9 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

Every year, I say “This is the year we’re going to give back!”, than life takes control and BOOM…the holidays are over. Not this year! No way! This year we aren’t going to let time pass us by. As a family we will give back during the holidays while we spend time together, teach our children some new values and hopefully create family traditions that they will pass on to their children.

I feel like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season often makes us lose track of the things in life that are important – creating memories with the ones we love and helping others in need. Here are 9 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays:

9 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays(4)

    1.  Treats for ToysBaking yummy toy-shaped  treats and family who could ask for more!? Here’s how you can help; create a toy-shaped Rice Krispies treat and share a picture of it on TreatsforToys.ca, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the #TreatsForToys hashtag and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army so that they can purchase a gift for a child in need.
    2. Volunteer at local shelters – Animal or homeless; either one has something to gain with you being there. This experience will teach your children responsibility, empathy and help you all realize everything you have to be thankful for. peach-812717_1280
    3. Donate “old to you” clothing –  In many areas there are outlets that will accept gently used items of clothing and winter gear; schools, homeless shelters and hospitals…just to name a few.
    4. Donate unopened toys – It’s time to purge the top of your kid’s closets! Stop hanging onto all of the unopened, unwanted toys and re-gift them to children who may not have anything else under the tree. Most local fire halls, malls and hospitals will have a bin set up for donations. teddy-bears-11285_1280
    5. Start the #PayItForward train – How awesome is it pulling up to the window in a drive-thru to find out the car ahead of you has already paid for your order!? Do you put away your money? Heck no (or at least I hope not), you pay it forward and do the same for the following car. Next time don’t be the one who just goes along for “the train ride” be the reason why it started.
    6. Purchase a gift that counts – Initiatives like the Me to We campaign allows you to buy a unique gift for someone at the same time as making a difference in a child or family’s life. School supplies, healthcare, income opportunities and more…are all ways that you can give back during the holidays to Free the Children and other partner communities.doll-87407_1280
    7. Host a secret Santa charity exchange – Instead of picking names out of a hat and buying a gift for someone, have everyone write down their favourite charity along with their name and make a donation to that specific charity under their name.
    8. Keep non-perishable food items on hand – It’s that time of year for school concerts, holiday parties, parades plus lots and lots of shopping; you never know when you may come across a food hamper. Having a few cans of non-perishable foods (that won’t freeze) in the car can make a difference.
    9. Rummage Sale – When your cleaning your home and getting holiday ready, don’t throw out the gently used items you no longer want or need, grab a few friends with their junk, rent a local community centre (most of these are pretty cheap to rent), have one massive rummage sale and donate all proceeds to a charity.

REMEMBER: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


The holidays can be STRESSFUL, you don’t know what people are going through at this time time of year try to be curteous and treat everyone with an equal respect even if they seem like Scrooges. At the same time if the holidays bring you down or make you grouchy try not to take it out on anyone.

There you have it 9 ways to give back during the holidays. Just writing this post made me feel good and I could only imagine how I’ll feel when I mark some of these off my list. Let’s keep this feel good conversation going…

Tell me how you give back during the holidays.

DISCLOSURE: This is a non-sponsored post. I just think that if we all did our part this world could be a better place.