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The Smallest Moment Can Make A Big Difference

Have you ever been to an appointment that was important to you but once there, you felt like it was unimportant to the professional whose help you were seeking? Of course, you have. We all have.

I get it, they’re busy and the length of time they take between each client means their next customer may get disgruntled or the professional may be late for that really important family event. Dentists, financial advisors, mortgage specialists, optometrists…are just a few professions who base their work on appointments and timelines.

As a mom feeling rushed in today’s society has become part of the norm, BUT when you find that ONE person who will take the time to get to know you and why you’re visiting their office, you know that they not only love their job but that they truly care about you and your concerns. You want to talk their ear off and find out as much information as you can, much like I did during my most recent eye exam* at my local Pearle Vision.

I suffer from yearly red itchy irritated eyes, it gets so painful that any movement in my eye is unbearable. The doctor I met with took the time to tell me what it could possibly be (this is where I really wish I would’ve written it down) and the cause of it – also, if not looked after properly how damaging it could be to my eye sight over time.

I’ve been to plenty of optometrists and specialists (even in hospitals) only to be told there’s nothing wrong with me or “here’s a prescription…” and be sent on my way with no explanations. Umm…okay. Does anyone else feel completely helpless at this point? Like, what was the point?

At Pearle Vision the focus was on me and my concerns not on the next person waiting right outside the door. The doctor was patient with me and that is something I truly appreciate in any professional I’m seeing.

Life is hectic and certain things like eye care or submitting receipts often go unnoticed, make sure that doesn’t happen to you and book an eye exam* at a Pearle Vision in your neighborhood, where they can direct bill insurance plans plus they’re even open on Saturdays – somethings I know that are a bonus for most families.

Although, I find direct billing and being open 6 days of the week beneficial, it’s because of Dr. Sandhu’s genuine interest in me and my concerns during that small moment of time that I know when I’m due for my next eye exam, you can guarantee I’ll be paying her a visit.

How often do you get your eyes examined?

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  • Malissa at Quotation Re:Marks

    I totally know what you mean, it is so much nicer when you feel like your doctor/ dentist/ eye doctor/ whatever actually cares about you and their profession! That’s awesome that you have found such a wonderful eye doctor. Perhaps I’ll look and see if there’s a Pearle Vision in my area 🙂

    • Amanda Komoski

      It really is! Not only do you feel valued but you know you’re getting the best possible care when the person you’re seeing is doing something you can tell they love.

    • Amanda Komoski

      You really should, Aarika – especially if you don’t have an eye doctor you trust. As I mentioned in my post I’ve seen many over the years for myself and ALWAYS felt rushed and unimportant. If they’re all the same at Pearle Vision you won’t regret it.

  • paula schuck

    I literally just got a text saying that my daughters are visiting the optometrist this coming month at the end of March. I however am the one sitting here with the dramatic and ridiculously annoying eye issue. I have had something akin to pink eye four times since January. It is back again this weekend. I am done with the antibiotic eye drops – clearly they can’t be working. I need an actual professionals help. I need to take care of my own eyes. Checking these guys out to see if there’s one in London at all.

    • Amanda

      Yes, you do! I have serious eye issues as well as I mentioned in my post and as much as I am thankful to my eye specialist for prescribing me the eye ointment that he has in the past, he never actually took the time to talk to me about my concerns – just a quick “Let’s take a look. Here’s a prescription.” I am super grateful that I found such a caring and dedicated optometrist like Dr. Sandhu.

  • robin Rue

    I haven’t had my eyes checked in at least 10 years! I keep saying I will do it, but I keep putting it off. Maybe this year….

    • Amanda Komoski

      I know the feeling – before my latest the last one was 7 years ago. So often we’re too busy taking care of others that we often forget about ourselves, that needs to change.

  • karen

    I dont get my eyes examined as much as I should. The last exam was 2 years ago, but I feel like nothing has changed since then so when I feel a difference, then I’ll make another appointment. I should just go yearly…

    • Amanda Komoski

      My prescription has changed slightly that I didn’t notice any difference until my eye exam, now I can’t wait for my glasses.

  • Amanda H

    I haven’t actually been to the eye doctor in probably about 7 years. I was just thinking about this today, and should probably schedule an appointment. I tend to put my family first, and put my own needs on the back burner.

  • Janel Berchielli

    Oh yes I feel so unimportant at doctors offices which is why I don’t go anymore unless medically necessarily. My eyes wow, they haven’t been checked in probably 17 years, yikes.

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I wished that all medical professionals took our 15 minutes of time with more than a grain of salt. Most of them are in and out the door before we even have any amount of time to talk about our concerns, and ask questions. Glad you found a place that takes care of you!

    • Amanda Komoski

      Pearle Vision is great – from the eye exam to the picking of your glasses, everyone is willing to help.

