No Bake Almond Oat Squares

I’m not a breakfast person – I have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and that usually keeps me going “hunger-free” for at least an hour or two. This is how I’ve always been, even as a kid.

The days I don’t work out of the house this is okay because I can eat whenever I want but on the weekends when I work, this means getting up earlier than I normally would. This sucks because I know that breakfast is important. When my tummy is rumbling, there is no way I want to try and make any child smile for their family photos.

How do I overcome this?

By pre-making food the night before that’s easy to just grab-and-go in the morning, so if need be I can eat on the way to work or snack in between photo shoots! Muffins, breakfast cookies, and bars…


No Bake Almond Oat Squares

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No Bake Almond Oat Squares
Recipe type: Breakfast or Dessert
Serves: 12 squares
These delicious No Bake Almond Oat Squares are perfect for busy mornings on the go & to throw in your little ones lunch bag.
  • 2 cups oats
  • ½ cup raw almond butter
  • ¼ cup pure maple syrup
  • ⅓ cup ground flax seed
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips or raw cacao nibs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons shredded coconut (for topping)
  1. In a large bowl combine oats, flaxseed and chocolate chips.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together the syrup, almond butter and vanilla until smooth.
  3. Pour the syrup mixture into the oats and mix well until all ingredients appear "wet".
  4. Line an 8x8 pan with parchment paper and pour in the bar mixture. Use an additional piece of parchment paper and place it on top. With your hands, press the mixture down into the pan until it's even.
  5. Remove the top parchment paper and sprinkle with coconut. Press the coconut down into the bars with a spatula.
  6. Place the pan into the freezer for thirty minutes to set. Remove and cut into squares. Let thaw five minutes before eating.
  7. Enjoy!

Bloggers note: using cacao nibs will make the bars have a bit of crunch but using chocolate chips will make them sweeter


Make these Almond Oat Squares your own by adding your favourite ingredients; for example chopped almonds, raisins, hemp seeds…the best thing about these breakfast squares – they will be delicious no matter what you add to them!

I’d love to know what you’d add to your Almond Oat Squares, let me know in the comments. Also, are you a breakfast person or a get-up-and-go kinda gal (or guy) like me?


  • Lynda Cook

    These look and sound tasty and a lot better then the packaged kind, to bad you didn’t post this yesterday, I went to the Bulk Barn and I could have picked up 2 items to make these. I am going to make these though, they will make the perfect afternoon snack!!

  • kristen visser

    you had me at NO BAKE!!! these would be perfect for my. very easy, low key and can eat them on the go. that and I absolutely love oatmeal but totally not a breakfast person! will have to give these a try 🙂

  • Robyn L

    I really like the recipe/simple and hearty. You had me at seeing there was coconut in these. thanks for sharing.

  • Treen Goodwin

    These look and sound delish , i will def be trying them out , thanks for sharing the recipe

  • Laurie P

    I’ve never made anything like this, I’m totally curious…. does look like a satisfying breakfast or snack!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m sure that my son, now all about fitness and health would love these, not my kind of food though I’m afraid. I’m more of a chocolate, candy and ice-cream sort of person 🙂