Easy to Grow Plants for Kids

Many kids love to dig in the dirt. That being said, why not encourage these same kids to try their hand at gardening?

These are just a few easy-to-grow plants for you and your kids to consider.


Sunflowers are great starter plants and easy for kids to take care of. All that’s required is germinating the seeds in small biodegradable pots and replanting them in the ground when there’s no danger of frost. As long as the plants remain well fed and watered, they should produce vibrant and easy to recognize flowers before the end of the summer.


Marigolds are resilient flowers, easy to grow in a variety of conditions. They even grow and bloom in places where the soil is of poor quality and the sun’s exposure is direct.

Because marigolds take some time to mature, it’s best to plant them early in the spring. These plants produce vibrant red, orange, and yellow flowers that your kids are sure to enjoy.


Pumpkins are low-maintenance and don’t require much care after you plant the seeds in the ground. This makes them an excellent vegetable for young gardeners to grow. The best part about growing pumpkins is they’re ready to harvest in the fall, just in time for your kids to carve for Halloween.

Cherry Tomatoes

With just a bit of care, cherry tomato plants bear tasty fruit all summer long. See that they get plenty water. Plant this variety of tomato right in the ground or in a large pot. The second option allows you to move the container around so the tomatoes can get plenty of sunlight.

Green Beans

Green beans come in two varieties. Pole beans grow on vines and tend to climb up poles. Makes sense, right? Bush beans grow closer to the ground, resembling a bush. Both types of plants typically produce lots of beans, which can be eaten raw or used to enhance a variety of meals.

Keeping this information in mind, there’s no better time to get your kids into gardening then when they’re young. It’s both an affordable and educational hobby the whole family can enjoy!

Do your kids like to garden? What’s their favourite plant to grow?


  • Ronald Gagnon

    What a wonderful would not only provide fun for kids but would also instill pride of accomplishment in them

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Sunflowers and peas were always a great success with my kids. 🙂 That decorated stone is wonderful 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I’ve planted Marigold plant with my kid. It was grown to some good extent but suddenly got saddened because of an excessive sunlight. I’ve never tried cherry tomatoes and green beans. I think these are good options for making an experiment.

  • Laurie P

    not sure what’s up with the marigolds this year, but nobody here is having luck with them, they are usually our go to with the kids.