Pita Pizza {Kid Friendly Recipe}

I have been promising Lucas for years that we would one day make our own pizzas.  The store bought ones and delivery are great for quick meals but I remember when I was little, my mom used to buy the pizza kits, the toppings and we would just make our own family pizza.   Now whether or not it was the love that was put into it or the accomplishment of making it ourselves, it always seemed to taste better.
Well last week I finally did it,  I made that promise become a reality and too be honest, I’m not sure what took me so long.  It was so easy and took a total of 18 minutes from start to finish.

Ingredients We Used
Whole Wheat Pita bread
Little Italy from EpicureKraft Shredded Marble cheese
Pizza Salami
Peppers (any color)
Preheat oven to 350°.  Mix just a half a teaspoon of the Little Italy spice with the pizza sauce beforehand, spread the desired amount of pizza sauce on your pita bread, sprinkle half of the cheese you want to use over top (some like more than others, the choice is yours).  Add the ingredients you wish, what we used is just an example and what we like on our pizzas, the best part about this is its your creation.  Add the remainder of the cheese.  Spray the baking sheet with just a little bit of Pam, bake for 5 minutes,  broil for 3 minutes or until cheese is melted.
Something so delicious was also so simple to make and will be great on the nights that we have to get Lucas to soccer or the ones I just don’t feel like cooking.  My son loved the time we spent together, had a blast making his own little pita pizza and even said that it tasted better than delivery.
What are your favorite pizza toppings?