A Few of My Favorite Things Christmas Wish List Giveaway


Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you are all working hard to cross everything off of your lists; baking, shopping, wrapping presents. You all work so to give your loved ones wonderful gifts and beautiful memories during the holidays and you deserve a little something in return.

I have joined forces with 22 amazing bloggers from 2 countries to offer 22 prize packages for this year’s Christmas Wish List Giveaway! Each blogger has gathered some of their favourite items from their own wish list and put together a gift for you!

 Visit each blog to see what items are included in their prize.  Every blogger has a separate giveaway that you must enter on their own site, to win their prize package.  You might win more than one! Giveaways open to Canada will have a little Canadian flag in the top corner of their image (above).  If there is also an American flag that means that giveaway is open to both countries. Most of the giveaways are open to the U.S. only (no flag on image).ChristmasWish-List-Giveaway-Flags

 Blog Hop

  1. Raising Memories // 2. Ginger Snap Crafts // 3. Rustic Refined // 4. Kleinworth & Co.//

5. 7 Alive // 6. A Momless Mom // 7. Dukes & Duchesses // 8. Happy Hour Projects //

9. It Happens in a Blink // 10. Create. Craft. Love. // 11. The Kim Six Fix  // 12. Crafting in the Rain //

13. create it. go! // 14. Bubbly Nature Creations // 15. Working Mommy Journal // 16. Fern Avenue //

17. B is 4 // 18. inkhappi // 19. Kathe with an E // 20. The Mommy Mix //

21. Play. Party. Pin. // 22. Frenchie

On My Wish List

Christmas WIsh List Giveaway

  • SCRABBLE Chocolate Edition
  • Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash
  • GOSH Double Precision Mascara
  • GOSH Lip Lacquer – Funky Lips
  • Udderly Smooth Hand Cream
  • Michael Marcus Shadow Prime
  • Nourage Nourishment for Healthier Hair
  • Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa
  • Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Hand Gel – Apple Harvest
  • Softlips CUBE Lip Moisturizer – Vanilla Bean
  • Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Gentle Goaming Hand Soap – Black Cherry Merlot
  • icu Women’s Readers +1.25

You can enter to win everything on my wish list simply by following the tasks on the giveaway tools below.  Open to Canada only ends December 15th at 11:59 PM.





  1. Reply

    a new laptop

  2. Reply

    I would love a new blanket for my bed

  3. Reply

    I am wishing for an ipad mini this year.

  4. Reply

    A camera strap and a new lens for my Canon Rebel SL1!!

  5. Reply

    This year I am hoping to get a food processor.

  6. Reply

    I would love some new books

  7. Reply

    On my wish list this year are new boots or a gift card to shop for clothes.

  8. Reply

    This would be perfect! My daughter has been asking for Scrabble! We have the junior but she is ready to move on!

  9. Reply

    I am wishing for that Chocolate Scrabble! I’m a big fan of both! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Me too! chocolate and games are perfect together.

  10. Reply

    I would love an Ipad

  11. Reply

    A laptop for sure 🙂

  12. Reply

    Sadly, a new hand-held vacuum.

  13. Reply

    A new cell phone…mine has had it!

  14. Reply

    Ohhh chocolate scrabble… yum lol

  15. Reply

    I really do need a coat and boots but you had me at chocolate Scrabble!! 🙂

  16. Reply

    Some nice bath products are on my list.

  17. Reply

    A few books and some good coffee.

  18. Reply

    I’d love some new games to play with the family! Chocolate is great too! Lol 🙂

    1. Reply

      What about a game made out of chocolate?

  19. Reply

    Headphones were on my list but I just reviewed them. Caviar and bacon are always on my list. As is Health for everyone. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    1. Reply

      You and your Caviar… I swear every time you mention it I want to try it! Good luck and thanks for entering!

  20. Reply

    I would love a FitBit Flex and a natural *sun* light.

  21. Reply

    A deep freezer, and a Mamaroo and Tula Carrier for baby and I.

  22. Reply

    Make Up is on my list this year! 🙂

  23. Reply

    My wish list would be a new Chromebook for sure! I have wanted one and it is time! Thanks for the post and giveaway! Good Luck to all!

  24. Reply

    I would love a laptop!

  25. Reply

    I honestly only have one wish this year and that is for everyone to get along and have a sense of humour!

    1. Reply

      Uh oh! Something tells me Christmas is not everything it should be for you. Good luck on that wish.

