Boys Will Be Boys – Living With A Toddler Who Has No Fear

Does anyone else have extremely bad nerves around there toddler? I swear my entire day is spent in a panic about what piece of furniture or bone Colton’s going to break next.

I don’t remember being this paranoid when Lucas was little. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t as reckless as Colton or maybe I just blocked out all of the most terrifying times in my life and can’t remember. Who knows, but what I do know is that if he doesn’t stop soon I may just go crazy.


Colton is nothing like his big brother was. Sure, Lucas had his tumbles and run-ins with all kinds of hazardous things but it almost seems like Colton is purposely looking for ways to hurt himself. I know that’s not the case, after all he’s 2-years-old and it’s kind of just in their nature to be carefree and daring but nonetheless I can’t help but fear for his life…and mine!

Do I sound like a crazy woman? I feel like one!

Boys Will Be Boys - Life with a toddler who has no fear

I’ve done all the basics of “toddler proofing” my home; everything that can be IS anchored to the wall, outlet covers in every plug, corner guards on every corner, door chain where he can’t reach, lock on my door so he can’t access my extremely high bed when I’m not around, stepping stool in the bathroom so he doesn’t have to use the toilet to wash his hands (yes, he really does that when I’m not looking)…I even make him hold my hand when were taking a walk and he has to go in the stroller when were at the store–especially IKEA–because you guessed it, he will definitely take-off without a backward glance.

So how do I get Colton to not jump off the top of the bunk bed, somersault off the couch, climb the bookshelf and everything else that he can possibly break a bone or need a stitch from? I don’t. For his sake and mine I just need to let him be himself and if that means a few trips to “mommy hospital” or the real one than so be it.

Boys Will Be Boys

Besides trying to teach Colton what’s safe and not safe there’s nothing else I can do but hope that he will learn his lesson the first time he hurts himself and assume that he won’t try to re-enact it. After all I can’t be with him every second of the day and he needs to learn how to make the right choice.

I’ve come to know the true meaning of that saying “Boys will be boys!” They’re adventurous, dangerous, fool hardy and I’m positive that they can and will very easily give me a heart attack.

Do you have toddler with no fear?