My Little Black Flip Flops & Why I Love ‘Flip Flop Season’

I may have been born and bred in Manitoba but that doesn’t mean it’s made the winter months any easier. I hate that it’s uncomfortably cold here and as much as I love my city I often wonder “Why do I live where the air hurts my face?”


The upcoming months and seasons are certainly giving me somethings to look forward to – flip flop season and…

  • First there’s the wonderful sight of that first piece of grass when the snow starts to melt in the spring. android 177
  • The aroma of flowers starting to bloom.
  • No more fighting with the kids to be bundled up tight from head to toe.
  • Watching my boys laughing, chasing after each other and just having some good ol’ fashion fun at the park. _MG_2989
  • The feeling of fewer layers when I go outside.
  • Soon after that, spring will lead to summer and summer leads to longer days and shorter nights.
  • Our very first campout with the kids, which will bring the intoxicating smell of a campfire and the true beauty of the stars glistening in the night sky.071
  • Sitting poolside on hot, sunny days.
  • Showing off my pedicure in my little black flip flops.

little black flip flops(1)

Why do I like black flip flops so much? Because black goes with every nail polish shade, of course!

Flip flops are like my security blanket – if there’s no snow on the ground I’ve got stylish black flip flops on my feet, if I can’t where them outside I use them as slippers (without the warmth) around the house. It’s because of this; comfort, style and durability are so important when I’m looking for my next pair of flip flops.

The Girl Two Doors Down offers everything I look for in flip flops – relaxation, strength and glamour all in the form of two little black flip flops.




  • Cheryl

    I love a certain brand of flip flops because they are soft cloth between my toes. I can’t stand hard plastic ones. And black is my fave color as well 🙂

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m still waiting to find a pair that don’t give me painful blisters. Now clogs I can wear no problem, I practically lived in them in Denmark for 2 yrs but flip flops defeat me 🙁

    • Amanda Komoski

      You should certainly check out Girl Two Doors Down, they`re arched flip flops so that can help with hip or back pain.

      • Elizabeth Matthiesen

        Unfortunately it’s between my toes that I get the blisters from the piece that goes between my toes, I guess my toes are just too close together and it just rubs and rubs. 🙁