Mastermind Toys 2016 Holiday Favourites #SoMuchWow + #Giveaway

I’ve been an admirer of Mastermind Toys, a Canadian owned and operated toy store since I first started following them on Twitter a few years ago.

When they first opened their doors in Manitoba last year, I just knew we had to visit so we could see what they offered in person – it’s now our favourite toy store to stop in and explore whenever we venture into the city…with or without the kids!


I love how personable our shopping experience is every time we go to Mastermind Toys. The staff makes each visit enjoyable and stress-free – we’re greeted with a smile the minute we walk through the door, they help us find the perfect gifts for our boys (not that they wouldn’t love EVERYTHING in the store) and they make my life easier by offering complimentary gift wrapping.


As a mom, I know I can count on Mastermind Toys to help make learning fun for my boys. I know I can count on finding a variety of toys that are innovative, creative and they’ll have something special to suit each of their individual personalities.

PAW Patrol Zoomer Marshall - Mastermind Toys #SoMuchWowSaying Colton is obsessed with Paw Patrol is an understatement. He’s watched and re-watched all the seasons on Netflix numerous times – so much that even I can quote them word-for-word. When I seen that the PAW Patrol Zoomer Marshall was featured in the Mastermind Toys Holiday Gift Guide, I knew I had to have it for him – even before he asked for it. Sure enough, a few days later he saw a commercial for the firefighting pup and got so excited, it’s taken everything in me to not give in and take it out of hiding.

Lucas loves a challenge. He may get frustrated and a little irate at times when trying to perfect a Fantasma Magic Trick or build (insert just about anything here) with LEGO but once he’s mastered it, the look in his eyes and sense of accomplishment in his voice is enough to make my heart melt.


Speaking of melting hearts and gift-giving…Did you know that Mastermind Toys + Me to We equals a gift of education to kids both locally and globally?

Me to We - Mastermind Toys #SoMuchWow

You can add a $10 Rafiki or Minga bracelet & help provide resources to a community in need, give a $2 donation & receive a super cute tag or purchase select toys to have your gift to a kid you love make a difference in somebody else’s life.


Mastermind Toys has been selling toys for 30+ years out of the greater Toronto area and has recently expanded to 48 locations in over 5 province; Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta.

Luckily for me, they can also be found online at: www.mastermindtoys.comFacebookTwitterInstagram


By giving you the chance to win…a $100 MASTERMIND TOYS gift card! Giveaway open to Canada only and ends on December 9th.


DISCLOSURE: Although I have received product from Mastermind Toys to conduct this post, as always the opinions and language are my own.




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    Seriously, all I keep hearing about are those Hatchimals

  2. Reply

    My kids want lego and they are hoping for some craft kits.

  3. Reply

    My little grandson would love the LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box.

  4. Reply

    my son is a massive minecraft fanatic so this Minecraft Mini-Figure Collector Case he would love

  5. Reply

    oh my word! that 3-in-1 Tent and Tunnel Set looks totally cool! my girls would have a blast with that. My oldest would also love the LEGO® Classic Creative Brick Box – Medium !

  6. Reply

    My niece would love Our Generation® Lorelei Deluxe 18″ Doll and some accessory for her.

  7. Reply

    My nieces and nephews want anything that has the words Playmobil or Lego in it

  8. Reply

    Magformers is on my kiddos list! She’s already got 2 sets, but WE need more! Mastermind has a great selection!

  9. Reply

    My kids are hoping to get the NHL All-Star Hockey Pinball Game.

  10. Reply

    My grandson would love any of the PAW Patrol Vehicle with Character

  11. Reply

    My niece really wants a Hatchimal.

  12. Reply

    My son is really wanting the Zing Wet Head Water Roulette Game!! Thanks!

  13. Reply

    My little would love a toy set and some blocks!

  14. Reply

    My grandson would love the Dinosaurs Collectors Box Set

  15. Reply

    Little one would like Our Generation® Norweigan Horse with Saddle & Grooming Accessories under the tree.

  16. Reply

    Paw Patrol Launch And Roll is somethjng my Son would love!

  17. Reply

    My two sons want blocks and legos. They love to create things!

  18. Reply

    Star Wars lego is on the top of their wishlist this Christmas

  19. Reply

    The Hatchimals™ Electronic Hatching Friend – Draggle is on my granddaughter list.

  20. Reply

    My son wants a Hatchimal

  21. Reply

    Hatchimals is on my girl’s wishlist!

  22. Reply

    I know my youngest would love the LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box & all of the supplement pieces!

  23. Reply

    Legos and hot wheels!

  24. Reply

    My nephew would love a Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle with Pup!

  25. Reply

    On my little ones wish list is the Kanetix sand!

