11 Star Wars Inspired Fun Crafts & Printables

Being a mom of boys you would think I’d know a little more about Star Wars – I mean this is a movie that’s been around since before I was even born. You’d think I’d have seen just one of the movies…but I haven’t. As disappointing as this may be to you, imagine how disappointed my son was today when I asked him if Stormtrooper was one or two words.

Here’s what I do know about the popular movie, everyone knows and loves (except me):

1. My kids really, really want a light saber so they can whack eachother with it.
2. My husband can quote the famous movie line “Luke, I am your father.” and it would be true.
3. I really need to get with the program and watch these action-packed movies.

Maybe today will be the day, but if not we’ll have these Star Wars inspired crafts and printables to keep us busy celebrating the day.

First up, pool noodle light sabers for the whole family – I’m sure we can all stand to let out a little frustration in a fun and energetic way!

Do you have any Star Wars fans in your house? What are you doing to celebrate May The Fourth…Be With You?


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    Two things that my son is nuts about are Star Wars and colouring. Thanks for the printables as he will have fun with them.

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      You’re welcome! Enjoy!

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    I’ll have to pass this on to my son for his kids, they are all big Star Wars enthusiasts.

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      I hope they can find some fun from the list to enjoy together 🙂

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    My grandson is just starting to get into Star Wars – he would like this.

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      I hope you can enjoy some fun crafts together!

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    The pool noodle light sabers sound like a lot of fun in a safe way!

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      Yes! Those I wouldn’t mind my kids hitting each other with LOL 😉

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