Ride Safely With The Diono Radian RXT + #Giveaway

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Diono USA this post has been updated to include a giveaway of one of  the car seat mentioned in this post (ARV $399.99)

Car seats are one of the first items you think of when you find out you’re having a baby. Let’s be honest, they’re expensive (car seats not babies, even though babies ARE expensive) – especially the car seats from the matching stroller combos, which I have to admit are the ones we had…both times. After a year we were in the market for new car seats as our boys were too big for those ones.

The Diono Radian RXT seats rear-facing children from 5 to 45 lbs. and forward-facing children from 22 to 65 lbs. in the 5-point harness, up to 57″ in height plus it converts to a booster for children 50 to 120 lbs. or up to 57″ in height

Considering my 9-year-old only weighs around 60 pounds, I’d say that’s a pretty long life span and fits in just right with the Diono Radian RXT 10 year life from date of purchase.

Besides life span and price there are so many other factors and important safety issues that you have to take into consideration. In the case of an accident how safe will your baby be? Will your baby be comfortable? Can the car seat be installed easily?

Important Features of the Diono Radian RXT

  • Full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides for unmatched safety
  • NEW! Premium plush interlock knit fabric
  • 12-position aluminum reinforced adjustable head support – helps babies head not be so “flippy floppy” during car rides
  • Fully lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for superior head and body protection
  • Fits 3 across in most mid-size vehicles
  • Safe Stop® energy absorbing harness
  • Unique SuperLATCH system that makes installation quick, easy and secure
  • Sits low on vehicle seat for easy child boarding and improved safety performance in a crash
  • Folds flat for travel and is FAA certified – love this feature. My husband & I were always having to take the car seats out whenever we needed to transport large items.

Safety Tips

  1. 1. Don’t assume all car seats are the same. Thoroughly read the instruction manual before installing.
  2. 2. Visit your local fire hall to make sure your car seat is properly installed – I made my husband so this both times before he picked us up from the hospital..
  3. 3. Once the car seat is installed do NOT take it out.
  4. 4. For maximum safety, keep your child in the car seat for as long as the maximum weight and height will allow.
Overall conclusion

I wish I would’ve done my research when I was pregnant with both my boys to try and find a car seat that could’ve grown with both our boys like, it would’ve saved us a couple hundred dollars. Instead I’ll just rub my wisdom off on my little brother who is expecting his first baby this summer, in the hopes that he’ll be able to save money and keep his family safe at the same time, starting with the Diono Radian RXT.

ONE lucky CANADIAN reader will WIN a DIONO RADIAN RXT in the COLOUR OF THEIR CHOICE – must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway ends 7/27 at 11:59 PM EST.




  • Leslie C

    Recently my 2nd granddaughter arrived and I need a new carseat!!
    Black is usually the còlor I choose!!

  • Anne Taylor

    We have another granddaughter on her way in September and boy would her mom love this! The five-point harness and the reinforced adjustable head support are a couple of my fave features!

  • kristen S

    This seat would be perfect for my little guy. It looks super comfortable! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • nicolthepickle

    I like that it goes up to 22 – 65 lbs. That’s a good size seat. I’d pick the Black Plum, such a pretty colour.

  • Lucy

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT because of the numerous safety features it boasts. I would pick the Black Plum colour.

  • Christine D

    The best feature about the Diono Radian RXT is the fact that you can fit 3 across.. if we won I’d choose black cobalt and also I’m really impressed that it has energy absorbing EPS foam, and a five-point harness! 2 things I worry about!
    Thanks for the info and great review!

  • Jeannie Lam

    I love that the Radian RXT has the reinforced adjustable head support provides additional side impact protection!! I would pick the black cobalt.

  • Jodi Mitrovic

    I have 2 little guys one of whom will soon be outgrowing his infant carrier. I would love to own a Diono Radian RXT because of the incredible safety features.The full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides are a huge selling point for me. I also love that it grows with baby so that it is the last carseat we’ll need. Thank you for the incredible post and giveaway! I love all of the colours but Essex or Twilight are a win for me! Good luck all!

  • Lynda Cook

    I would love to win this for my truck, I have my granddaughter quite a bit and we get stuck at home doing nothing because I have no seat, I would get the Black Scarlet if I won!

  • Donna Durie

    Growing baby needs another car seat she has just about reached the weight for the car seat she currently has.

  • Michelle Policelli

    I would love to win this for my sister in law who’s expecting her first baby this September, i would of picked the black plum colour but because it’s a boy i will choose the Essex colour 🙂

  • Julie R

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT because of the reinforces safety features and fold-away base for easy transport when not in use. This would be fabulous for my coming grandchild due in February! Thanks for the chance to win this in the colour Twilight.

  • kristen visser

    first of all, i love that this seat grows with your child! definitely get your money’s worth with a seat like this. I love the safety features of it. Five point harness, adjustable head support and steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides. If I won, I would pick Black Plum….i think. i also really like the Black Scarlet

  • kathy downey

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT it’s such a nice seat with so many great features it would be for my grandson. If i was the winner , colour i would pick is Black Mist.

