My Kids Cheat & I’m Okay With It #StreamTeam

Some may say that I’m a bad parent for knowing my kids cheat or worse yet allowing them to do so. But if I’m being really honest with myself and all of you, I’m happy they do.

In reality what can I do? I mean I do it all the time so how can I get mad when they’re really just following in my footsteps? That would make me a complete and total hypocrite, and that’s something I most definitely am not.

They think they’re being sneaky, they think I don’t know all the tricks and they think they can get away with it unnoticed…but they’re wrong, I just don’t care because I’m also guilty of cheating.

I don’t know how many Netflix series the kids and I have started to binge watch only to realize after the first episode or two that it’s bedtime, theirs not mine. The minute they go off to la-la land, I go off to finish the series in my own Netflix profile so they won’t be the wiser. Thank the Netflix gods for multi-profiles for families – it makes cheating so much easier.

My kids, however are not as experienced as I am in the cheating department and don’t realize that Netflix tracks what they watch – if they continue on the next time we sign on to their account together it will show the episodes as watched. What they really don’t know when they do this is that they’re helping me. Remember, I just finished binge-watching the entire series the night before. Why would I want to re-watch it IF I don’t have to?

Here are our top 4 cheat–worthy Netflix family shows:

Confession time: Do you cheat? What are your cheat-worthy Netflix shows?