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This summer has been a whirlwind of busyness; we’ve visited our local zoo, a drive-in theatre, a hotel with a waterpark, an amusement park, been to a few family BBQs and even endured a move to a new town.

Just thinking about all of it again is giving me belly cramps. I’m not lying- my stomach is literally twisting right now. Knowing your personal triggers for stomach and gut cramps is very important. For instance, I know being highly stressed along with certain foods like chocolate, wine and coffee are a few of my triggers and I should stay away from them but apparently I’m a glutton for punishment…because I CAN’T!

The mixture of fried foods, alcohol, yummy BBQ and stress due to a new home, new job location and my son going to a new school plus life with a ‘threenager’ is enough to make even the strongest stomach suffer.

Thankfully the elliptical is starting to become my best friend. It’s a great way to work off some of the yumminess I ate during the summer break and a wonderful way to relieve stress. However, when all else fails there’s always Buscopan.

What is Buscopan?

Buscopan is a product that’s been used worldwide for 60+ years to relieve muscle spasms and associated pains. It can do this by relaxing those tight cramping muscles in the stomach, intestine and bowel. Ask your pharmacist about Buscopan which is behind the counter.

For more information visit StomachCramping.ca and your local pharmacist if you have any questions.

Do you know what triggers your belly cramps?

Enter to win…a Buscopan Prize Pack to help you #BeatBellyCramps (ARV $170). Open to Canada only.

Buscopan Prize Pack (ARV $170)



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    stress triggers belly cramps for me! …comparable to pulling a muscle.

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    Certain foods like spicy foods but lots is stress. Stress really affects our bodies.

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    Usually certain foods can trigger my belly cramps!

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    Quite often foods high in fat cause my belly pains!

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    Belly cramps for me are triggered by eating to many greasy, or spicy foods.

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    My belly cramps are from scar tissue since I have had 10 major abdominal surgeries and it is a mess in there! I do use Buscopan when things get too bad.

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    There are two main triggers for my belly cramps. The first one is stress, the second one is oil in foods.

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    My belly cramps are triggered if I don’t get around to eating until late in the morning or lunch time. When I do this, as soon as I eat, I get cramps. Also when I eat really cold food or take medication on an empty stomach.

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    Belly cramps for me are triggered by stress

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    A lot of my belly cramps are caused from stress, dealing with the bills and what not!

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    I believe stress triggers the majority of my belly cramps although some can be caused by a virus.

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    My belly cramps are triggered if i eat processed foods

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    My daughter gets really bad belly cramps from stress.

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    Mine are definitely stress and too much coffee! Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I get terrible stomach attacks but have no idea what the trigger is. Possibly stress?

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    Dairy is my main trigger. If I eat any type of dairy, I will pay for it later!

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    Menstrual related for me. The worst and sometimes I can’t focus on anything else

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    For me belly cramps happen when I eat greasy food!

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    Greasy foods, take out foods, too much sugary foods gives me belly cramps.

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    Certain foods trigger my cramps, also when its that time of the month I get bad cramps.

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    I usually get belly cramping when I eat tomato based foods, spaghetti sauce, salsa etc.

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    My belly cramp triggers are triggered by stress and certain foods.

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    Usually it’s spicy foods for me.

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    My main trigger is stress but overly spicy and greasy foods plus over indulgence will cause it as well.

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    My belly cramp triggers are triggered by stress

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    Stress and spicy food. I’m learning to turn down the spiciness but I could do better on the stress!

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    My belly cramps are triggered by certain foods like high fat dairy

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    Deep fried and greasy foods trigger cramps for me.

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    Greasy foods trigger my belly cramps

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    Stress and greasy foods are my triggers for belly cramps

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    Luckily for me I don’t get them often and when I do, it’s hard to determine the exact reason for them, but I feel that most of them come from stress.

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    My triggers are stress, MSG and sometimes too much sugar.

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    Certain foods. Dairy is one

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    Acidy and spicy foods are huge triggers for me along with stress.

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    I tend to get belly cramps with stress. It really affects me physically! Also of course that once a month woman week. Ugh.

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    I love spicy food but if I eat it I get cramps. I have always loved spicy food but it hasn’t always given me the cramps that I get now. Not sure if its age related but i still love my spicy foods. sometimes I get cramps due to stress also, I try not to stress the little things because its not worth it, instead I save it for what matters. that makes a big difference

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    Right now my belly pains are from my meds, which I’ve only taken for 3 days and I’m going to go find out what else I can do. I had my ovaries removed in July so I have some weird mystery stuff going on right now. I probably have a lot of stress because I am not handling the meds very well, but the side effects are worse then menopause, so, yeah, GOODBYE. I also can no longer handle very much spicy food and take a prescription for acid reflux too LOL…just a bundle of bad

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    Being worried is what triggers belly cramps for me.

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    I get belly cramps from gas and eating foods high in fiber.

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    I get bad belly cramps from eating pork too much.

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    Stress and spicy food, mostly. Coffee – oh, sweet coffee. Like a cat – pets you and loves you, until its done, and tries to eat you darn hand off. Anyways. I have GERD, and I always know that when I drink too much coffee, or spicy foods – man. I’m in trouble.

    And when Aunt Flo comes to visit, of course!

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    for me spicy foods, coffee, juice, i swear sometimes water does it too.

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    My belly cramp triggers are usually spicy foods, but greasy foods do it as well.

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    Most of my belly cramp triggers come from stress.

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    Mine are stress, lactose, and salt.

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    having eaten rich foods or fatty foods causes belly cramps/apple pie, fried sausage etc.

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    Dairy and anxiety are big triggers for me. Anxiety is the worse since it happens when I go to new places.

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    dairy products are my triggers as well as my menstrual cycle !

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    Too much processed foods are my trigger!

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    My belly cramps are triggered by skipping meals when I am stressed and spicy foods are a factor, too.

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    Refined sugar seems to be my worst belly cramp trigger.

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    My biggest issues that effect my belly are stress and anxiety.

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    Anything spicy will trigger belly cramps for me.

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    My belly cramps tend to be caused when I get worked up over something minor.

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    I take medicine for my arthritis and sometimes get cramps from it and added stress from the pain adds to it.

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    I get belly cramps from wheat or gluten, and also from stress.

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    I mostly only ever get any cramps and full on nausea around menstrual time. I do still have some food intolerance so I get a sore tummy then if I eat the known offenders .

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    Certain foods and anxiety. Cauliflour and red beans are triggers.

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    for me, its stress. i worry a lot and don’t really like change.

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    Having coffee on an empty stomach causes mine especially in the afternoon or evening.

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    Belly cramps for me are triggered by eating to many greasy foods.

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    I find that anxiety or takeout foods tend to be my triggers.

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    Junk food is really hard on me.

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    Typically it’s high fat/greasy foods that cause my belly woes.

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    mainly the days I don’t get out for a walk. thanks

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    Too much sugar combined with too little sleep triggers my tummy cramps.

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    Greasy and spicy foods triggers my tummy cramps

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    I’m sensitive to temperature, aside from having allergies and intolerances. That’s why I drink something warm on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning.

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    My belly cramps are triggered by eating to many white products, sugar and white flour

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    For me it is usually heavy greasy foods that trigger my tummy!

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    My belly cramp triggers are tend to be dairy and any time my arthritis flares up badly.

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    Stress, that’s the first place it hits, certain foods, and that time of the month.

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    I get it by eating too many carbs or too much sugar! Ugh.

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