  26. Reply

    My oldest daughter is asking for the LEGO Friends Horse Vet Trailer for Christmas.

  27. Reply

    My niece would love a lego set!

  28. Reply

    My girl’s love the Schleich figurines and my son wants the Minecraft board game.

  29. Reply

    Our Generation dolls are on both our daughters wishlist this year 🙂

  30. Reply

    my lego fans would love the LEGO® Classic Creative Brick Box

  31. Reply

    My son is learning to build towers & things so I know he would love the Magformers™ Sweet House Light-Up 64-piece Building Set.

  32. Reply

    Hatchimals, hatchimals, hatchimals!

  33. Reply

    My girls want the OG items – dolls, clothes, furniture…. 🙂

  34. Reply

    The only item on one of my children’s list this year is the LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster – she’s only asking for one thing because she knows it is expensive. I think it looks pretty awesome, and I love that it is shown built in the gift guide – gives a great idea of the building potential!

  35. Reply

    My grandaughter would love the Quercetti Pixel Art Kit

  36. Reply

    She would like the PAW Patrol Roll Patrol Launch ‘n’ Roll Lookout Tower or anything Paw Patrol.

  37. Reply

    It’s all about Lego’s, Lego’s, Lego’s and specifically the LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster because it looks like adventure and fun.

  38. Reply

    My kids would love the Paw Patroller (well any of the paw patrol toys!) or the magformers!

  39. Reply

    My daughter would love to get LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster .

  40. Reply

    my little niece wants everything Shopkins

  41. Reply

    The KAPLA Blocks 200-piece Set is on my son’s wish list. Thank you for the giveaway!

  42. Reply

    My granddaughter would love the PLAYMOBIL Furnished Childrens Hospital Set.

  43. Reply

    I go to see my granddaughters from Friday afternoon until Sat at 9pm and I’d say that about a third of that time I am making forts or private clubhouses, the list goes on so I know that the 3-in-1 Tent and Tunnel Set is the perfect gift for them.

  44. Reply

    My Grandaughter is absolutely desperate for a Hatchimal so I hope she is not too disappointed when she gets Shipkins instead!

  45. Reply

    The cloth book, “Nighty Night Bear” would make a wonderful first Christmas gift for a little one.

  46. Reply

    My son wants the JumpSmart Fold-Away Electronic Trampoline since the summer and I think it’s going to be on his wishlist this Christmas.

  47. Reply

    I know that the little one on our list would love the Early Years Squeak ‘N’ Stack Blocks

  48. Reply

    My 6 month old granddaughter would love the 3 in 1 Tent and Tunnel. Perfect for as she is just starting to try and crawl.

  49. Reply

    Lego! Lots and lots of Lego!

  50. Reply

    one of the things on his wishlist this year is the first set of magformers.

  51. Reply

    .My daughter would LOVE the LEGO® Juniors Friends Mia’s Vet Clinic , pet themed lego !! perfect !

  52. Reply

    my 2 sons are crazy for lego and that is on their wishlist all year long!

  53. Reply

    My niece and nephew would like Lego.

  54. Reply

    My grandson would love to see LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster under his tree.

  55. Reply

    my niece really wants a hatchimal for christmas.

  56. Reply

    The LEGO® Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster would be a huge hit here 🙂

  57. Reply

    LEGO® Classic Creative Brick Box – Medium is on my nieces wish list this year.

  58. Reply

    furby connect seems like a cool toy

  59. Reply

    OombeeCube Tethered Shape Sorter

  60. Reply

    My little man says he just wants a paw patrol jacket.

    1. Reply

      If you find one let me know because my little guy would love one too!

  61. Reply

    My niece wants the LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box.

  62. Reply

    the step grandsons want the Brio Railway Starter Set

  63. Reply

    My son would love the 3-in-1 Tent and Tunnel Set.

  64. Reply

    Our little one would love the Paw Patrol vehicle I’m sure!

  65. Reply

    Pawpatrol Vehicle with any character x2 for the nephews

  66. Reply

    My grandson likes the Playmobil pirate Set.

  67. Reply

    My son would like anything star wars or lego this year

  68. Reply

    The JumpSmart Fold-Away Electronic Trampoline is on our list!!

  69. Reply

    The NHL® All-Star Hockey Pinball Game is on my nephews wishlists!

  70. Reply

    the NHL All-Star Hockey Pinball Game

  71. Reply

    My niece would love some lego!

