Summer Lovin’ $425 USD PayPal Cash #SummerLovinCash #Giveaway

Who’s ready for some Summer Lovin’ fun?

Beautiful weather, sandy beaches, barbecues and long road trips with the kids are all things to look forward too during those hot months – summer isn’t just about relaxing. In fact, if you’re a parent it probably isn’t about relaxing at all, it’s about slowing down and spending some well needed time taking a break and surrounding yourself with family and friends.

As much as I am a firm believer that you don’t need money to create happiness, I have to admit it does help…A LOT!

How would you like to win some PayPal Cash to help with your entertaining or any family adventures you’ll be taking? That’s right, I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you THE ULTIMATE cash giveaway worth $425 USD PayPal Cash!

We wanted to celebrate all thing summer and what better way to celebrate than giving one of our fabulous readers the chance to win some cold hard cash. Take advantage of this wonderful giveaway and enter now for your chance at the Summer Lovin’ pot.

ONE lucky reader WW will WIN $425 USD PayPal Cash – entrant must be 18+ years to enter. Giveaway ends June 19th. Just in time for some fun!

What would you do if you won the Summer Lovin’ cash giveaway?



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    If I won, I would put it towards our week away in August. Extra cash, extra fun.

  2. Reply

    I would love to have it to go visit my family 😉

  3. Reply

    I would use it on vacation this year with my hubby and son! Thanks!

  4. Reply

    If I won I would put the money towards the new deck we are going to build.

  5. Reply

    I should say I would use it for a family vacation, but I want to use it on blogging tools and courses 😉

  6. Reply

    I’d buy groceries

  7. Reply

    I would buy my dad a new watch because he lost his!

  8. Reply

    I would use it for bills and groceries since hubby has been laid off.

  9. Reply

    I would use for a weekend giveaway for my family to go to San Diego.

  10. Reply

    If I won, I’d book a weekend stay in a local resort.

  11. Reply

    I could use a new computer so this would go towards that

  12. Reply

    I would use this towards getting some things for our new apartment. We are moving this summer to a new state so this could help us out.

  13. Reply

    I would buy groceries, have a nice dinner out and use the rest for hair day/mani-pedi.

  14. Reply

    I would buy a whole new wardrobe!

  15. Reply

    I would go visit my cousin who is really struggling with her Mom’ death.

  16. Reply

    I would do some online shopping for myself and my family!

  17. Reply

    If I won, I’d use it towards our backyard “makeover”/project.

  18. Reply

    We need extra cash for all our travel plans.

  19. Reply

    I would use the money for a new vacuum.

  20. Reply

    I would use it to go on a mini road trip to Banff with the family.

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    I would put it with our vacation money.

  22. Reply

    We just had baby number six two weeks ago so I’d probably use for diapers lol or maybe just some easy meals..that I don’t have to cook….

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    I would pay some on bills and do a little shopping.

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    I would like to buy a pair of tall boots.

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    Since I’ll be going to my son’s wedding in the US this summer, I’d be using this for my expenses. 🙂

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    I would use it to do fun things this summer with my son, Evan.

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    I’d have a big backyard party for our neighbours & friends!

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