  • Erin W

    I want to win the Diono Radian RXT because I love the 5 point harness, the narrowness of the seat and how long kids can ride backwards! I would choose Essex for my colour!

  • Caryn Coates

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT car seat because it sounds like a very reliable seat with great features. If I won I would choose the Black Cobalt

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I would love to win this because of all the wonderful reviews and its ratings but also because I know it would be so safe for my granddaughter and if I won I would love to have the Black Cobalt.

  • lisa bolduc

    I have the old radiant rtx for my son and I love it. I need one for my 5 month old girl. the reasons we picked the diono is the steel frame

  • Carole D

    I would love to win because I have two granddaughters and it’s a pain to pick them up as we have to switch the car seat from their car to mine. If I win I would choose the colour Essex. Thank you, that would be such a useful prize.

  • Treen Goodwin

    I love that you can fit three across , i have three grand babies all in seats , this would be wonderful i love the Ten year life and folds flat for travel 🙂

  • Ira

    We actually own Diono Radian and love everything about it, especially high safety standards. I really love Black Cobalt color, but might have to choose something lighter, so it won’t get too hot in the summer.

  • Maritess

    I like that it has reinforced adjustable head support that provides additional side impact protection and when the kids are sleeping their heads won’t go hanging. I would choose the black scarlet.

  • Dolly Butler

    Safety is my number one concern when driving with my precious girl so a grey Diono Radian RXT would be my top option for a great stylish and safe carseat.

  • Alexandra Ruiz

    Love everything about this seat it would be perfect for my oldest
    Love how you can fit three across,right now we’re so limited with our 2 bulky ones

  • DebP

    I like all the safety features incorporated by the Diono Radian RXT. I would probably choose the Black Scarlet.

  • Betty S

    I love that it fold flat and the 5 point harness and has a steel frame. If I won I would chooose the colour Twilight

  • jan

    The Essex would be perfect for our brand new grandson rather than always moving the current seat from their car to ours.

  • MaryG

    I recently had twins and would love to have the additional seat as my toddler will still be in his car seat for awhile when my twins will move to a bigger seat! I would choose the Black/Plum seat colour if I won!!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love the fact that Radian car seats fit 3-across in most mid-size vehicles, something I’ve been missing from other car seats. This would be ideal for my daughter who has just had her third child. If I win I’d choose the red and black if I was lucky enough to win.

  • Jamie hall

    I would love to win this diono carseat because honestly I’m on desperate need of a new one , little one is growing out of hers and things are quite as secure Financially as of late. I have been reading up and love the safety rating and reviews tgis seat has received. I would pick the colour twilight, thank you for the chance

  • Andrea D

    I have a baby girl that I would love to win this seat for! I think I would choose the Black Scarlet for her.

  • Janet M

    I would choose The Diono Radian RXT because it has a five point harness system and safety is so important. I would choose Twilight as my color.

  • Jennifer P.

    I want to win the Diono Radian RXT because I love that I would be able to fit seats across the back of our vehicle. I would choose the Essex colour.

  • Monique L.S.

    I love that the Diono Radian RXT can comfortably accommodate children from infancy to childhood as it turns into a booster. It is great that it provides all the safety and comfort, but has a small footprint. If I were to be the lucky winner, I would choose the Black Plum colour.

  • Rosanne Robinson

    I would like to win the RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat for my grandson. I love the numerous safety features and flexibility of the this car seat. Twilight would be my colour choice.

  • ginette4

    I would love to win this so we can have a car seat in our vehicle for our grand daughter..we became grand parents in February and it would be great to have a car seat at all times in our car for whenever we pick up our grand daughter..also would like to have it in the Black mist

  • Julie bolduc

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT because of the numerous safety features it boasts. I would pick the Black Plum colour

  • Kari Barone

    I want to win the Diono Radian RXT because it folds for travel, fits 3 across, fits a child from newborn into booster mode, has a 10 year life, and has a machine washable cover. It would work for either of my boys. I would choose the Canada 150 Limited Edition.

  • nicky

    I’d love the Diono Radian RXT because it has so many great features that I’m looking for in a car seat! I love the adjustable head support, the 5 point harness, and that it converts to a booster!

  • Victoria Ess

    I love all the features, especially that it converts into a booster. I’d choose Black Cobalt!

  • Shawna Swayze

    I would love to win this. My favourite feature is that you can fit 3 across! I love the black mist.

  • Alea Elliott

    I’ve been wanting to purchase this seat awhile now. It would be incredible to win! I love how slender They are.

  • Karlie Antonacci

    Already have one for my 18 month old and love it! Will need another one soon for my second baby which was a surprise back to back pregnancy. Would really help with expenses to win one! Would love for it to match my other Essex coloured seat!

  • Hanjia

    I would love Twilight for baby 2 on the way. The steel frame that folds flatter for travel are great features.

