Playtex Sipsters® Stage 4 Sport Spout Cup for your Active Child

To say that my 3-year-old is an extremely active child is an understatement; jumping on the trampoline in his underwear, running through the store singing “Let it go, let it go…”, or wrestling with his big brother…he is ALWAYS. ON. THE. GO.

Being so active results in drinking lots and lots of fluids and with my kid that also means alot of spills. I don’t like to clean (who really does?) so naturally I will do whatever it takes to prevent any big messes.

If that means introducing him to the new Playtex Sipsters® Stage 4 Sport Spout Cup, than so be it that’s just the price I’ll have to pay. The cups come in 4 stages, each one being perfect for your growing baby from 4 months and up. Lucky for me Stage 3 and 4 cups include Thomas the Train, My Little Pony and a few of my sons favourite DC Superheroes; Batman & Superman.

IMG_4706Although Colton likes them both, if you asked him whose team he was on he’d tell you he’s Team Batman all the way and he loves to represent that when he takes his new favourite cup wherever he goes. Which is kind of ironic since Lucas wanted to name him that when he found out he was having a baby brother.

This insulated cup ensures his drinks remain cool and fresh while he’s slipping and sliding, taking a road trip or fighting crime in the backyard.

IMG_4702Bonus: All kids love to imitate mom and dad – the Sport Spout cup is a larger 12 oz. insulated cup that’s still easy for little hands to hold but brings them one step closer to drinking like a big kid!

So, he can still be a big boy and I don’t have to mop juice off my floor or clean my carpet everyday. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

Team Batman or Team Superman…who would you choose?