StoryPlay Fun with Scholastic Canada #Giveaway

Story time in our home usually consists of myself reading in funny voices, trying to imitate my thoughts on what each character in the book would sound like. Our kids seem to enjoy it a great deal more than my husband’s “robotic” reading voice and I find that they stay interested in the story longer, regardless of how exciting it may or may not be.

Children can have such short attention spans that this tactic may only last a few pages and it’s only a matter of time to move onto another way to keep their interests piqued.

Introducing StoryPlay…

StoryPlay is a NEW line of books from Scholastic Canada created for children ages 3-5. Each book includes:

  •      • Interactive prompts throughout the entire story
  •      • Bonus activities including; dancing, singing and getting to know your child a little better
  •      • A focus on pre-reading and reading comprehension; for example “Count how many times you see the letter I in the story.” from I Love You Because You’re You or “What do you think is going to happen next?” from Shoe-la-la.
  •      • Developmentally appropriate subjects
  •      • Educator vetted
  •      • Great value at only $7.99 each
  •      • Collectability – the fun doesn’t stop with the Spring 2017 release, a total of 8 more titles will be released between Summer and Fall 2017

Spring 2017 StoryPlay Titles

Each shines a spotlight on important topics for this age.

Dinosaurumpus by TonyMitton and Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

“A rollicking, rhyming story about dinosaurs dancing — focuses on science.”



Snuggle Bunny by Kate Dopirak and Illustrated by Cori Doerrfield

“A sweet, rhyming story about a bunny who loves to cuddle — focuses on socialization.”



StoryPlay - Shoe-La-LaShoe-la-la by Karen Beaumont and LeUyen Pham

“A fun, rhyming story about four girlfriends searching for the perfect party shoes — focuses on self-expression.”



I Love You Because You're YouI Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker and Illustrated by David McPhail

“A sweet, rhyming story about the love between a little fox and his mother — focuses on emotions.”


StoryPlay is a fun way to read together and in my opinion a wonderful way to spend some quality time with my 4-year-old. It’s become a part of our nightly routine, something we do, just the two of us right before bed. Asking questions and getting my 4-year-old involved in the story, not that I can ever get through an entire story without questions or guesses of what will happen next but with StoryPlay the interruptions are warranted.

ENTER TO WIN…2 Canadian readers will have the chance to win the complete Spring 2017 collection of StoryPlay from Scholastic Canada featuring; I Love You Because You’re You, Snuggle Bunny, Dinosaurumpus and Shoe-la-la. Giveaway open to Canada only ends 01/30 at 11:59 pm EST.


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    I am most interested to read Snuggle Bunny, I call my granddaughter that all the time and to be able to read this to her will make it more special!!

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    I like the sound of them all but I think that my favourite is I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker . This would be for my grandson in Germany who’s being raised bilingually and of course it’s much easier for grandma to provide the English books 🙂

  3. Reply

    I love you because your you! I think my son would adore this book! Thanks!

  4. Reply

    I think my little cousins would most enjoy I Love You Because You’re You

  5. Reply

    My grandson would love Dinosaurumpus as he adores dinosaurs and has such an inquisitive mind!

  6. Reply

    They all sound great but I would have to pick the Dinosaurumpus , since my nephew loves dinosaurs right now.

  7. Reply

    I’m excited about Dinosaurumpus because my son LOVES dinosaurs and would love to read it together.

  8. Reply

    I’d love to read I Love You Because You’re You to my daughter when she arrives in March. I am starting her library and these books would make an amazing addition. Thanks for the chance!

  9. Reply

    I know she would love Shoe-La La as she is starting to enjoy pretty shoes.

  10. Reply

    I am most excited to get Dinosaurumpus for our son 🙂

  11. Reply

    Dinosaurumpus is one I do not know and sounds interesting

  12. Reply

    I am most excited to get Shoe-la-la for my daughter.

