Tips to Soothe a Baby to Sleep + a Tommy the Turtle Soother

My days of soothing a newborn baby to sleep are long gone and probably never to be thought of again. Well…maybe. That doesn’t mean I don’t remember what it was like – 12 am diaper changes, 2 am walking the floors thanks to colic and the 4 am feedings…and that’s just a few obstacles that will stand in the way of your baby and sleep.

I’m here to offer you some tips and a couple products that will help you soothe baby to sleep.

A nice warm bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm bath at night. Pour some bubble bath in baby’s tub – lavender scent has been known to calm and relax the body, improving sleep quality.

Babies like massages too

After that bath we just mentioned grab some baby oil or lavender baby lotion and give your baby a little massage from head-to-toe – be gentle.

Swaddle your baby snug as a bug

A mother’s womb is all a baby knows for the first 9 months of their lives. Swaddling helps them feel the coziness they felt when they were still inside of you. That mixed with your sweet smell and voice will make newborn babies feel like they’re at home.

Sing a lullaby

This is probably the one and only time that if you have a horrible singing voice your audience isn’t going to care. Your someone they trust and love – that’s all they need to feel safe. Still feeling a little self-conscious?

Baby soothers are every parent’s dream come true. They didn’t have them when my boys were babies or if they did they weren’t like the new one from VTech – Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother.

Dim the lights down low and let Tommy the Turtle tell a story, sing a lullaby or play some soothing sounds – 10 of each to start and you can download more with the free app. Even though you’re undoubtedly going to look in on the baby before you go to bed, you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn off Tommy before you go to bed because he comes with a 30, 45 or 60-minute timer setting.

Go for a drive

If all else fails, strap baby in the car seat or stroller and go for a drive or walk. Make sure Myla the Monkeya portable soother – is all charged up and attach here anywhere you choose.

Myla the Monkey can’t tell stories like her fellow baby soother Tommy but she can sing 5 lullabies and play some soothing sounds to help your little one drift off to la-la land.

How do you or did you soothe a fussy baby?