Spring Cleaning Checklist #YesItsPinesol

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I hate dislike (hate is too strong of a word) spring cleaning just about as much as I dislike school bullies. I’ve never really thought about it until now but the two are actually a lot alike.

How Spring Cleaning is Like a School Bully

Dust bunnies, spider webs & grime…otherwise known as spring cleanings ‘goons’ are usually around every corner just waiting to taunt you. As much as you want to just keep your head down and pretend they’ll go away on their own, they won’t.

The sooner you stop avoiding it and realize something does need to be done about it, the sooner you can get on with your life and your regular cleaning schedule.

There are so many different areas of our homes we need to keep clean on a daily basis and others we can get away with doing weekly and some even monthly. But how easy is it to forget all of the objects and areas in our homes that we don’t clean as often?

Carpets and furniture

The cold winter months make it hard to open windows causing all the dust mites to have nowhere to go but in your carpets, mattresses, sofas…you can hire a professional, rent a machine or buy your own to get the job done. Make sure you take all mats and are rugs outside for a good shake while you’re at it.

  • Closets and cabinets

Purge those closets and cabinets of unwanted items. Does it fit? Do you use it? If your answer is “No” to either of these questions get rid of it. It’s much easier to keep your linen closet and kitchen cupboards organized when there’s not as much ‘junk’ hanging around. Don’t forget to give those doorknobs & handles a good disinfecting too.

Dishwasher and washer

The crusty food on those dirty dishes and last week’s baby spit up can wreak havoc on these appliances; after a while they’ll start to give off a pungent odour and eventually if not taken care of and cleaned properly they’ll break down sooner than they should.


Unless you’ve got a self-cleaning oven this has probably got to be the most hated cleaning job out there but it’s got to be done. The oven locks in grease and food from cooking causing your meals to not be as appetizing as they should and could may even be a little hazardous to your health.


Now that the weather is starting to get warmer you’re going to want to have your blinds and windows open all the time and as much as you probably do clean them from the inside, it would be kind of hard to do that in 40 below weather during the winter months. Take advantage of the warm weather, get outside and clean the bird poop and other filth that has accumulated on your windows during this time.


From top to bottom. If you’ve got kids chances are you can see their tiny little hand prints all over your walls. But what about that medicine that somehow got on your ceiling when you were trying to wrestle it in to their mouths or that spaghetti they thought would be fun to throw against the wall and slink down? It happens, and you may not notice it because you’re not always looking up but it’s there.

Hard-to-reach corners

Ceiling corners are like a breeding ground for spiders – they just love to make themselves a home there, literally. Floor corners, especially in the kitchen and dining room areas are where all the little crumbs end up. If you don’t have an extension on your vacuum to get these hard-to-reach areas get a hand broom and sweep as much of it out as you can before you get on your hands and knees to scrub the area with your multi-surface cleaner.

Conquer and Destroy


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Now that you know what you’re up against you’re going to need to secure some backup and perhaps a few cleaning hacks to make life a little easier.  Pine-Sol’s NEW Spring Blossom scent will not only help you disinfect and keep your entire house clean from top-to-bottom it also smells amazing – 4x stronger cleaning action and inspired by a sweet-smelling spring bouquet;  Jasmine, Magnolia & Orange Blossom.

Pine-Sol Spring Blossom is available at most grocery and discount retailers at an average price of $4.49 per 1L.

What would you add to this Spring Cleaning Checklist?
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  • Lynda Cook

    I usually just get the original pine-sol but this new one sounds awesome, I think I should give it a try!!

    • Amanda Komoski

      It seriously smells SO good and the smell lasted for like a week – I would walk by a certain area and be like sniff, sniff…”What’s that?” and than I’d be like “Oh yeah!”. SO GOOD!

  • Joann @ Woman In Real Life

    I need to do literally everything on this list! I have been purging stuff for a while now, but I have a long way to go. You are so right – it’s much easier to keep spaces clean and organized without so much STUFF. Still a challenge around here! Thanks for the handy list. I’ll get on it…as soon as the snow is gone. 😉

    • Amanda Komoski

      You’re welcome! I totally get waiting – that snow makes it seem like Spring will never be here. LOL.