  26. Reply

    My only wish is that my husband gets a good job!!!

    1. Reply

      Good luck!

  27. Reply

    I’d know there was a Santa if a new computer could show up at my daughter’s . I was using it and it CRASHED!The grandchildren don’t have one for school. That’s my list!

    1. Reply

      Aww… well I hope the guy in the red suit comes through for you.

  28. Reply

    I honestly have nothing on my wishlist. Maybe a new perfume would be nice…or a dress, thats it though

  29. Reply

    A Silhouette is on the top of my wish list!

    1. Reply

      What is a Silhouette?

  30. Reply

    A KitchenAid stand mixer is top on my list

  31. Reply

    Hoping for a new camera!

  32. Reply

    I’d like the debt free fairy to visit my house, but would settle for some slippers 🙂

  33. Reply

    Vanilla bean and apple harvest scents sound lovely!

    1. Reply

      They are and mixed together even better!

  34. Reply

    Some cute handmade ornaments from my kids, I love the ones they make at school every year. so sweet

  35. Reply

    I just want to go back to see my family for Christmas, and that’s what I’m getting, so I’m happy!

    1. Reply

      Yay congrats!

  36. Reply

    On my wishlist is a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!

  37. Reply

    I’m dreaming of a new camera!

  38. Reply

    A mountain bike!

  39. Reply

    Anything black licorice is on my list this year.

  40. Reply

    On my wish list this year is a new recliner.

  41. Reply

    a new printer!

  42. Reply

    a new blanket for the couch

  43. Reply

    A camera is on my wish list this year.

  44. Reply

    I would love a new vacuum , mine is ready to be out out to pasture

    1. Reply

      Haha so is ours but we’ve had it for 7 years so it’s kind of a given.

  45. Reply

    a camera

  46. Reply

    Would love a KitchenAid mixer!

  47. Reply

    A new leather jacket

  48. Reply

    I wishing for an electronics item none of which I own,a new laptop,cell phone,kindle,tablet,any one of these would be great.

  49. Reply

    a smart phone is on my list, I’m still using an old flip phone with no features, ugh!

    1. Reply

      Wow! I didn’t even know they still made those…

  50. Reply

    Tamagotchi friends, wireless beats headphones, skylanders winterfest lob star

  51. Reply

    A new bath robe is on my wish list. It’s past time!

  52. Reply

    I want a GC to my favourite spa for pedicures and massages.

    1. Reply

      Sounds relaxing!

  53. Reply

    New laptop would be nice! New house would be better!

    1. Reply

      I agree with both!

  54. Reply

    The same thing that has been on my wish list for the last 10 years, a kitchen renovation. I haven’t given up on it yet. 🙂

    1. Reply

      Don’t give up! You never know when Santa might surprise you!

  55. Reply

    I would love a leather jacket.

  56. Reply

    Books, mostly! Though I might love a small food processor that I can keep on the counter!

  57. Reply

    We are moving soon and I would love a bed and dresser!

  58. Reply

    Would like some nice body butter for my dry skin.

  59. Reply

    A trip to the beach!

  60. Reply

    New Laptop

  61. Reply

    I would love to receive the Ninja all in one slow cooker

    1. Reply

      I’ve heard that’s pretty amazing!

  62. Reply

    I have pi’s and slippers on my wish list this year.

  63. Reply

    I have my eye on a new leather coat and an eyeliner set.

  64. Reply

    I am hoping for a new Thai Basil plant. Mine accidentally got frozen, with an early frost this year, and I catch myself heading for it to grab a pinch while I cook.

  65. Reply

    Nothing 🙂 I don’t ask for gifts. I just want the kids to be happy 🙂

    1. Reply

      I’m with you on that one!

  66. Reply

    I would like a new coat

  67. Reply

    I like some new PJ’s

  68. Reply

    New bedding!

  69. Reply

    What I’d really appreciate as a gift for Christmas is a little different than a present to open. I’d like someone else to make Christmas dinner. I hate cooking, but will gladly do the cleaning up!

    1. Reply

      Haha! Maybe that’s what I should get my mom!

  70. Reply

    Digital Camera and tool kit!

  71. Reply

    A Canon camera is on my wish list

  72. Reply

    I am wishing for new socks and a scarf. Thanks for sharing your wish list! its a fun give away.

