10 Things to DO Before a Long Distance Move

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Moving, in general, is stressful enough. Add in a 2 hour plus drive with kids in the car asking “Are we there yet?” every 2 seconds and you’ve pretty much reached pure insanity. Having a plan and making a list of everything you need to do before a long distance move is ideal.

You literally have hundreds of things to do before a move of any kind and even more if you have kids. I’m here to help you remember the most important ones.

Explore your new neighborhood

Once you have made your final decision on where you are moving, take a day trip and explore what will be your new surroundings. Which schools are in the area? Will the kids take a school bus or is the school within walking distance? How long will your commute be to and from work?  Is there an ultimate one-stop shop for all of your home and automotive needs?

Convenience is a must anywhere you live and all of these are important questions you need to ask yourself and look into before any papers are signed.

Contact the telecommunications and utility providers in your area

Some people may not realize this but just because a telecommunications provider is available in one area of the province doesn’t mean it will be available to the next, especially if you’re moving to a more rural area. Find out who the providers are and give them a call to see what kind of deals they have. We all know moving is expensive, get the deals when and where you can.

As for utility providers, make sure you contact them with the dates you will be moving in. No one wants to move into a place with no water or heat if the weather dips at night.

Get the measurements of your new home

Where do you plan to put the sectional? Is the kids room big enough for everything they currently have? Will your dining room table fit in the eat-in-kitchen?

Save yourself the hassle of trekking your furniture to your new home. Get the measurements from wall-to-wall, wall-to-door, whatever the case may be. If it’s not going to fit, there’s no point in bringing it with you. Sell it before you leave, donate it or throw it in the dump depending on the condition.

Make sure your vehicle can handle a long drive

You don’t want any unexpected obstacles while you’re on the road so make sure before you venture on your travels you grab yourself  some Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ Motor Oilgreat oil at a great price– and anything else you will need for your DIY oil change while you’re at Canadian Tire getting your vehicle serviced and making sure it’s in tip-top shape before you hit the road.

Long distance moves can sometimes constitute lengthy distances with non-stop driving, stop-and-go driving, idling and extreme temperature changes, all which could be hard on a vehicle and all things that Quaker State has been tested to prove it delivers twice the wear protection of the industry standard throughout its life. Letting you know that you get more durability and honesty with Quaker State.

Have a yard sale

Over the years, everyone accumulates things they grow out of. Maybe you still have that futon from college or a baby crib you don’t plan on using again or as I mentioned earlier something just isn’t going to fit in your new home. Why not have a yard sale and make some extra money to buy some shiny new things for your home – like maybe some new furniture or a BBQ for your outdoor living space, that you didn’t have before.

Update your address

Your address should be changed on everything at least 2 weeks before your move; driver’s license, health card, insurance, etc…Most changes can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to be updated in a system but if you’re worried about your mail reaching your destination before you do, have your mail forwarded or purchase a temporary box number.

Purchase insurance

Did you know your lawyer won’t even give you the keys to your home without proper home insurance? Shop around, find out what the best rates are and make sure you get what you need.

If you are hiring movers to haul your stuff make sure you also get moving insurance.  You never know what can happen from one destination to another.

Help your kids say goodbye

Moving can be especially hard on kids when they also have to switch schools. They’re leaving school administration they trust and students they have created a bond with. Help them say goodbye and stay in touch with moving cards.

These moving cards can be printed on white card stock and there is a spot for your phone number, email and mailing address. You can set your printer up to have them print in four but I like the half page which leaves lots of room for your kids to write special little notes to their friends. Get your free printable here.

Throw a party and clear out your perishables

As much as we hate to leave loved ones when we’re moving far away it’s something that’s inevitable. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re never going to speak to them again but who knows when the next time you will see them face-to-face. Throwing a party will not only help you say goodbye and spend some time with those you love but it will help you unload your fridge and freezer of food that may spoil on a long drive.

Pack up your home

Make sure everything is clearly labeled with which rooms the items in the boxes belong in, whether or not there is anything FRAGILE in them and for good measure I suggest getting some pre-made labels with your new address on them just in case some of them go missing during your move.

Make sure to pack some necessities to keep in your vehicle; pillows, blankets, any daily medications, toilet paper (you never know when this may come in handy), hand sanitizer, road trip snacks and a camera in case you want to do any sightseeing.

Plan your route

Everything is finalized. You’ve packed up your belongings, said your goodbyes and all that’s left is for you is to plan your route. Will you take a fast way or the scenic route?

No matter which route you choose, when traveling in Canada you’ll be sure to find a Canadian Tire because just like you and I, they were Made for life in Canada.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CanadianTire #QuakerState #CollectiveBias



  • Maya Fitzpatrick

    These are great tips – a lot of apply to just moving, even if it’s near by. You also reminded me that I need to check my oil, especially now that it’s summer and we travel up to the cottage every weekend.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    These are great tips! Moving is stressful and I can’t imagine moving a long distance. Having good transportation is very important! Having your car break down is no good at all!

  • Alyssa

    I’ve never personally moved long distance but I can imagine it being extra stressful these are some great tips! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Cyn

    So many great ideas here! I think the last thing I would think of is getting my car ready so this is an important reminder. I really love the printables too. Helps make the move easier on the kids. #client

    • Amanda Komoski

      Of course, getting your car ready would be overlooked – in any move there are about a million things to do and your vehicle is usually the last thing on your mind. My son loved the printable and to be able to stay connected to his friends he had made at his old school.

  • LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

    These are great tips! There is so much that goes into moving regardless of if its nearby or far away! I love the “Throw a party and clear out your perishables” tip, there’s no need to throw on extra pounds trying to eat everything in the house! Haha!

  • Stephanie

    We moved a couple years ago from Florida to Texas, and these are all some great ideas! We did a few of these: garage sale, prepping the car (even though I flew with our 18 month old, my husband got to do the drive!), and we didn’t throw a party to use up food but just refused to go grocery shopping the last two week and had to get creative. A party would have been much more fun.