How to Keep Kids Occupied on a Long Road Trip

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Sometimes, keeping kids occupied on a long road trip is a real challenge. This is especially true with younger children. But, there’s no need to panic! These are just a few (of many) great ideas to entertain everyone until you reach your destination. Get ready…get set…have fun!

Play Car Games

License plate bingo is a classic car game that’s simple to play and sure to keep the kids busy for awhile. Before the trip, print out bingo cards with a numbers or letter in each of the spots and use a crayon or sticker (something that won’t slide off when the car is moving) to mark them off as you see them. Award everyone with a quick stop for some ice cream, if desired.

Scavenger hunts are always fun, even if you’re stuck sitting in a car for a couple of hours – there’s so much to look at on the open road; signs, other vehicles, wildlife…Before you go print off a road trip scavenger hunt and tick off every time you see something on the list as many time as you see it. Count them all once you reach your destination…winner gets to pick which family activity to do first!

Make a Colouring Kit

Colouring books are great for keeping kids busy. But, sometimes crayons and pencils have a way of getting lost during a car ride. Solve the problem by making a coloring kit you can keep with your luggage. Purchase a small carrying case for your kid’s coloring-related supplies. It’s the best way to ensure that everything stays safe and well-organized on the road.

Printable Activities

If your kids aren’t interested in coloring, there are still a number of activities they can do on paper to pass the time along the way. Printable activities such as word searches, crossword puzzles, trivia sheets and ad-libs are available from a number of online websites.

If you’re taking a trip to a destination such as a national park or amusement park, try to find printables pertaining to the trip you’re taking. This really helps get your kids excited about the final destination and keeps them occupied at the same time.

Invest in Digital Board Games

These days, you can easily download digital versions of your favorite board and card games like Clue and Monopoly on your tablet or smartphone. These games typically include a multiplayer mode where you pass the device from player to player, so the whole family can play without the risk of losing any pieces. Easy-peasy!

This is just four out of tons of fun ideas to keep your kids occupied on a long road trip. The busier your kids are, the shorter the trip will seem and the more relaxing it will be…for EVERYONE! How do you keep your kids occupied during a long road trip?