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Ultimate Book of Cities & 642 Things About Me: Young Writer’s and Artist’s Edition #PlayTestShare #Giveaway

I love books and as a parent I’m happy to say that my boys have inherited that love of books. Activity books, colouring books, reading books…if it has pages you can guarantee the boys will accept it with open arms and add it to their ever-growing collection.

Books are not the only thing sitting on their big red bookshelf; DVDs, puzzles, games…are just a few of the other fun activities we encourage to help stimulate their minds and feed their imaginations.

We recently received two titles from the #PlayTestShare Raincoast Books collection Ultimate Book of Cities & 642 Things About Me: Young Writer’s and Artist’s Edition.

Ultimate Book of Cities

The Ultimate Book of Cities is not our first book from The Ultimate Book Series and it definitely won’t be our last. With over 55 lift-the-flaps, pop-ups, pull-tabs and more moveable parts this book taught my little guy not only about the city and the people who help make it run on a daily basis but how they do it.

  •         • He learned that not all the cities are the same, for example; we do not have Subways but other places do.
    • • He learned that it’s not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who fix things in the sewers but sewer workers do.
    • • He learned what happens to the trash we throw away and recycle.
    • • He learned how electricity is produced.
    • • He learned how to make all the different items (for the most part) he sees in the stores.
    • • He learned that without all of these buildings and people, who help us when we’re sick, make the clothes we see at the stores, fix our vehicles when they’re broken…we would not live as comfortably as we do.

With Spring Break in a couple of weeks and the promise of warmer weather ahead of us this book from The Ultimate Book Series could not have come at a more opportune time – I can’t wait to take everything we learned and explore our own neighborhood.

642 Things About Me: Young Writer’s and Artist’s Edition

642 Things About Me: Young Writer’s and Artist’s Edition has helped our future pizza deliveryman/video game programmer/author (all of his career choices thus far in his life) get his thoughts out of his head and onto paper.

    • • It’s the quintessential keepsake – something he’s going to appreciate when he’s older and looks back on perhaps with his own child.
    • • He’s having to dig deep and he’s learning things about himself he didn’t even know; including the fact that frog legs are apparently part of his least favourite meal.

642 Things About Me: Young Writer’s and Artist’s Edition will help get anyone’s creative juices flowing – it’s typically for children but there are writing prompts that any writer can use for inspiration, young or old.

For even more quality books, games and colouring books to help your little ones use their imagination and creativity, check out the rest of the #PlayTestShare collection from Raincoast.

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DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Raincoast Books for providing the two titles mentioned above so we could Play, Test & Share them with our readers.