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Keep Your Family Moisturized from HEAD-TO-TOE with JOHNSON’S

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S®, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Before a baby is even born there are so many questions.
How long should you let them sleep without a feeding? When should you start them on solids? How often should you bathe them? What kind of products should you use?

With so many different baby products, it can be overwhelming when deciding what you should use on baby’s delicate skin. And of course, everyone has opinions on what they prefer but every baby’s skin type is different, so what may work for one doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another.

For example, we have one son who has had sensitive skin since birth and when bathed too often, he would suddenly have his skin become dry and itchy with tiny little rash-like bumps. And our other son could practically live in the bath tub but still come out with baby soft skin.

One thing we’ve found when both our boys were babies, and even now to this day, is we can always trust that JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE will keep our entire families’ skin clean and moisturized.


Did you know that a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than ours? Neither did I, but it would explain why when our oldest was a baby, we could actually see the veins in his forehead. I also didn’t know that babies lose moisture 2X faster than we do. This statistic is actually quite sad for me because any baby I have ever touched has way softer skin than I do.

JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Line was created for babies (anyone, really) who needs a little extra help staying moisturized. The new line is:

• paraben-free
• hypoallergenic
• phthalate-free
• mild & gentle
• free of dyes

A U.S based study showed that 90% of moms who have used JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing skin care routine when bathing their baby noticed an improvement in their skin within one week.

• JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash has 10x more moisturizers than HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Wash.
• JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream keeps baby’s skin hydrated for up to 24 hours.

While not a part of JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Line, the Brand has also created two new products as a part of its trusted HEAD-TO-TOE collection.

•JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Lotion is pH-balanced and designed to delicately nourish your baby’s tender skin.
JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Washcloths require no tub or even water, for that matter. Bigger than the average size wraps at 20 cm X 30 cm, they can be used for an all-over bath and keep baby clean – perfect for those camping trips you’ll be taking this summer.


JOHNSON’S understand that families, as well as the atmosphere we live in, are forever changing. For that reason, they are always challenging themselves to evolve with your family and create products that are safe and gentle for baby’s skin, but also strong enough to get rid of any messes you or baby may have gotten into throughout the day.

Try the new HEAD-TO-TOE products out for yourself by visiting your nearest Walmart or – save with great rollbacks on the products!