Never Lose Your Purse Again With Tile Slim

I have what you call a classic case of ‘mommy brain’ – I forget things and lose things constantly!

I can’t remember a simple thing like ‘Hotdog lunch day’…even though it’s EVERY Friday. I have to track anything and everything in my phone plus set up multiple reminders.

I have to make grocery lists or I will go in and buy everything except what I need (especially when I’m shopping with the kids).

I don’t know a single person’s phone number because that’s what my call log is for.

I’m sure you can understand why when I lose my cell phone (and trust me it happens a lot) it does set me off in a panic. My whole life is on that thing! The worst part is when I’m at home my ringer is ALWAYS set to silent, except when my son and husband are at school.

My keys, my phone, my purse…chances are if it’s small or even large but dark in colour I WILL without a doubt lose it at least once a day.

Introducing Tile Slim

Tile Slim has helped this forgetful mama with just a simple download at The App Store or Google Play and a Bluetooth tracker no thicker than 2 credit cards. Since setting this device up I’ve been able to find my phone just by pressing the Tile Slim, even when my ringer is off and my 4-year-old can hide my purse all they want because I’ve got my secret weapon tucked in and out of sight so they’ll never know how I’ve gotten so good at his game.

  •   Battery: One-year non-replaceable battery and limited warranty.
  •   Tile Slim is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker – perfect for helping you quickly and easily find your lost wallet, phone or keys.
  •   Tile Slim can be found by Tile’s worldwide community and largest lost and found network on the planet.
  •   Tile Slim comes with four preset ringtones to choose from at a volume of 82 dB

Tile Slim retails for $39.99 (CDN) in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. For only $129.99 (CDN) you can purchase a 4-pack and get one for the entire family so no one can make excuses anymore. For more information visit