  73. Reply

    I would like some downtime and an ereader!

  74. Reply

    Honestly, I’m happy as long as everyone enjoys the day and our daughter is happy with what she receives.I personally would like to eventually have an Ipad mini but other than that…..it’s all good. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Reply

      I feel the same way! I haven’t put any high-end products on my list this year. I get enough joy seeing the excitement and happiness on my boys faces and no gift could ever take the place of that. Good luck!

  75. Reply

    I have a Kobo on my list this year.

  76. Reply

    Some clothes would be great.

  77. Reply

    On my list is a milk frother and a Slow Cooker Casserole Crock.

  78. Reply

    A Roomba!

  79. Reply

    a winning lottery ticket

    1. Reply

      Haha me too!

  80. Reply

    New slippers and a rotary cutter

  81. Reply

    I would like some new good quality clothes.

    1. Reply

      I could use that too!

  82. Reply

    Some makeup & perfume.

  83. Reply

    a new laptop would be great

  84. Reply

    I am in desperate need of a new smart phone.

  85. Reply

    A Sizzix Big Shot!

  86. Reply

    I’d like a new bath robe and some chocolate!

  87. Reply

    a computer is on my wishlist,but I don`t think I am getting it!

    1. Reply

      Maybe Santa will surprise you…

  88. Reply

    Running gear from Lululemon!

  89. Reply

    A PS4 would be nice! haha

  90. Reply

    A day to sleep in and a trip to the spa!

    1. Reply

      That sounds so good!

  91. Reply

    I need a new phone! I’m still using a BlackBerry! lol

  92. Reply

    I don’t know what I want this year. In the past I’ve been able to name something (usually for the kitchen). Maybe a pressure cooker.

  93. Reply

    A cocktail ring. Pretty and sparkly.

  94. Reply

    a robot vaccuum

  95. Reply

    my wishlist is a family ring and some new boots

    1. Reply

      I have yet to get my family ring… I once went into a jewelry store to show my husband exactly what it was. I asked the girl working behind the counter if they had any and she looked at me like I was growing a horn out of my head, she had no clue what I was talking about. I told hubby to make sure he doesn’t go there to get me any jewelry EVER! lol

  96. Reply

    I would like a pair of diamond earrings

    1. Reply

      Diamonds are a girls best friend!

  97. Reply

    Cozy pajamas!

  98. Reply

    I really want a treadmill!!!

  99. Reply

    Money would probably be the most practical, but I wouldn’t mind a nice piece of jewelry.

    1. Reply

      Who needs practical!?

  100. Reply

    a new cell phone

  101. Reply

    My truck recently died, hoping to purchase a new car real soon.

  102. Reply

    I’m hoping for news of a new grandbaby on the way!

    1. Reply

      Fingers crossed for you!

  103. Reply

    I need a new pair of black boots!

  104. Reply

    ipad air 2 and Mukluks

  105. Reply

    I’m wishing for a new computer.

  106. Reply

    A cordless vacuum!

  107. Reply

    I have an iphone 6 plus on my wishlist this year lol

  108. Reply

    I am wishing for a pair of cowboy boots!!!(:

  109. Reply

    I really want a LED Pico Pocket Projector! I don’t think Santa is bringing it though. I better start saving up! 🙂

  110. Reply

    I would love to get a nice ring for Christmas.

  111. Reply

    A boxing day shopping spree! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Now that would be fun if I could do it online.

  112. Reply

    One thing on my wish list is a new pair of slippers.
    Thank you!

    1. Reply

      Your welcome!

  113. Reply

    I wish for a kiss under the mistletoe from my gf.

  114. Reply

    What a fun contest! Winter boots and winter socks are on my wish list.

  115. Reply

    I want a new winter snow suit

  116. Reply


  117. Reply

    Textbooks for my courses next semester!

  118. Reply

    A new vacuum would be nice, new neighbors would be better!

    1. Reply

      LOL!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh:)

  119. Reply

    I would love a tablet. However, my hubby and I don’t exchange gifts … we save our money for a getaway later in the winter!

  120. Reply

    I want to see the looks on my boys faces when they see that Santa brought exactly what they were hoping for! 🙂

    1. Reply

      That is truly the best feeling!

  121. Reply

    I nice warm, stylish winter hat!

  122. Reply

    some new cookbooks and calendars!

  123. Reply

    Chocolates are my fave anytime of the year!

