Why Are There Not Two Responsible Adults On The School Bus?

As my son stepped off the school bus, a little girl runs up to him and gives him a hug.  No big deal…  They are in the same class, walk home together everyday and have become quite close, they have both developed a little crush on each other but what do they know, they’re 5 and 6 years old.  Having a crush to them is thinking someone’s cute and being their friend.  Next thing you know I think I hear him say “She kissed me!”  I wasn’t entirely sure if my ears were deceiving me, so when I got home I asked him what he had said, he was extremely shy and reluctant to talk about it, so I dropped it.

I waited a little while and asked him again.  He replied with “So and so made her do it!  I didn’t want her to, I told the boys to leave us alone but they wouldn’t!  I told the bus driver, he told them to stop and they still didn’t!  So she kissed me!”

Apparently two older boys on the school bus were pressuring and bullying her into kissing him on the lips.  Now some of you may think that I am being a prude to be upset by this, some of you may think that it’s cute…  I want to state that I am not mad about the kiss, not entirely anyway.  I mean I am, after all they are only in kindergarten and far too young to be kissing.  No, what’s making my blood boil on this subject is the fact that they were bullied into doing it.

After talking to my son about what happened and what bullying is, he started to open up a little to tell me that this is not his first run in with these boys.  In the past my son has gotten off the bus with more of an attitude than usual and in a miserable mood.  Never really knowing why, I just put it off to him being tired from a day of school, now I know it was because these older boys were calling him names and making him upset.

Now, I understand that the bus driver has to keep his eye on the road and make sure that all of the children on the bus arrive safely to there destinations…  But why does he have to do this alone?  Why is there not another responsible adult on the bus?  I believe that there should be two responsible adults on the bus; one to drive the bus and one to make sure that the kids are behaving themselves.  Getting my child safely to school is one thing but I also don’t want him to feel scared or uncomfortable in the process.

This incident has happened just over a week ago and I have spoken to the principal on two occasions; once because of this and once because of one of the older boys saying to my son “If you look at me again I’m going to punch you!”  He has assured me that this will not happen again which is all fine and dandy, until…  It does happen again.  Kids are mean and often don’t think before they act or say something they probably shouldn’t.

I guess my next question is – What’s my next step?  I’ve thought about petitioning the school or transportation system to get them to have another adult on the bus but I’m not sure that it would even be an option.  What would you do?