4 Things To Do On A Regular Basis To Make Spring Cleaning Easier #CloroxMeansClean

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For some of you, Spring cleaning is already a thing of the past. We’re well into April and that should’ve been done in March, right?! Well…if you hate Spring cleaning as much as I do, you’ll still be putting it off.

We (by that I mean my husband and kids) really make it hard on ourselves (by that I mean me since I’m always picking up after them) to keep things neat and tidy around here. Which in turn makes me dread Spring cleaning even more and is one of the main reasons why I need a Spring cleaning checklist, to begin with.

What they don’t realize is if we (again, talking about them more than me) just did a few simple things, my life would be so much easier and so would Spring (and every other season) cleaning.

Pick Up After Yourself

Throw it in the garbage. Put it in the dishwasher. Burn it. I really don’t care as long as you don’t leave it on the counter in between our sink and our garbage bins that ALWAYS have a garbage bag in them. Glad Easy-Tie Tall Kitchen Bags with Febreeze Freshness keeps the garbage and odour in the bag where it belongs leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

Purge On A Regular Basis

Here are the rules: If it’s ripped or broken throw it away. If it doesn’t fit or you forgot you had it donate it. Do NOT put it back in the drawer or closet to be forgotten about again or back on the shelf to collect dust. Get rid of it!

BONUS: You can refill those closets and shelves with new stuff. It’s a win-win!

Don’t Let Guck Build Up

When you’re showering or cooking on the stove and you’re lucky enough to have a fan turn it on. If you don’t have a fan but the weather is warm crack the window open a bit to let the steam out. When they do get in (and they always do) don’t let grime, soap scum, mildew, etc…take over your house. When you see it bleach it!

The same goes for your drains – if you’re like me and shed like CRAZY, your hair can get caught up in the drain causing a “hairy situation” that no one wants to deal with. Eliminate the problem in 15 minutes and stop the clogs using Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator.


Anything and everything in the bathroom and kitchen should be disinfected daily for most; door knobs, countertops, sink & toilet handles…and weekly for other; toilets, showers, and sinks. I’m not saying you have to give everything a good scrub but a simple wipe down with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes goes a long way in fighting off 99.9% bacteria and influenza.

Don’t forget the toys, phone receivers, computer mouse…if I could I’d even take them to the playground when we take the boys. Kids are gross and who knows where their hands have been or haven’t been (ahem…soap and water). Which is why we go through disinfecting wipes like crazy and always stock up when they go on sale.

For more tips on the art of organizing and tidying up check out the book Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

How do you make Spring cleaning easier? What are steps you take leading up to the “big day”?

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