circle. Those are the people you NEED to keep in your life.

Act with kindness

Doing things for others even when they’re strangers will make you feel great. So the next time that you are going through a drive-thru maybe pay for the order in the car behind you, bake some cookies for the neighbors or any other random acts of kindness ideas and see what kind of positive vibes will come your way. Karma works in mysterious ways!

Save money

One of the main problems most people have is financial ones. Start a “savings challenge” by adding an extra dollar a week, for example; week 1 is $1, week 2 is $2 and so on… There are so many different ways to save money and it may not be a whole lot by the end of the year but I guarantee it will be more than you would have had. The money can be used to pay some debt, purchase Christmas presents, buy yourself something you’ve always wanted or open a savings account for a “rainy day”.

Get a hobby

Having an interest, doing something you enjoy, especially when you don’t have to, is a great way to relieve some unwanted tension.

Challenge yourself

You know that hoppy you just started?! Don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly as planned, experiment a little and see how far you can push yourself. You may learn a thing or two.

Develop a healthy regimen

Your mental well-being plays a vast role in your negativity. Living a healthy life, being active and choosing the right foods will help you overcome this.

Count to ten

I am the first to admit that I have a low tolerance for anything and anyone that rubs me the wrong way and often cannot bite my tongue. Counting to ten and taking deep breaths does help. You don’t forget the situation at hand but it helps you to act with more control.

Be Positive

There is nothing that you can’t handle and every situation has a silver lining. It’s finding that silver lining that may take time but once you do, you will be thankful.

Be You

Just remember the way you act does have an outcome in the way others perceive you and on the way they represent themselves but none of this will matter if you are not true to who you are.

I am determined to make these my new “words to live by” even if I have to chant them in my head every day. What are your tips for living a stress-free year?

15 Ways to Make This a Stress-Free Year


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