3 Ways to Organize a Small Space

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Last summer, my husband and I made a decision that has taken our family of four from a small two bedroom apartment to a house that also has two bedrooms but a living area (kitchen, dining room, bathroom & living room) we share with two other people.

Thankfully, with the help of some family members, we are living here rent free to finish saving money and paying off our debt to hopefully own our own home this summer.

Currently, our kids have a bedroom they share with bunk beds. My husband and I currently stay in a half basement that we have converted into a bedroom/living room/kitchen/workout room – it’s basically a bachelor apartment without plumbing; no toilet, shower or sink (that’s part of the main living area we share).

For now, we make do with what’s given and find ways to keep our small space functional and uncluttered.

Furniture with multi-purposes.

Choosing furniture that is muti-functional helps a lot; for example, our dresser acts as our TV stand and our mini-fridge is also our coffee station. Shelving units and bookcases are extremely practical when living in a small space as they offer ample places to put things.

3 Ways to Organize a Small SpaceWhich leads me to my next small space tip.

Store with style.               

Accessorize with the 3 B’s; bins, boxes, and buckets. Decorative storage bins not only beautify your small space they can also keep the chaos which is life out of sight. The bins we use are wicker and nowhere near as bright and vibrant as I’d like them to be but for the current moment have they done what we need.

I will be swapping them for the Yellow Gingham Storage Boxes from FHE when we get our house as they do have three different sizes; the smallest would be perfect for our remotes that always seem to go missing and the other two sizes will be great for the toys our boys like to play with in the living room.

3 Ways to Organize a Small SpaceSeating with storage.

Certain pieces of furniture, such as ottomans, benches and even some sofas offer hidden storage compartments that to the unknowing eye would never be able to guess was there, right under their very own feet or bottoms.

Our Foldable Ottoman Chair stores the kid’s favourite DVDs, their throws and stuffed animals they like to cuddle up with while watching those movies plus the cushioned seat with a comfortable collapsible supportive backrest offers an extra place for our guests to sit or put their feet up. Not that we currently entertain but if we did our guests wouldn’t have to stand.

3 Ways to Organize a Small Space 3 Ways to Organize a Small SpaceChoose FHE Storage Solutions for Small Spaces with lots of Kids Stuff

You know the saying “Out of sight, Out of mind.”?! This especially rings true if you have children – if I don’t see it I don’t mind it being in my space and if the kids don’t see it chances are they’ll forget it’s there and that includes in their own bedrooms.

Now, your kids can use their favourite cartoon characters from Frozen, Paw Patrol, and Dory plus so many more loveable characters to clean their bedrooms or the playroom with licensed storage ottomans and benches from FHE plus you can accessorize with the same character rug.

Trust me when I say this helps. The minute we received our Ninja Turtle Folding Storage Bench and Ottoman ,Colton couldn’t contain himself and had to transfer all of his toys we had sitting in a big green bucket, he even let me throw a couple broken ones in the garbage to make sure there was enough room for all of them. I’ve been debating on whether or not to get the boy’s bean bag chairs to use when they’re playing video games or watching Netflix in their room, now I don’t have to. The only rule we have is ABSOLUTELY no standing on it or jumping off of it, even though it could totally hold them since the max weight it can hold is 200 lbs. but shh…do not tell them that.

3 Ways to Organize a Small Space 3 Ways to Organize a Small SpaceThe FHE Group offers affordable designer home accessories; whether you’re looking for home décor items to spruce up your entranceway, fun products your kid’s bedroom they’ll love, or storage & organization solutions for any of the rooms in your home that can start to look cramped and unorganized.

For more information or to find out how FHE can help you maximize your small space visit www.thefhegroup.com

Disclosure: Some of the items mentioned in this post were given to us for review purposes. However, as always ALL opinions are my own.