7 Tips to Make Your Baby Passport Photo Session Easier

Spring Break is coming up and for some families this means they’ll be ‘leaving on a jet plane’–not mine but maybe yours–perhaps you’ll be visiting family or venturing to warmer climates. Before you board that plane you and the rest of your family need to have your passports and that includes babies too.

Getting a baby passport photo taken can prove to be a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be if you prepare by following these simple tips.

7 Tips to Make Your Baby Passport Session Easier

  1. Call ahead. Two reasons – Make sure the place you going will take a baby passport photo and the person working has experience. Someplace will charge extra for babies so ask ahead if there’s an additional fee.
  2. Nap, feed, burp, change. No one likes to be tired, hungry, gassy, wet or stinky…especially babies. A good sleep, full tummy and clean diaper can help something that may take 15-30 minutes only take 15-30 seconds.
  3. Colour does matter. Light clothing against the required white background tends to wash babies out, causing ‘hot spots’ where they wouldn’t usually have them. Bright, vibrant colours photograph best and they can make a baby passport photo a little more flattering.
  4. Plain shirts are best. No turtlenecks, no sleeveless shirts and no hoodies…nothing that can obstruct the face. Sleepers for non-sitters are a big no-no. Plain shirts or diaper shirts, something you’re able to put one hand up the front of the shirt and the other up the back will help babies with no neck support and keep your fingers from being visible.
  5. Bring snacks or a pacifier. Yes, I mentioned above your baby should be fed before you go to your photographer but you never know when there little tummies will start to grumble or you need something to help get their little mouths closed.
  6. Let your photographer do the work. It can be frustrating for your photographer and your baby to have too many people trying to get the babies attention, this can result in your baby not looking directly at the camera or being too visually stimulated and crying instead. Let your photographer use whatever tricks they have and wait for them to ask for your help.
  7. Bring your patience. Don’t expect to walk in to the photography studio and have everything go smoothly with your baby passport photo because when it doesn’t–which 9 out of 10 times happens–you’ll be stressed and then your baby will be stressed, resulting in more tears from both of you.
Have you had your baby passport photo session yet?

Now I want to live vicariously through you…Are you planning on going away for Spring Break? If so, where to?