September Brings New Challenges

September is here and for a lot of people that can mean new challenges on the horizon.

For some children it means the start of a new school year, making new friends and learning new curriculum. For some parents it means sending their little ones off to their very first day of kindergarten which in some cases could also mean their very first day without them. For others it could mean trying to tackle a new project at home, starting a new position at work or even living in a new city.

The different challenges individuals face on a daily basis are endless and so are the ways we choose to tackle them; we can choose to procrastinate the inevitable or we can choose to face them head on.

September writing challengeFor myself, September brings many new challenges;

  •      My oldest will be starting grade 3 in a new school. Okay, so maybe this is more of a challenge for him than myself but I feel like I can eel everything he feels; his excitement, his happiness and unfortunately his sadness as well as his fears. When he overcomes an obstacle I feel like I’ve just conquered the world.
  •      • My little threenager will be turning into a feisty 4-years-old this month. I’m sure this is going to take a whole lot of patience, a whole lot of wine and be the biggest challenge I’ll have to face.
  •      I’ve decided to join some other bloggers in a writing a challenge. This means for the entire month of September I am dedicating myself to write at least one post daily and that includes the weekends. I know, right? Crazy!

I’m really not sure what I’m getting myself into or if I’ll even succeed but I do know one thing…September is going to be a stressful month!

What new challenges will you be facing this month?



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