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Learn to Garden with DK Canada + #Giveaway

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This year marks a milestone for my husband and me – it’s the first year we’ve tried our hand at gardening. Oh sure, we have indoor plants, or I guess it’s a plant since the rest died last year in our apartment that had next to no light coming in, but we’ve never actually gardened before.

What our family has learned so far.

We’ve decided this year isn’t one we should experiment too much with and have instead planted two little Wildflower gardens on each side of the deck – saving the bees and beautifying the yard at the same time.

The kids are enjoying the little bit extra family time and we’re all learning a lot; my husband taught the kid why we need bees and my husband learned when you dig a grid and plant a grid, the flowers are going to grow in a grid.

Shh…don’t tell him I told you.

Thanks to DK Canada we’re going to learn a whole lot more.

This Spring we were lucky enough to grab some titles from DK Canada that will not only prepare us for next year but by the time we’re done with these three titles, we’ll be gardening pros. Our front yard will be beautiful and we’ll be able to eat what we grow in the backyard, even if it’s a small space.

Small Plot Big Harvest

“Aimed at both urban and suburban gardeners with small plots, who want to be part of the grow-your-own phenomenon, Small Plot, Big Harvest celebrates what the vast majority of people have – a little bit of patio or garden that is precious to them.

With at-a-glance crop planners, step-by-step gardening techniques – such as preparing soil, sowing, planting, watering, feeding, and growing under cover – and instructions and charts showing when to sow and when to harvest, Small Plot, Big Harvest brings foolproof vegetable growing for gardeners with little space.”


Canadian Gardener’s Guide

“Perfect for both new and more experienced gardeners, this bestselling all-in one guide has been expanded with a new section on native Canadian plants as well as an updated selection of plants specific to the needs of Canadian gardeners. Featuring an inspiring catalogue of plants, this helpful manual is filled with practical techniques, inspirational ideas, and problem-solving advice designed to help bring year-round colour and interest to any garden.



Small Space Garden Ideas

“Grow a beautiful small garden from nothing more than a window box. This book is planted full of small garden ideas that will inspire you to make creative use of every growing space in your home – and find some you never knew existed. Drawing on inexpensive upcycling ideas and homemade style, the step-by-step projects in this book use simple craft skills and easy growing techniques to make the most of your hanging baskets, balcony garden, patio, roof garden or vertical garden.”                                                                                                                                                                   

Enter to win…

DK Canada wants to help ONE lucky CANADIAN reader achieve the garden of their dreams by giving them the chance to WIN a copy of SMALL PLOT BIG HARVEST & CANADIAN GARDENER’S GUIDE. Must be 18+ to enter – ends 6/15.

Disclosure: Thank you DK Canada for sending us these books to share with our readers & to help us learn how we can have beautiful and delicious gardens.




  • kathy downey

    Yes,i love to garden.I love planing something new each year.My favourite thing to plant is tomato.

  • DebP

    I love to garden. My garden needed rebooting, as I’ve spent the last three years caring for my parents 24/7 and the poor thing has gone to weeds. So, I’m in the process of fallowing it this year except for a few tomatoes and some herbs. What I need to learn is more about gardening in shady areas.

  • Treen Goodwin

    I love to garden , i have never had my own garden , but i would love to learn to do it on my own , i love peas and squash in the garden 🙂

  • Silvia D

    I love to garden! but to due to space I mostly container garden now. Love to grow all sorts of flowers and herb mostly. We are planting hot peppers this year! Due to mosquitoes I grow many plants that deter them on our deck! Also many of my flowers are bee friendly!

  • Jennifer L.

    Yes, I do garden. I love to grow vegetables and herbs. I’ll be moving to the country soon and can’t wait to get a big garden going.

  • Julie F

    Hubby and I both love to garden, I tend to stick to the flower beds and hubby does the veggie garden!

  • travelbuds

    I have a small backyard so I have a small garden. I have one side is my rose garden which I love and the other side is my veggie garden where I plant mainly peas. It’s just enough for my kids to go out and grab a few if they want to snack on something.

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love gardening, it’s relaxing and rewarding too. There’s nothing tastes quite as good as homegrown strawberries, tomatoes potatoes etc. Flowers add colour and beauty to a garden.

