Family Staycation Done Right with Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel

Do you ever feel like life is just passing you by? Like you have no time to spend with your spouse, no time to create memories with your children… Do you ever feel like your whole purpose in life is to work, sleep and repeat…I feel like this ALL THE TIME! Sometimes a vacation or even a mini family staycation is all that’s needed to get in a little family time and put things into perspective.


We recently had the opportunity to stay at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Don’t let the name fool you it’s not all business, in fact it’s a wonderful place to stay with your family.

8 Reasons Why we Would Choose Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel Again for our Next Family Staycation

  • 1. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The concierge greeted us upon arrival and even entertained my nosy little guys by allowing them to take a peak behind the counter into the Dino Beach Water Park. Before we even reached our room I received this text that I thought was a very innovative way to let their guests know how to reach them without even leaving their room…
  • “Amanda, Welcome to Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre. If we can be of assistance with anything, anytime. anywhere simply text us. Enjoy your stay. – Tyler”
  1. 2. 110% Clean Guarantee or the first night of your stay is free. The first thing I check when staying ANYWHERE other than my own home is the cleanliness of the place, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, NO HOW I would ever let my family stay at a place that doesn’t FEEL clean.
  2. 110% Clean Guarantee or the first night of your stay is free at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel.3. Complimentary wi-fi in your room…Need I say more! I’ve stayed in hotels that don’t offer any form of internet access and I’ve stayed in places where they only offer wi-fi in the lobby. As much as I try not to bring my work with me on vacation sometimes I have to and even when I don’t, I like to stay-up-to-date with current news and in touch with my social media followers.

4. The Kids Themed Suites are “out of this world”. Literally…we stayed in the Space room and were instantly AMAZED by not only how HUGE the room was but all of the space decals; an astronaut, rover, planets…you name it, they thought of it. The walls and the carpet glowed in the dark and there was an XBOX360 just in case the kids spent anytime in the room (which they didn’t) plus they had their own bathroom. Lucas loved it so much that for his birthday he wants to invite some friends and have a pool/video game/sleepover party, very do-able since there are two sets of bunk beds and plenty of room.

Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel Space Theme Suite5. Mini fridges and a microwave. Being a family of four eating out at breakfast, lunch, supper plus snacks is just no logical – especially with the 3 bottomless pits my husband and sons call stomachs; I like to make sure the accommodations include at least a mini fridge so we can bring some of our own food to save money. The Kids Themed Suite we stayed in had 2 mini fridges and a microwave.

  1. 6. DINO BEACH WATER PARK. No, I’m not shouting. I wrote that in all caps because that’s how awesome it is, in fact it’s so awesome the kids didn’t want to back to the room ever and we never got a chance to check out the rest of the hotel…big mistake bringing the, there first. The giant pterodactyl flying above, T-Rex hanging out on the side and the nature decor painted on the wall make you feel like your in the era when dinosaurs existed.
  2. Dino Beach Water Park - Victoria Inn Winnipeg HotelI have two boys with an almost 5 year difference between them, usually what works for one doesn’t work for the other. The entire Dino Beach Water Park was great for both of them – they loved racing down the two playground style slides and we all had fun on 160 foot corkscrew waterslide.

7. Privacy and quiet time. I know most of you parents are going “What’s that?”, right? I swear though when we went into our adjoining room and shut the door we barely heard them even when they were calling for us and because they had their own bathroom and so did we, there were no little people following me in or banging on the door because all of  sudden they remembered they had to go.

Family Staycation Done Right with Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel8. Comfy beds. Both my husband and I agree that we had the best sleep that we’ve had in a long time! I honestly don’t know when the last time was that I slept that good, it was so good that neither of us knew Colton had crawled into the luxurious king-sized bed with us until I felt him kick me in the ribs.

We had such a fantastic time that I truly have no complaints – except maybe the Dino Beach Water Park was too much fun that we didn’t get a chance to check out the Fitness Center and the beds were too comfortable that I hated getting out of bed.

Victoria Inn Winnipeg HotelOn second thought…those aren’t complaints and we really have nothing bad to say – If you’re looking for a family staycation destination or have an early flight with kids the Victoria Inn Winnipeg Hotel is the place to stay!

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