Kid Approved Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie {Kid Approved Recipe}

My kids are both immensely picky eaters. Unless it’s a strawberry or broccoli, if it has any colour it’s automatically “Eww, gross!”

I’m not ashamed to admit that in order for me to get them to eat their veggies and even fish sometimes I will usually hide it in their meals, for example; I’ve diced carrots, peppers, garlic into tiny pieces and thrown them in when browning the ground beef for their tacos and I’ve used spinach instead of lettuce for the fill ingredients and I’ve cut sole fish into tiny pieces and mixed it with rice. Most recently though, I’ve made a Green Smoothie that was given the thumbs up by my 4-year-old.

Thanks to my new favourite kitchen appliance – Nutri Ninja® | Ninja® Blender System with Auto-iQ™ Technology this Green Smoothie took me literally 5 minutes to make from start to finish and it hit the spot for both my son and I, after my workout.

Kid Approved Green Smoothie

Packed with vitamin A and C, this Green Smoothie will help keep your skin and hair looking beautiful and help you fight off germs. It carries one and half serving of vegetables and just over one serving of fruit that you should intake daily.


  • Kid Approved Green Smoothie     1/4 cup packed spinach
  •      1/4 cup baby carrots or carrot chunks
  •      1 celery stalk chunks
  •      1/4 cup orange chunks
  •      1 banana
  •      1 tbsp chia seeds
  •      1/4 cup water
  •      1/4 cup ice


Kid Approved Green Smoothie     1. Throw spinach, carrots, celery, orange, banana, chia seeds, water and ice in to your into the 24-ounce cup of your Nutri Ninja® | Ninja® Blender System with Auto-iQ™ Technology.

  1.      2. Turn unit ON. Select Auto-iQ™ Nutri Ninja® Ultra Blend.
  2. Kid Approved Green Smoothie