    1. Reply

      Mine too!

  124. Reply

    I am hoping for a new TV hehr

  125. Reply

    A kitchenaid mixer…and snowpants lol

  126. Reply

    I want a fitbit
    my girls want frozen dolls, Our Generation dolls, and dance clothes

  127. Reply

    I have too say a Kichenaid mixer here

  128. Reply

    I really want a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer in a cool colour.

  129. Reply

    Winter jacket and chocolates

  130. Reply

    Netflix subscription

  131. Reply

    I am hoping to get a deluxe martha stewart loom kit so that I can teach myself how to knit!

  132. Reply

    A kitchenaid mixer!

    1. Reply

      I just got one and my son thinks I’m crazy because I keep saying “Isn’t she pretty?” and he’s like “Mom, it’s not real!” He’ll understand one day when he gets his first car!

  133. Reply

    Money for a new car

  134. Reply

    I would love a new bedroom set and a few camera accessories 🙂

  135. Reply

    I’d love a new camera!

  136. Reply

    On my wish list is a safe to keep my medications and legal documents inside!

  137. Reply

    A new smartphone and a new laptop would be great. A card more likely though

  138. Reply

    I just want some yummy treats

  139. Reply

    I am hoping for a new pair of boots.

  140. Reply

    I would like a new food processor. Mine is yucky.

  141. Reply

    I’d love a pair of boots for Christmas!

  142. Reply

    A new laptop is on my wishlist

    1. Reply

      You and me both!

  143. Reply

    a tablet

  144. Reply

    I like smelly stuff like body washes.

  145. Reply

    An iPhone 6

  146. Reply

    I would love to have a Fitbit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. Reply

    A great pair of grey boots are on my list this year. Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂 Happy Holidays

  148. Reply

    I’m hoping for a new Coat

  149. Reply

    A new camera 😀 I walk a lot around my town and I want to capture the beautiful things I see

  150. Reply

    I need a new knife set for my kitchen.

    1. Reply

      You and me both!

  151. Reply

    My wish list is a phone so I can call my granny.

  152. Reply

    My number one item on my wish list is a Ninja Blender but I also wanted a membership to Ancestry.com too!

    1. Reply

      A membership to Ancestry.com would be amazing! Imagine all the stuff you could find out, I love learning about my family’s history.

  153. Reply

    Manitobah Mukluks in black with pom poms

    1. Reply

      I’ve heard those are the best!

  154. Reply

    i am really hoping the hubby has a trip planned for us

    1. Reply

      Ooh, that would be nice!

  155. Reply

    A new phone is on my wishlist.

  156. Reply

    I would love a new slow cooker or money to help pay for the phone I had to replace unexpectedly.

  157. Reply

    An Instax mini camera. They look so fun!

  158. Reply

    I’d asking for a new vest and a new pair of slippers!

  159. Reply

    On my wish list at the very top is that my family arrives safe in town for the holidays!

  160. Reply

    I think I entered this in error! I’m so sorry – I totally missed that you’re only open to Canadian residents!! So sorry!!

  161. Reply

    I’d buy my husband something nice 🙂

  162. Reply

    An iPad Air 2 is on my wish list this year.

  163. Reply

    Ugh boots

  164. Reply

    I would love to get a ice cream maker.

  165. Reply

    A new pair of shoes!

  166. Reply


  167. Reply

    Sleep hahaha. No I would love some new clothes, and a haircut. almost 50 pounds lost this year 🙂

  168. Reply

    I would love a new, fashionable pair of boots! Mine are getting old and worn, so a nice shiny pair would be awesome!

  169. Reply

    princess by vera wang perfume

  170. Reply

    I would love a Yonanas and a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

  171. Reply

    Thank you for having this giveaway and the chance to win. On my list this year is books, and a spa treatment.

  172. Reply

    A new lap top!

  173. Reply

    I would love to go away to Disneyland as a family again.

    1. Reply

      I would love that too!

  174. Reply

    A new winter jacket!

  175. Reply

    A trip to Indonesia in the Summer to visit my parents 🙂

    1. Reply

      That would be pretty amazing for you!

  176. Reply

    A Keurig has been on my list the last few years fingers crossed

  177. Reply

    I would love a Portable Blu ray player

  178. Reply

    I would love a GoPro camera!

  179. Reply

    Other than being with my family. I would love a new coat. I would also love a smartphone!

  180. Reply


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