7 Tips to Make Newborn Baby Bathtime Easier #CetaphilBabyBathtime #Giveaway

I remember the newborn days of both my boys too well…

The days when I would pace the floor with Lucas from 2 AM  – 5 AM nightly because of his colic. The nights Colton would cry because he constantly wanted to be nursed. But most of all I remember the blood-curdling screams from both of them the minute their precious little skin hit the bath tub.

Tips to Make Newborn Baby Bathtime Easier

2 Baby bath

  1. 1. You and your partner are in this together. Sometimes it takes two, at least for the first few baths until you get used to bathing your baby.
  2. 2. Protect yourself and your baby. While your main concern is keeping your baby safe you also need to make sure you’re not going to hurt yourself. Bathe your baby somewhere you’re not going to have to do too much bending – the kitchen sink or a baby bathtub on top of a table both work very well. Babies are slippery once they get out and you want to make sure they don’t fall and you don’t pull any muscles.
  3. 3. Check the water temperature. 37 degrees Cesius is the ideal water temperature for your little baby’s skin. A simple check with your wrist will tell you whether or not it’s good but if you’d like to be more thorough there are thermometers specifically designed to check the temperature of a baby’s bath.
  4. 4. Plan ahead. Make sure you have everything you’re going to need for the bath within hands reach; this includes a face cloth, towel, Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo – the 2-in-1 makes it easier to focus on baby without having to read the label and make sure you have the right product plus it gently cleanses and soothes your little ones skin without leaving it dry.
  5. 5. Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle… The air is cold after a bath! Learning the swaddling technique with baby towels and baby blankets can save your sanity – it mimics the coziness of the womb and tends to keep babies warm and comfortable.
  6. 6. Babies like massages too. Low lights, the soft sound of mama’s voice singing a song, your gentle touch and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion that instantly absorbs to contain the moisture and protect baby’s skin from dryness. Cradle cap is very common in babies and can cause flaky, dry skin that looks a little like dandruff so don’t forget to massage your baby’s scalp with a “pea-size” amount of Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil.
  7. 7. Skin-to-skin. Once all is done, relax and just enjoy the time you have with your newborn. After all they grow so quick and that newborn stage will be gone before you know it!

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What bathtime tip would you add to make bathing a newborn easier?

7 Tips to Make Newborn Baby Bathtime Easier

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    I am also not sure what the New year new view pledge is, but a baby bathing tip is to make sure you have everything you need within an arm’s reach, ie. towel, face cloth, baby wash.

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    I do have two new grandbabies that would love these products! We all have sensitive skin so these look excellent for our family!

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    I love these baby products! I’m expecting next month so I’m stocking up!

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    I would set the bathtub and all the supplies and jammies on the kitchen table and that is where I would bath the girls, then after bath I would give a bottle settle them in to bed and then go and clean the kitchen which didn’t take long at all, I kept all the supplies in a caddy which I kept in the baby tub when it was empty, plus doing it on the kitchen table saved my back!!

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    I always check the water – it’s hard to remember how warm is okay.

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    start washing from the top (head) and work your way down

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    always check the temperature of the water, and when the babies were small we used to bathe them in the sink lol

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    Never forget to temperature check the water before putting baby in

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    I always made sure to have no tears products for babies eyes.

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    Aside from the standard tips such as having all supplies, clothing, towels and diapers etc at hand and at the ready before bathing the baby, one tip would be to NEVER leave the baby unattended. I know it should be automatic and something that should not be a “tip” but it seems to be something that needs to be a reminder these days.

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    My newborn baby bathtime tip is be prepared with everything you need before you start.

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    Make sure you have everything you need nearby.

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    My best tip is to kneel by the tub or get one of those blooming baths for the sink so yiu reduce risk of a slippery baby

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    Always check the water temperature and have all the supplies beside you.

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    have everything within reach

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    Always check the temperature of the bath before placing the baby in the water.

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    My bath tips for a newborn baby would be have all your bathing tools ready. Tub, towel, bathwash, lotion, and remember to check the temperature of the water to make sure it is not too hot or cold.