  72. Reply

    Well it’s a long shot that we still find one this year but my daughter really wants a hatchimal! ! But she also loves anything Lego! There’s so much choose from! My daughter loves just about everything from Mastermind Toys. . So does her Mommy! Shhh lol

  73. Reply

    My kids would love any of the PAW Patrol Vehicles

  74. Reply

    My son wants the LEGO® Technic Motorized Bucket Wheel Excavator 2-in-1 Set

  75. Reply

    The Motorized Hockey Game.

  76. Reply

    My sons want train set accessories like electric train cars, bridges, etc.

  77. Reply

    Hatchimals! All my kids talk about is Hatchimals, that’s number one on their list. Heard they will be hard to find!

  78. Reply

    My daughter has a Hatchimals Electronic Hatching Friend – Penguala on her wishlist

  79. Reply

    My son wanted to have the starwars lego kit.

  80. Reply

    We’re big lego fans here so most of his wish list is star wars lego!

  81. Reply

    My kiddo wants anything and everything Lego Star Wars. It’s two of his favorite things combined

  82. Reply

    My grandnephew is crazy about Lego.

  83. Reply

    JJ would love a 3-in-1 Tent and Tunnel Set.

  84. Reply

    I would choose the dinosaur Melissa and Doug extra large floor puzzle. My daughter enjoys puzzles and I love how it develops the mind

  85. Reply

    My son only wants Bruder toys.

  86. Reply

    I would get lego for my nephew.

  87. Reply

    This morning my little one was asking if she can get a Hatchimal for Christmas.

    1. Reply

      So has mine…I think we’re in trouble!

  88. Reply

    i think my daughter would enjoy the Melissa & Doug Hungry Pelican Feed & Find Plush

  89. Reply

    My kids have asked each asked for LEGO Sets; Friends Grand Hotel and Nexo Knights Fortrex and we bought them at Mastermind Toys (Barrhaven). Love that store!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  90. Reply

    The Diagon Alley 3D Puzzle looks awesome!

  91. Reply

    My grandchildren would love the Osmo Genius Kit game system for I-Pads.They would enjoy the hands on
    learning activities!! 🙂

  92. Reply

    The Lego sets (particularly jungle, pirate and knight-themed) would be a huge hit around here!

  93. Reply

    We always seem to have Lego on our lists 🙂

  94. Reply

    They would like the LEGO® Star Wars™ Constraction First Order Stormtrooper

  95. Reply

    My son would love anything LEGO!

  96. Reply

    My oldest wants GoPro accessories, my son wants Star Wars Lego, and my youngest wants a doll styling chair!

  97. Reply

    my kids would love the Melissa & Doug® Giant Turtle Zip-Up Ball Pit with 60 Balls

  98. Reply

    Would love the Zing Wet Head Water Roulette Game!

  99. Reply

    My kids haven’t made their wish lists yet, but I know if my daughter saw the LEGO® Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster she’s put it at the top!

  100. Reply

    my kids would love buying lego!

  101. Reply

    My nephew would go crazy for the NHL 2.5″ Figurines Series 1 Starter Pack – Tavares, Keith, Lundqvist…

  102. Reply

    My daughter would love the Our Generation Ice Cream Truck with Accessories!

  103. Reply

    Another item on my little ones wish list this year is a Hatchimal .

  104. Reply

    My daughter wants a hatchimal, but I cannot find one.

  105. Reply

    My big guy (aka my hubby) would go crazy with the LEGO® Star Wars™ Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle!

  106. Reply

    Any kind of Lego would work 😉

  107. Reply

    It’s hatchimals all the way

  108. Reply

    books, books, and more books. thanks

  109. Reply

    My nephew would love one of the minecraft lego sets.

  110. Reply

    My kids would love to have some Magformers. Or anything Paw Patrol!

  111. Reply

    My daughter would love to have the Primary Science 12-piece Lab Set with Activity Cards.

  112. Reply

    Like every other kids on the planet mine want a hatchimal.

  113. Reply

    My oldest would love a 4M Kidz Labs Combination Lock Kit. My middle daughters want anything paw patrol, like the Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups with Badges.

  114. Reply

    My son loves Lego so he’d like the LEGO® Classic Creative Brick Box – Medium.

  115. Reply

    My little ones Christmas wish list includes Hatchimals and Shopkins (of course). She also would like Teeny Tys. And I am excited that she asked for something that is not a toy but rather an activity. Her request is to drive to a mountain where we are ensured snow to sled and play in together.

  116. Reply

    My son wants the LEGO MINECRAFT FORTRESS set – anything MINECRAFT is really on his list.

  117. Reply

    My son wants star wars lego for Christmas ! thanks for the chance

  118. Reply

    The JumpSmart Fold-Away Electronic Trampoline looks like it would be sooooo much fun!

  119. Reply

    My son really wants this Brio train set from there and Marshall is also on his list and my daughter wants some our generation outfits for her dolls

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