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    I am so anxious to read to my new granddaughter “I Love You Because You’re You”. We love to read together

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    I know that my grandson would enjoy reading Dinosaurumpus because he loves playing with his dinosaurs.

  15. Reply

    Snuggle Bunny, because my niece’s little girl is a real live snuggle bunny.

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    I’d love to get Snuggle Bunny.

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    I am most interested in the Snuggle Bunny. I have a couple of little nephews who would love them all.

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    I am most excited to receive Snuggle Bunny for my little boy because it looks so cute!

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    I’d most like to read Dinosaurumpus to my 4 year old son.

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    I Love You Because You’re You would be perfect for my wee granddaughter

  21. Reply

    I Love You Because You’re You would be perfect for my little ones

  22. Reply

    My daughters love dinosaurs so I’d love to read Dinosaurumpus to them! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Really I like them all but if I have to pick one to be excited about it would be Shoe-la-la by Karen Beaumont and LeUyen Pham. My niece would love these.

  24. Reply

    My son would love Dinosaurumpus

  25. Reply

    I would love win this for my little one – he would love these books.

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    I think Shoe-La-La is the book I would be most excited to receive, and I would share it with my three little girls! My girls are all born within 14 months of each other, twins + 1, so understanding their individuality and learning how to independently express themselves is so important to me!

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    I most excited to received the I Love You Because You’re You, I think everyone is unique and this book would be perfect for my two granddaughters.

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    I’m most excited to receive Dinosaurumpus for my son. He loves dinosaurs and rhymes so this book would be a lot of fun to read with him.

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    I’d love to get I Love You Because You’re You for my youngest because it sounds like a great book to read together.

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    I’m interested in Snuggle Bunny and would love to read it to my daughter because she loves bunnies!

  31. Reply

    I’m most excited for I Love You Because You’re You for my granddaughter.

  32. Reply

    I would love to get Dinosaurumpus for my grandson.

  33. Reply

    I would be most excited to read I Love You Because You’re You ! Sounds like a great book!

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    I would love to win for my friend Yvonne. She is expecting her first child, after 9 years of trying, and I wold love to help her build his first little library 🙂

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    excited to get Shoe-la-la for my daughter.

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    I love all the books, but mostly Snuggle Bunny because my 4 year old loves to cuddle and that’s what she calls me 😊

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    my daughter would most enjoy Dinosaurumpus because she had a dinosaur birthday party and had a blast. rhyming dinosaurs would be a great read

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    Excited for Dinosaurumpus, to be able to share with my little ones at work

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    The Dinosaurumpus would be perfect for my little nephew who is all about dinosaurs right now and is at a good age for this book!

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    I’d be most excited to get Snuggle Bunny for my son because he loves to cuddle.

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    I’m excited to receive “I Love You Because You’re You” for my preschool class to help with learning about emotions and self-identity.

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    These books look fabulous! What an awesome idea! I have several children in my life (I do childcare) that would love these. Snuggle Bunny looks adorable.

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    We love reading books

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    Snuggle Bunny would thrill my granddaughter because she watches bunnies every day outside her home in Calgary.

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    Most excited to get “Snuggle Bunny” for my niece. She loves to read books.

  46. Reply

    My daughter would love Snuggle Bunny, she loves bunnies and snuggling.

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    Most excited to read I love you because you’re you to my granddaughter. Don’t get to see her that often so quality time with her is important.

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    Love the Snuggle Bunny for my niece:)

  49. Reply

    My nieces & nephew would go crazy for these!

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    We’ve always had a fasination with dinos in our house Dinosaurumpus …how can you not want to read this?

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    I Love You Because You’re You my son would love this one

  52. Reply

    I think I love you because your you! For my children would be great

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    I always tell my kids that “science is everywhere”, they like Dinosaurumpus. I like that all the stories rhyme.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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    I would love the Snuggle Bunny, because I have 2 nephews who are very cuddly.

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    I would love the book “I Love You Because You’re You,” to read to all my grandchildren. That is something I often tell them.

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