  • Tricia Hope

    I have gardened with help since I was three.I am so enjoying sharing this lovely pastime with my grand daughters.Never too young to introduce the Joy Of Gardening!

  • Dayle B.

    After many years of waiting I now have a raised bed garden. It is so wonderful but a lot of work to maintain. My fav. plants are lettuce and chives. I would love to snag this useful books as I would like
    to pick up on the many tips for gardening. I also have tomato that was grown from seeds in my containers. Also, planted some ground cover from seeds.

  • Kim K

    I love gardening fruits, vegetables and herbs. This year I’m planting two more dwarf fruit trees.

  • Rosanne Robinson

    We did have a lovely garden in our last house. We moved to a brand new home and don’t have a garden yet. I would love to read this book for help tips and inspiration!

  • JoAnne Hudy

    Yes, I do garden. We decided to scale it down this year and not plant a big garden. But, I AM planting two potato plants, two strawberries, and a tomato plant. I cannot give up on the freshness of my own veggies. I also plant lots of colourful flowers, both annuals and perennials. I just LOVE Springtime!! 🙂

  • HEIDI C.

    We have 3 large gardens full of veggies like corn, potatoes, carrots, peas. We share our bounty with the local Harvest House.

  • Pauline Milner

    We moved to a new home this past December. We are thrilled that our lawn is a blank slate. There has been no gardening done except for the grass being planted. We were able to bring some plants and bushes from our other home and they are successfully growing right now! I am on the hunt for some different things from what we had before and am looking forward to a rock garden with a patio. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  • Laurie P

    I’d love to be able to garden like my dad. He can grow anything, and the abundance is insane. Very old world thinking….

  • Robyn L

    Hubby and I just finished planting a garden and flower beds today. We sure could learn a lot
    yet because neither one of us has gardened in a very long time.

  • Lisa H

    I would love to learn to garden. I like to plant vegetables that we can eat at home and I’d learn to more about helping them grow larger.

  • Sab Edwards

    I garden with flowers. I buy baskets all the time and I have an area we called the pet Cemetery that I want to plant some fruit trees in (its very shaded). A co-worker gave me a perennial this year and I hope that stays. My clematis from last yr has come back but the honey suckles didnt nor did the rose bush my daughter gave me. I have found out a lot of interesting things from my fb group for my province…lots of advice from pros… hubby and I built a trellis thing (From pinterest) last yr and this yr I hope to do a very basic compost bin

  • Pat B

    I enjoy gardening, which is a year-round endeavor here on the west coast. My favourite thing to plant is something I can eat: herbs, fruits and vegetables, with raspberries being my absolute fave.

  • lori butler

    I do garden, i would like to learn more about veggie gardening, what to plant next to, companion plants and things like that.

  • Leanne S

    I like to garden – we’ve had a patio garden for about 4 years now. I like fresh herbs and salad ingredients from the garden. I’d like to know more about how to grow things better, when to plant etc.

  • Caryn Coates

    I absolutely love gardening. I am always planting new flowers and I love growing my own vegetables

  • caroline m.

    I garden but we just moved so we’re going to have a late start. I love to grow peppers, potatoes, strawberries and more

  • Ashley Schell

    I know a little bit about gardening but would love to learn how to grow my own vegetables

  • Sue Morden

    I have a very small yard and would love to learn new and innovative ways to grow my own fruits and veggies, and pretty flowers of course.

  • Jada

    I do garden but my plot is only 5×7′. We get a few things for my daughters to enjoy and watch grow out of it.

  • Robyn O

    I used to garden a lot, mostly flowers, I’d like to plant some vegetables this year, I usually just do lettuce

  • Lori W...

    I love gardening but still have a lot to learn. I like planting tomatoes and watching them grown. for the flowers, my fave is cosmos

  • Alexander Lim

    I certainly do garden on my condo balcony! It’s a little tougher and different than backyard gardening but well worth it. I can always learn a new trick or two and am always learning new strategies each day. I love planting veggies and flowers!

  • Judy Cowan

    Yes I do garden. We spend our summer at our trailer so I try to maximize the small space we have for my gardens.

  • Daryl Anderson

    I like gardening and have small ones on the go. I would like to learn more especially about growing peppers