Marvel Spider-Man from Sphero is THE Tech-Toy to Gift This Christmas #TMMHGG2017

The iconic Peter Parker and his super alter-ego Spider-Man have been around fighting evil villains since their creators Stan Lee & Steve Ditko first brought them to life in 1962. After that, the web-slinging superhero has pretty much been a household name for all generations and it’s no surprise that Marvel’s Spider-Man Interactive App-Enabled Super Hero from Sphero is one of this year’s hottest toys!

When I was in school computer class consisted of us practicing our typing and writing stories, which was awesome because clearly, it’s something I’m using today. But now, when my son comes home and talks about what he did at school they’re learning cool things like how to build apps, program robots and coding with Sphero…he’s 9. It’s crazy how advanced kids are now, but also the direction that the current generation and ones to come are going in, which is why tech-toys are so appropriate and beneficial nowadays.

“Team up. Hang out. Fight villains. Hero stuff.”

So, while this Spider-Man won’t be able to have you physically swinging from building-to-building with webs from his wrists, he will be able to keep you busy for up to 2 hours of fun, at a time!

• take you on some pretty cool super villain missions
• tell some amazing stories
• have you LOL’ing with his hilarious jokes
• keep you busy for hours with games
• get to know the real or super alter-ego (that you get to create) you with his interactive conversation.
• let you know how he’s feeling with his LCD expressive eyes
• who knows what else…his content is always updating for additional fun

Marvel Spider-Man from Sphero is literally the gift that keeps on giving because you will never be able to get bored with him around, which makes it the BEST gift for any superhero and/or tech-loving pre-teen, teen or adult in your life this holiday season!

This particular tech-toy is recommended for children 8 years and up but Sphero has many different options, including fun from Pixar and Star Wars.

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