Hop Aboard the PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship #Giveaway

Meet little Sally-Ann!

Her likes: Ice cream, family vacations, and the open sea.

Her dislikes: Having to share a room with her brother, broccoli and wearing shoes.

Sally-Ann and her family recently took a family vacation on the PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship – one that they had apparently planned for a very long time.

Once they boarded their home on the sea they were pleasantly surprised to see how grand their accommodations were.

The Rooms

Two separate adjoining bedrooms featuring a comfortable king size bed for dads mid-afternoon nap. Between the bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, there was more than enough room for everyone’s travel accessories.

The Activities

Arts & crafts, limbo, dance contests, sunbathing…there’s never a dull moment on the sun deck and if it gets too hot, do what mom does and use the water slide for easy access to the fillable swimming pool.

The Food

A restaurant featuring an all-you-can-eat ice cream bar all day every day; with sprinkles, chocolate chips, strawberry sauce…if it’s sweet, you can guarantee it was an option. EVERY kid’s dream!

The Destination…

Was unknown because all of a sudden the nice little family on vacation turned into a crime-fighting team trying to save the world from the evil ship captain and about 5 minutes later they were zombies trying to eat the captain’s brains. I swear the things you hear when your kids are playing with their toys, I really don’t know where they come up with it but wish my imagination was that good.

We decided to put the PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship together outside so there was lots of room for the 146 pieces it came with. I’m not lying when I tell you I usually leave these things to my husband because I have absolutely no patience with any of it and it can sometimes take me 10 minutes to figure out where to put one little piece. We were able to have the Cruise Ship put together in just under an hour (still probably way longer than the average person) because a lot of the pieces were accessories. Once the big pieces were good the kids went to town with the rest.


I will gladly give up an hour of my day so my kids will have hours of fun, regardless of how frustrating it is!

The PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship offers so many accessories and options for hours of fun and creativity. It’s been a couple of days now that we’ve had the ship set up and they still play with it on the daily ā€“ a different adventure EVERY time!

Recommended for ages 6+. MSRP $132.99. BUY IT at Hudson’s Bay, Mastermind Toys, Indigo or Toys “R” Us


One lucky reader will win their very own PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship ā€“ entrants must be 18+ and a resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) to win. Giveaway ends 5/29.