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Celebrate Mom Every Day with Chamilia

I was supposed to write this post for Mother’s Day but I thought “Why? Why should we just celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day? We should celebrate Mom every day!”

We all know being a mom is more than a full-time gig – I mean we’re pretty much boo-boo doctors, taxi drivers, maids, therapists, and so much more. Not to mention the constant worry, I swear my brain doesn’t ever shut off even when I’m sleeping – I’m the first to hear the nightmare screams and when there are none it’s like my maternal clock is telling me, “even though they’re sleeping they’re too quiet”, and I still have to go and check on them. It’s never ending and for this, it should not take a “hallmark holiday” to show mom you care.

Remind mom every day how much you love her with Chamilia

Chamilia offers beautiful jewelry that will remind your mom every day just how much she means to you.

Chamilia’s Oval Touch Bracelet is crafted from .925 sterling silver and has an exclusive granular pattern that symbolizes a life of bountiful growth. It’s exclusively designed, patent-pending push-button closure features millegrain around the edge.

As much as mom will love and appreciate a beautiful new bracelet, imagine how much more significant it would be with some charms that will tell your story.

My husband started my first charm bracelet on my birthday 2 years ago; it has both of my son’s birthstones, a beautiful charm signifying our anniversary, a nickname my mom use to have for me when I was a little girl, a camera and a couple charms the boys picked out for me themselves. I love it and it’s my most prized possession because it tells my story.

Introducing the 2017 Limited Edition Dragonfly Charm

When I first saw the Limited Edition Dragonfly Mom charm from Chamilia I was drawn to it and I couldn’t understand why. Was it the fact that it had “Mom” engraved beautifully on one side? Was it the gorgeous tanzanite (blue/violet) Swarovski Crystals inside each dragonfly?

After some research into the meaning and symbolism behind a dragonfly, I found these four words; Illuminate, Transform, Embrace & Balance. And that was when I knew the reason this charm resonated with me so much was that these were all the things I see in my own mother – she has always been the light in my life who shaped me into the woman and mother I am today with her love and support.

Now, I’m not sure if this is why Chamilia chose this specific insect or if it was merely just a coincidence but knowing what I know now the Limited Edition Dragonfly Mom charm from Chamilia just became a lot more appealing to me and now I’m not sure if I still want to give it to my mom as I had intended or keep it for myself.

Maybe a little hint to my boys will help us both out!

How do you celebrate mom everyday? What’s your favourite charm from Chamilia?

DISCLOSURE: The products mentioned above were given to me with the hopes that I would share them with you. As always, all opinions are true and my own.




  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I agree that mums should be celebrated every day, they have a job 24/7 and wear various caps throughout the day. Being a mother often isn’t recognised enough. If we got a wage for doing this job it would be astronomical LOL

    • Amanda Komoski

      I don’t think there is any amount of pay that would be a fair wage for what we do. LOL.