Ghost Story Box & Make and Move Mega: Dinosaurs #PlayTestShare #Giveaway

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Raincoast Books for providing the two titles mentioned below so we could Play, Test & Share them with our readers.

Learning how to read can be done in so many different ways; using sight words, sounding out the letters you see on the pages and even just looking at the pictures. Stories can be read, written, watched but the most fun stories are the ones that are imagined – thought up in your head or if you’re looking for lots of laughs and totally out of this world stories, ask a child to tell you one.

We recently had the opportunity to #PlayTestShare two titles from the Raincoast Books Fall collection – Ghost Story Box & Make and Move Mega: Dinosaurs.


“Based on a unique and original format, this game contains 20 story-telling puzzle pieces printed on both sides. Each piece can be interchanged or flipped over to allow for all kinds of plot twists and turns, and there are even two alternative endings! When all the puzzle pieces are used, they stretch out to over 8-feet long to tell your own mega ghost story!”

I have to admit when I picked the Ghost Story Box, I’ll be honest, I thought Colton would play with it one time and be done with it (this is usually the norm with puzzles for him) but I knew he liked puzzles so I figured “What harm could it do?” Well, let me tell you, no harm done!

The moment we received the items from Raincoast Books Colton couldn’t wait to tear into them. The first one he wanted to try was Ghost Story Box.

I could tell right from the beginning that he wasn’t really sure what to do with the puzzle pieces as it wasn’t like your ordinary puzzle that you put together to make one image, instead you put together a bunch of images to make one story. After a little explanation, he was ready to create his own. He just kept putting the pieces together and then started to tell me this…

“Once upon a time there was a lonely ghost looking out the window when suddenly he saw a little girl walking by with her dog. After she vanquished all the monsters with her crayons she went inside the house, didn’t see the ghost and sat on him. They coloured, ate dinner and went to the fair where they became friends with another little boy and lived happily ever after. The end!”

And that was just one of the many stories he created with the Ghost Story Box on a daily basis.


“Press out, slot together and play with your very own T-Rex, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Pteranodon. Created by talented paper artist and engineer Sato Hisao, each of these detailed 3D models comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. No scissors or glue required!”

Make & Move Mega: Dinosaurs was a little harder than I thought it would be and I’m thinking I should have checked the recommended ages before ordering this one for Colton.

Granted, I’ve never really been good at 3D puzzles, and had Lucas been home when we received the box he probably would have shown Colton how it was done. But since Colton has NO.PATIENCE.AT.ALL. it was me that was giving it a try.

I used to play with paper dolls when I was little and just assumed that because of the “No scissors or glue required.”, it would be easy peasy…I was wrong. Make & Move Mega: Dinosaurs takes concentration, steady hands and no little ones repeatedly saying “Are you done yet? When are you gonna be done?”, every 2 seconds.

I first, tried my hand at the T-REX, that was clearly not working and I ripped the paper. After having a chat with my little man and how things are easier for mommy when it’s quiet we were able to put the Pteradactyl together (and working) in about 10 minutes. The dinosaurs have a pull mechanism made out of paper and this one, in particular, has wings that move and a mouth opens up.

Well, Colton thought this was just the coolest thing ever and now runs around the living room making those awful screeching noises the pterodactyls did and pretending they’re going to eat his action figures.


Children have such wild imaginations and as you can see from my 5-year-old can change from one thing to another within seconds. I for one, never want his crazy and wacky ways to end and look forward to all the stories he can think up. Raincoast Books offers a great variety of items that can help your child let loose (not that they need to) and let their imagination go wild – check out their #PlayTestShare Fall Collection.


ONE lucky CANADIAN reader will win ONE item of their choice from the #PlayTestShare collection – Giveaway open to CANADIAN RESIDENTS only ends 03/16. Participants must be 18+ to enter.