  • Sandra McG

    I would love to win this car seat for my sweet little granddaughter when we have her. It would save having to move car seats from their vehicle to ours. I love the fact that it is the only car seat a person needs as it can be converted into a booster. I would probably pick black for a colour if I was to win.

  • Holly Myke

    I would love to convince my husband that my newly 3 year old son is not ready for a basic booster seat.

    I would love to keep my son in a car seat for as long as possible as we travel a lot.

    I’d get double the use since I could pass it down to me 1 year old son

    I’d choose black colbalt

  • Linda G

    I would gift this DIONO RADIAN RXT in Black Cobalt car seat to the soon to be arrival of my great niece/nephew. The safety features are impressive and this baby is “precious cargo”!

  • laura bernard

    I love that this is compact and would fit great in my husbands car! I would LOVE the black mist!

  • Doris Humber

    I would really love to win this for my young niece. If I won I’d choose the Essex colour.

  • Gillian Morgan

    I want to win because I’ve heard nothing but good thing about diono car seats. They are super safe and so easy to travel with. I think it would help to extend rear facing for Mr J. I would choose twilight.

  • Jackie M

    I love all the safety features and how the seat grows with the child. We are expecting our first very soon (in August!) and this would be perfect! If I was the winner (fingers crossed) I would pick Essex.

  • Paul A

    I love the use of premium materials and all the safety features like a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced side walls, energy absorbing EPS foam, and a five-point harness put your mind at ease as your little one stays safe and sound. If I am the winner I would get Black Mist.

  • Jonnie

    I want to win because this seat has every feature I could ask for in a car seat. I would choose the Essex colour.

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I really like the 12-position adjustable headrest feature and I love the Black Plum color.

  • Laila I

    I want to win for my best friend who is expecting, the seat is safe and that’s the most important. I would choose black

  • Laurie P

    I love to win because I truly believe this is the best car seat manufacturer in the market! The features of this seat are pretty amazing and if I had to start all over again, this is the brand to go with!!

    Black plum would be my color choice!!

  • em

    I like the memory foam and extra cushions for support and also the Expandable sides. I feel confident using this car seat for my daughter, I feel like she will be safe and she’ll be able to use it for years since it can also be used as a booster seat. I would pick Black Plum

  • Debbie W

    My grandson is growing like a weed, and we are in the process of shopping for a new car seat. We need one to fit his growing needs, and of course provide his safety. I think I would select the Twilight.

  • Wanda B

    I would love to win a Diono Radian RXT because the child’s security and safety as top priorities. I would love it in black and grey.

  • Bailey

    There are so many great points about this seat but the one that really stands out to me is that it folds. I haven’t seen any other seats that do and storage space is at a premium. I love the cobalt colour!

  • Pam

    I like that it can fit three across and that it grows with your child.
    I would choose the Twilight colour.

  • Elaine G

    I would love to win this for my nephew and hos wife who are expecting.
    I like the Black Cobalt color.

  • Kim K

    I would love to win the Diono Radian RXT because of the many safety features. I would pick the Black Plum colour.

  • M Thompson

    I would love to win this for my niece and nephew-in-law who are brand new parents. The safety features of the car set sound excellent. I would pick twilight colour.

  • Elaine Buonsante

    I would love to win this wonderful car seat for my great grandchild who is expected this December.

  • angela eagle

    my son and his wife are expecting their first child in December and they just moved out of my place. I only own a motorcycle so now I’ll have to get a car (used) I cant afford a car seat too!!

  • Jody Laderoute

    I would love to win this as my niece needs a new car seat and I don’t know if her mom can afford a good one. It would give me piece of mind knowing she’s in a good, safe car seat.

  • caroline m.

    I would love to win a Diono Radian RXT because we already own 2 for each of our kids and absolutely love and trust them! Winning an extra seat will save our family lots of gas since my husband will be able to pick up our son at school on his way home from work instead of me making a special trip daily

  • Tisha.

    This seat would be amazing for my niece and would would pass the test for my super safety minded brother.

  • Heather Hines

    I would love this as a second car seat for our second car since we will be using it much more frequently in the next few months. Diono makes amazing car seats! I would pick Twilight 🙂

  • Courtney

    I would choose essex print, and I’d love to win to give it to my brother and his wife for their baby.

  • Katrina

    I love that the Radian RXT has the reinforced adjustable head support provides additional side impact protection. I would pick the black plum.

  • Kathleen Froh

    I would be over the moon if I won the Diono Radian RXT in Essex, because it would put my first-time-mommy mind at ease with safety and style. I just bought a car for my new little family, and a car seat of this calibre would be the cherry on top! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Kristy

    I would love to win because we need car seats for my hubby’s car. We love Diono because they are so safe and fit 3 across. With 3 kids 5 and under, this is a very important feature.

  • denise low

    Thank you for the entry. I want to win this for my grandson. This would be great for him. If I win I would like blue.

  • caryn s

    I would love to get a car seat as my child is getting too big for her current car seat and this would fit in our car really well. I like the blue colour best!