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    I have all my supplies and the water ready and tested before I bring baby to the bath.

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    Have all supplies ready and make sure the water is the perfect temperature. Be gentle with baby.

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    My newborn baby bathtime tip is preparing everything nearby.

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    I make sure the bath water is the perfect temperature and all my baby lotions are at hand.

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    My tip is to make sure you have absolutely everything you could possibly need before you start

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    Place a wash cloth on a little boys parts to stop him from peeing on u

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    It would be great to win a Cetaphil Baby Bath time Prize Pack for my niece.
    In response to your requirement to
    Tell you one of my newborn baby bath time tips.
    I don’t have any children but when i bathed my nephew years ago
    i always checked the water temperature and made sure
    i had the shampoo,towel and soap ready to use before i started.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

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    well baby will be arriving in sept so the first thing i would do is to check the water temperature

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    One of my best tips for bathing newborns is to make sure you have gathered all supplies and clothing in advance and have everything within reach!

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    Be prepared! Get everything arranged ahead of time so you can devote your time and energy on bath time.

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    My tip is to set out everything that you are going to need before you begin the bath.

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    Be prepare and have everything within reach

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    never leave your baby unattended, or turn your back for even a second! best to be fully prepared with everything you will need before you begin.

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    Use the kitchen sink! It’s so much easier to bathe an infant when you can stand up after giving birth

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    Hold on too their head with one hand at the back and dont let go!!

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    Make bathtime fun. Keep items that you need within reach and never take you hands off the baby.

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    have all supplies a,towels, clothing on hand and easy access..double check water temperature!

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    It seems like all the good tips have been mentioned. These products sound amazing. I have a friend who could use these. Thanks.

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    Always washfrom the babys head

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    make sure all your stuff is organized around the water tub. nothing sucks more than forgetting something while washing.

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    Make it fun with toys!

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    Be very minimal in the use of product

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    Make sure you have everything you need by the bathtub!

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    Keep everything close by and check temperature of water. Have fun and make it a welcome ritual using baby safe products

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    I found it easier holding my newborn in my arms in the shower to wash him rather than using a baby bath.

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    Rinse well, as baby’s skin can be very sensitive to products and soap. And most of all–relax. Babies can sense tension, and baths should be fun!

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    Only use as much product as you need

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    do not over bathe, , use the sink or a small tub as long as you can

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    I kept bath time on a regular schedule in the early evening.This bath time routine seemed to
    relax the baby and they really slept well afterwards.I would bath them,moisturize them with
    Cetaphil and powder their little bottoms and then give them a bottle and off to bed they went
    without any problems,,,,usually,,,like just saying.

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    I don’t have a baby or child, but I remember, very well, the first time I had to bathe my niece. Alone. Yikes those little things are slippery. My tips are: have everything handy, don’t drop the kid (they seem to want to shoot out of the hands)

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      Haha I love that “don’t drop the kid”! Best tip there is 😉

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    the important thing about bath time is to have fun

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    always check the temperature of the water before putting baby in. Check the water with your elbow.

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    The number one thing is test the water – not too hot, not too cold.

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    Make sure that the water isn’t too hot for the baby and never leave the baby alone in the bath.

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    Have all your supplies in arms reach and so you never have to turn away from baby!

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    dont worry about controlling the situation and have fun!

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    Have everything ready before striping baby down. Towels, water safe place to place baby after

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    We don’t have children but my step sister is having her third any day now so this would be wonderful for her!

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    Keep baths short, make soothing sounds and get the water to just above body temperature. Try to keep the bath small; either a baby tub, the sink or a bucket…

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    I get everything set up before bringing baby in to the bathroom – washcloth, shampoo, soap, towel etc. I find it best and easiest to do the bath quickly so baby doesn’t get too fidgety or cold.

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    Get everything you need before placing baby in the water……double/triple check!

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    Actually, I am reading everyone else’s tips. Grand baby #1 is on his way and I will be learning all over again. I know it will be a great bonding time.

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    make sure you have all your supplies ahead of time, and enjoy bathtime with baby, do it when you have the time to enjoy it not when you are rushed

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