Our School Trip To Penner Pumpkins & The Scarecrow Forest in Steinbach, Manitoba

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to go on a field trip to the farm with my son and all of his classmates.  Here’s what I expected: a big red barn with pigs and chickens, fenced off areas with cows and horses, a dog and some cats roaming around freely and maybe, just maybe we would get to pet some of them.  What I did not expect was: everything else that they had.

You have to remember the last time I was at a farm was probably when I was in kindergarten, I am definitely not going to say how long ago that was but I will say that things have definitely changed since then.  The farm that we went to was called Penner Pumpkins & The Scarecrow Forest in Steinbach, Manitoba and we had a blast.  For me just being there with my son and seeing him in a different element other than home, interacting with his friends from school as well as the teachers gave me a sense of accomplishment that we have raised a very independant big guy whom unlike at home, can do many things without my help.  For the kids…  well they had a blast with all of the different activities that Penner Pumpkins had to offer.

The first thing that we did was visit the play structures – which evidently is also where all of the picnic tables are set up for us to have our lunch.  This play are had everything that a kid could want to play in and for me some great photo ops.  It had a big wooden structure that kinda looked a little like a tree house with a slide, a little tractor swing, a sand box, a tree for the kids to climb and so much more…

The next stop was the scarecrow forest maze where the ‘farmer’ had lost his animals and we had to go in and find them all – the kids had so much fun working as a team and it was so cute watching them make sure that they didn’t move on to the next one without their classmates.   After all of of the animals were found we headed over to the the tire structures, which I didn’t get very many pictures of because the kids wouldn’t stop playing long enough for me to snap a decent one, that was in focus.  So I just walked around on my own, while still supervising of course to see what they had to offer in that area.

The corn box was a huge hit for the kids and yes I said corn box.  I thought this was extremely neat as I have never seen one before but apparently they have been around for quite sometime and you can find them at most pumpkin farms.  The kids LOVED to jump off the haystacks or slide down the slide into the corn box and it was so much easier to clean than sand especially when you accidentally get it down your pants…  not that it happened to me but I did hear someone say ” There’s corn in my butt!”

My favorite part  of the day I would have to say was the tractor ride, not only because we finally got to sit down but it was also nice enjoying the scenery and watching the little ones take it all in.  It made for a very relaxing end to our fun-filled day.

We had so much fun and there is so much to do for kids of all ages that I am thinking about having my other son’s second birthday there!

Disclosure: I was in no way compensated, payment or free product was not given to me to write this post, we just had such a great time that I wanted to share this place with all of you.


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