  • Melissa

    I find it so hard to find professionals that aren’t in a hurry because the financial burden to see as many patients/customers as possible is so great. It is great to find someone who will take the time for you.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    I have been meaning to get an eye exam for a while as I get frequent migranes and my eyes hurt a lot . I think I need to get them checked out, sounds like you had a good service too x

  • amber

    This reminds me I have to make an appointment soon! Ever since I’ve been working full time as a photography and spend so much time on my computer, my eyes have worsened!

    • Amanda Komoski

      I hear ya! The different lighting plus flashes and the computer screen can certainly take a toll on your eyes when not properly taken care of.

  • Charlotte

    This has just reminded me that I need to set up an appointment for my little guy, I’ve never taken him to the eye doctors yet, not sure how it slipped through the cracks!

    • Amanda Komoski

      I know what you mean! My oldest already sees an eye specialist (he needed to have his eyes corrected by surgery) and although we haven’t seen any physical reason to take our youngest in, our goal is to get an exam for him done before he starts Kindergarten.

  • Amanda Love

    I am lucky that I still have perfect eye sight up to now but that doesn’t mean I don’t get my eyes checked. It’s really important that we take good care of our eyes, we only have two after all. I also have that same attitude when it comes to my children’s eye sights! This sounds like a lovely clinic to go to for check ups!

  • Vicky

    Isn’t it great to find someone who will not rush you through an exam but actually takes the time to listen to you and explain things. That is priceless.

    • Amanda Komoski

      Isn’t that usually how it is? It’s the things we know we should be doing that always get pushed to the back burner. It’s time to change that mama, book your eye exam today!

    • Amanda Komoski

      Visit your local Pearle Vision and they’ll test you with all their fancy equipment 😉

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    Getting my son an eye exam was life changing for him! I had no idea his poor eye site was the reason he was behind in so many of his motor skills!

    • Amanda Komoski

      We often take our eyes for granted not realizing that it’s not just our sight they can affect.

  • Kim

    Having a doctor that is patient with you is priceless. I’m glad that they took good care of you. It’s so much harder when you don’t work with someone like that.

    • Amanda Komoski

      Yes, it usually makes me extremely uncomfortable and I walk out not asking ANY of the questions I wanted.

    • Amanda Komoski

      That’s great! My next pair will be prescription sunglasses – i find I don’t need them yet but once I start driving I will.

  • Belle

    That’s awesome! Glad you found an optometrist that really cares about you. I noticed that too not only with optometrists but doctors in general. They’re always late on your appointment, then rushing when they see you; only to find out they’ve been overbooking. Such a bad practice!

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I can tell that I am squinting when I look at the computer screen now. I think I am ready for an eye exam and some new glasses. I will have to pay Pearle Vision a visit.

  • Blythe Alpern

    I’m terrible when it comes to eye exams. I haven’t gone in so long because my vision has always been perfect. I really do need to go because I think my perfect vision isn’t so perfect anymore.

    • Amanda Komoski

      I was like that for the longest time…turns out my vision is more perfect than I thought it was but I still needed a slightly different prescription. Like I always tell my kids, you won’t know for sure until you have a professional check 😉

  • Rachel

    I like Pearle Vision. It’s time for me to get my eyes checked so I’ll have to check them out. Glad you had a good appointment!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’ve recently had my eyes checked too. I thought that I had pink eye so bought over the counter drops, they just hurt my eyes and didn’t help, so four days later I went to see my Dr. he prescribed other antibiotic drops for me, four days later my eyes are only slightly better so then I went to see an Optometrist. 2 sets of drops for my eyes, a soothing gel mask, ocular multivitamins and in no time my eyes were much better. They did a lot of tests and so I now know that I have to go back in Sept for a check up as one of my eyes looks like there might be degenerative changes – now I know that a check will be made to make sure that all is well.

    • Amanda Komoski

      That’s great Elizabeth – not about the eye issues but the fact that you’re able to get things figured out before it does any real damages to your eyes.

  • Linda H

    I get my eyes checked every 2 yrs. I already have glasses but haven’t needed new ones in the last several visits but I want to stay on top of things and catch any changes as soon as possible.

  • Clare

    I have my eyes examined every two years and I always find it is a pleasant experience, I feel the place I choose really connect with their patients and take the time to show that in their customer service, all too often I feel brushed off by professionals so it is nice to feel that way. Thanks for sharing your positive experience 🙂

  • E H

    After reading your post now I am thinking it is time to set up a new exam for my kids, myself, and my husband at our local optometrist’s. We have bought glasses at Pearle Vision before when we had a location near where we lived – this is an excellent business to get your vision tests and supplies at!

    • Amanda Komoski

      Thanks E! I’m glad I can be of help! I agree, Pearle Vision is a great place to get supplies – I need to get myself more Pre-Moistened Wipes.